Saturday, November 1, 2008

Paths of Romance in Rune Factory 2

When I first began to play Rune Factory 2, a player asked whom I intended to marry. I had not made a choice at the time. I wished to become better acquainted with the characters first... As my character is a male, I need to choose a wife from the eligible girls in the game.

A strange thing happened, however, as I continued to play. I find my own character incredibly attractive! He is the ideal male in many ways. He is the epitome of a caring, easy-going guy with good manners who is brave and hard-working, impervious to despair and who always tries to encourage others. He meets insults with good humour and tries to understand why other characters behave badly rather than responding in the same fashion. He is very sweet. As I experience the romantic events with each of the eligible girls, I become more and more impressed with my own character! It makes me feel a little schizophrenic. As I am a woman in reality, it kind of makes sense I suppose, although I usually get into character when I play a male role in a game.

In Island of Happiness, one could play a male and marry the female counterpart or play a female and marry the male counterpart. Both characters in IoH are attractive, but there is something exceptional about the male character in Rune Factory 2, whose default name is Kyle. I'd like to be able to court and marry HIM.

In the events with Dorothy, a pathologically shy girl who never is seen without her hood, he demonstrates a lot of sensitivity and good humour. I am including the event that occurs at 5 hearts below... It is in the form of a pretend interview and your character must choose between two questions each time. I am including the 'correct' choices here.
Dorothy: You see… I … want to become a nurse.
Me; I know that. I think wanting to become a nurse is a wonderful goal.
Dorothy: (…)
Me; There’s no need to be so embarrassed! (She’s turned bright red!)
(Oh no! I need to make her more comfortable.)
Me: So working as a nurse is actually pretty tough, I guess, isn’t it?
Dorothy: Yeah… that’s right… And so… So… there’s something I’d like to ask you, Freyr… Just hold on a minute… okay…?
Me: Dorothy, stop! Let’s talk without Fern, okay?
Dorothy: Huh…? Um, well… I’m not sure…
Me: You want to take the nursing exam, don’t you, Dorothy?
Dorothy: Th-That’s right… and the written part is no problem, but…
Me: But?
Dorothy: The interview…
Me: Ah, the interview. I can see how that might be a problem.
Dorothy: That’s right… So, I was hoping you might help me practice a little… You know… to get me ready…?
Me: Yeah. No problem, Dorothy.
Dorothy: Th-Thanks…
Me: Okay! I’ll be the interviewer. Let’s practice. Hello, Dorothy. First…

My choices now:
Let’s start with an introduction.
Let’s start with self-analysis.

Choose the introduction, of course.
Dorothy: Okay… my name is Dorothy…
Me: That was easy. Let’s keep going!
Dorothy: Okay…
Me: Next…

My choices:
What do you like?
What don’t you like?

Me: What do you like?
Dorothy: I like Cymbidium orchids. They are also called boat orchids, and their name comes from kumbos, meaning hole or cavity.
Me: Wow. You know a lot about flowers.
Dorothy: Ah… well… I do like flowers…
Me; That was good. Well done. Well then…

My choices now:
Will you lend me that doll for a moment?

What’s the name of your doll?
Me: What’s the name of your doll?
Dorothy: Fern… that’s her name.
Me: did you choose her name, Dorothy?
Dorothy: Ah… yes, I did…
Me: That’s quite a rare name. And a good one, I think.
Dorothy: Oh… thank you…
Me: so…

My choices now:

What’s the best way to maintain beauty?
What’s the best way to maintain health?

I chose health.
Dorothy: Wake up early… and go to bed early…
Me: Ah, so that’s the secret to good health?
Dorothy: That’s right… Don’t work too late yourself, Freyr…
Me: I’ll be careful not to. Finally…

My choices:

Do you have lots of friends?
Do you have a very close friend?

Me: Do you have a very close friend?
Dorothy: Yes… Some one called Freyr…
Me: Hah hah hah. Thank you. I’m very happy to hear that.
Dorothy: (…)
Me: (She’s clammed up again. Well, she did pretty well without Fern.)
That’s all for the interview. Well done!
Dorothy: Thank you. I think… I’ve found some confidence.
Me: Great! Now you’ll be able to ace the interview too.
Dorothy: Well… I hope so.
Me: If you keep on talking to people, you’ll keep getting more and more confident, too!
Dorothy: O-Okay… Well… I know I could count on you, Freyr. Thank you …very much…

Very amusing if less poignant is one of Julia's requests, that you find her something healthy to eat at the Market:

Douglas is behind the counter when I follow Julia’s request to bring her hearlthy food.
Douglas: Well, I have some CABBAGE CAKES and SALAD.
Me: Oh, well, maybe I’ll take the SALAD.
Douglas: What?! You’re a man, boy! Whaddaya want a SALAD for?
A man should go with CABBAGE CAKES! They’re deep-fried and delicious! SALAD’ll never make ya big ‘n strong! Ga ha ha!
Me: Oh no, it isn’t for me.
Douglas: I’m tellin’ you, you want the CABBAGE CAKES!

Your choice now:
I’ll take the CABBAGE CAKES
I’ll take the SALAD.

Me: I want the SALAD!
Douglas: Ga ha ha ha! That stuff’s for sissies! You’ll never grow up to be big ‘n strong like that! Be a man, boy!
Me: (It’s not for me, for goodness’ sake…)
Douglas: Here, here’s your little SALAD, Miss Freyr.
You received a SALAD.
Me: Thank you.

