Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yue's Swap Ticket in Rune Factory 2

Each time I think I probably have experienced the best romantic event in Rune Factory 2, another one challenges that definition. Yue's Request at 9 Hearts is truly amazing. It has plenty of humour but ends in a way that is calculated to melt the hardest heart and redefine courtship!

There are a number of different options in this event and each one is worth experiencing. As usual, the responses that you choose do not really signify in terms of increasing or lowering her heart level, but some elicit more amusing responses than other.

Another component of this Request Event is the hope that you could visit a new location. When Yue tells you the nature of her request, it will be to ask you to go on a proper date with her on the following day. When you meet her for the date, she will tell you, almost casually, that:

Yue: Freyr, you kept your promise. I’m glad you really came! Today, it’s going to be just the two of us! Since this is a special date, I thought we might go to another town so we could have a change of scenery.

My heart almost stopped, thinking of the possibility that we might be allowed to visit Kardia or some other wonderful village in the Harvest Moon universe. 'How cool is THIS!' I thought...

Of course, it is one of those 'teases' characteristic of Harvest Moon games, like the path that leads out of the Valley to Mineral Town in HM DS/Cute DS but which every character BUT yours is allowed to take!

Despite this disappointment, the Event is rich both in humour and in romance.

Yue is a generous girl and if you experience her Request Events faithfully, you will obtain a couple of useful accessories, including a Headband and a Critical Ring. It is in her Request at 9 Hearts, however, that you obtain the most valuable item of all: 'Yue's Swap Ticket'.

At the end of the Event, Yue will tell you, almost as an afterthought:

Yue: Oh, I almost forgot! I have a present for you. This is a coupon for my shop. I’m giving it to you, Freyr. You can exchange it for anything that I sell. I’ve never given one to anybody else. Think of it as a token of my love for you.


Me: I don’t know what to say, Yue. You’ve given me so much...
Yue: Please, take it. I’m just happy to be with you. I always want to see you. I’ll be waiting for you to come back! Thanks for today.

The description of the Ticket is as follows:

Yue Swap Ticket: CURIO: A ticket that can be swapped for a prize at Yue’s store. Apparently it is very unique.

It is only if you attempt to use it that you will discover its true potential. It is the equivalent of the 'Blue Feather' in terms of your Courtship of Yue.

Once again, I do not understand why any one would wish to rush through the 1st Generation in Rune Factory 2. It represents the sort of Harvest Moon experience that is most valued by those who enjoy character exploration, humour, romance and courtship.

More to follow...


Nathan O'Riley said...

Amen to the last paragraph of your post. I'm planning to play through four game years to experience all rival marriages before deciding to settle down with Yue. I don't think I can bear to take any girl away from their supposed man.

Anonymous said...

I suppose that when the 2nd gen starts you will find that the others are married, but lik you I would like to see the marriages for myself. Course that means a lot of playing just to pass time. I guess I can hord gold, items, pets, etc. (assuming the 2nd gen can even use them).