Saturday, November 8, 2008

An Extended Bath: Julia's Request

Julia is a bit of a crusader where personal beauty is concerned. She will persuade your character to take a very long bath as one of her Requests. He ultimately will pass out with a resounding 'THUD'.

Despite a brief period of anxiety when your character is unconscious in the bath, Julia recovers her spirit quickly. Once again, I am surprised by the long-suffering patience of my character in this game. He puts up with so much teasing and experimentation on the part of the various Eligible Girls in Alvarna without ever losing his sunny dispositiobn. He is a thoroughly 'nice guy' and represents the ultimate good sport.

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Nathan O'Riley said...

I saw that video. The "You need to stop looking like such a farmer!" comment made me snicker slightly. Hehe.

I think my favorite part was when she explained why she dressed the way she did.

Too sweet. I like her more after watching the video.

Poor farmer-boy. I like him more after reading your posts too.