Salad: 2560G
A combination of raw vegetables. Very, very nutritious.
Give it to Julia:
Julia: wow! You got me a salad?! (with music) Great! This is just what I wanted! Perfect! Just what I wanted! You’ve got great intuition, Freyr.
Me: I’m glad you’re happy. But Douglas thinkis I’m the one who’s going to eat it. He kept telling me that salads are for sissies.
Julia: Oh dear! How terrible for you! You went through all of that for me? You have my gratitude. Thank you, Freyr. Here’s something for you! (musical note)
You got FORMULA A!
Why not try using that on your crops? It should do them some good!
Me: Thank you.

If I had taken the Cabbage Cakes:
Douglas: Atta’ boy! Eat these dvery day, and you’ll be bigh ‘n strong in no time! Ga ha ha!
You received a Cabbage Cakes.
Me: (Boy, Douglas really knows how to push a sale.)
Give it to Julia and she’ll say;
Julia: Just … what were you thinking…?
Me: Ah… I’m sorry. Douglas really insisted that I take this.
Julia: Hold it! You seriously think I’m going to eat that?! Do you want me to put on weight?! Freyr, you moron! I can’t bear to look at you right now, Freyr! Just get out of here!
Me: Sorry!

These requests occur at different heart levels and you then will find them posted on the Bulletin Board in the Town Square. They are the equivalent of 'heart events'.
In fact, when Max warms a little to you, he will begin to give you all sorts of romantic advice and will tell you:

Max: If there’s a girl in this village that you like, you should actively make use of the bulletin board. There should be some concern or request from that girl among the postings there. Check the postings frequently and find a solution for them on your own. If you do, before you know it, you’ll have a romantic relationship started with the girl that you’re interested in.
Alright, you’ve got some choice information. I’ll let you borrow that advice, but you have to pay me back 1 million times!

Possibly the Request that required the greatest sacrifice on my part so far was Rosalind's Request to catch a cold so that she could try her new medication on me. For two consecutive days, I had to stay up all night in order to catch a cold. Whenever you stay up all night, you lose 4 hours in the morning, only recovering control at 10.00 a.m. rather than 6.00 a.m. It was one of the most rewarding, however, in financial terms as she paid me 8000G. when I drank the medicine. Incidentally, the medication does WORK. You recover instantly from the cold.

The events need not be romantic in nature in order to raise Love Points as well as Friendship Points. Rosalind's Request wasn't particularly romantic, after all. In some cases, though, the girl actually asks you to meet her for a romantic tryst. When that occurs, there usually is no material reward. The increase in affection is deemed sufficient...

One of the oddest Requests was Alicia's Request to meet Mana (a rival) for a date in order to prove her prediction correct. My character was too honest and scrupulous to allow Mana to meet me under false pretences. He had to confess it was Alicia's idea, although he admitted that he wanted to meet Mana nonetheless.


Hikari Blaze said...

I love Dorothy<3 So cute~ I have thing for shy girls. Haha... Funny how they say they're talking without Fern but she's really still holding it in her arms in her character portrait.

And Julia's quest made me giggle. Poor guy.
Player: But... (Ah, forget it. No point in arguing.) ...I'll take the salad please.

Heh. Max seems like he'll be fun to get to know.

Synth said...

This game sounds better and better by the day! =D

So, what will you do? Since you can't marry Freyr, will you choose a bachelorette that reminds you of yourself? ^_^;

Freyashawk said...

Synth, I hope I'm not THAT egocentric to want to marry a girl just like me, although Alicia probably is the closest in appearance and fashion style. Although this is a very long game spanning two generations, I'd love to be able to marry all the girls in different games someday. I don't know if I'll have enough time to do that now though. In this initial game, I probably will marry Mana, Alicia or Yue. Their Love Points increase the fastest. It's a little bizarre that Alicia keeps trying to force me to court Mana. If I were a guy, I'd feel a little hurt that she didn't want me enough herself to encourage me to court HER more.
Hikari, I think Dorothy is really sweet, but I don't know if I'd be up to the challenge of marrying both Dorothy and Fern...

Fern remains in the portrait because Dorothy never put the doll down. Even though she continued to speak to my character herself, Fern remained in her arms throughout. In fact, in the 'interview', if you ask her to lend you Fern for a moment, she will be very upset.

Anonymous said...

I married dorothy in my secnd file and you can see her face only at the other time.her eyes are pretty^_^

a man walks into a bar...ouch. :)

Freyashawk said...

Anon, I discovered that as well in my first game. She continues to flit about the house hooded and cowled... but she is a gorgeous girl and I was glad to experience the wedding with her.

As you no doubt realise now, your married life in RF2 is fairly brief if you continue to make progress and any one who marries Dorothy will have her far longer as a mother than a wife!

KeriaHoshigaki said...

I would probably marry Dorothy, because shes shy, like me, but shes a LOT shyer...
Or I would marry Julia...
...I always liked hot springs...
...which means i liked melody in the original aswell...
but, in rune factory, there wasnt really a shy person, just a loner (sharron)

note: any people recognise my name from anywhere?


Anonymous said...

Actually, in Rune Factory, Tori was the shy girl. I wanted to court her, but instead I chose Lynette. I'm in the fall of my first year in RF2 and I could marry any of the girls. Should I wait until I've seen all the holidays, or just go ahead and marry?