Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Updated Animal Crossing Wild World Guide

Due to pressure from a number of players, and long overdue at that, I finally updated my Animal Crossing Wild World Comprehensive Guide this morning. In fact, I am a little ashamed of myself for not having done so sooner. I never envisioned that I would have created so many guides for so many different games, nor did I imagine the amount of labour that would be entailed not only to write them initially but to update them as required.

In any case, although this prevented me from making any further progress on Rune Factory 2 it nonetheless was a worthy task. I added two new sections to the guide.

One is a section about gardening that gives information both about Trees and Flowers, and includes information about hybrids and how to create them. I actually had thought the information about hybrids had been included in my Guide long ago as it was in my game journals but a player assured me that was not the case. It therefore was important to rectify that omission. For players who wondered why there were no lights in the Trees during Festivals or acorns to be found during the Acorn Festival, I explained the need to keep Trees other than Fruit Trees growing in your Village.

The other section actually contains information sent to me by another player and includes some tips about fish shadows and insect-hunting. As the information corresponded with my own experience of the game, I included it in the guide, duly crediting the player who kindly compiled it for me. I seldom use information provided by other players in my guides, simply because I always have tried to base my guides on my own games. In this case, though, I made an exception because I knew it to be accurate and because the player had made an effort.

In a few days, I will begin to work on a guide for the new Wii version of Animal Crossing. It will be quite a challenge to do justice to THAT game while still working on Rune Factory 2 but both games deserve considerable attention and Animal Crossing, like Harvest Moon, is an old favourite of mine. I could not refuse the opportunity to play the new Wii version of the game, could I?

When I first began to play Rune Factory 2, the Requests made by individuals reminded me somewhat of the requests made by my Animal Neighbours in Wild World, although the characters in RF2 tend to be a little more logical in their needs. Even so, it made me rather nostalgic about my own Animal village, now choked with weeds I expect...

The updated version of the Comprehensive Guide for Wild World should be uploaded to IGN later this afternoon. As always, you can find the link on the right side of this page.


Kamon :) said...

I've read your blog for some time I must say its the best blog I've ever read ^-^ Alough I no longer play animal crossing due to a hacker ruining my old game and even though some good friends helped me get my stuff back... Its not the same animals and nothing is the same... Oh well thats not what I came to talk about. I came to congratulate you on finally updating it! Woot! Too bad about good old rune factory not getting played though. I don't own the game but i hear its one of the best harvest moon games from a few of my fellow harvest moon players who i call friends. I was never around when a festival was taking place becuase of some stuff such as school and all that. But I'm sure myself and others will find it usefull someday xD

Freyashawk said...

Kamon, thank you for your vote of support. Actually, it is Rune Factory 2 that I am playing now. I did write guides for the original Rune Factory and the links can be found on the right side of the page... not that THOSE guides could not use a good update as well! Time always is at a premium in any world that I inhabit. I wish that one could have 'separate' time for Harvest Moon that didn't consume any real time, but the ability to perform that sort of juggling trick has escaped the human race so far, although Einstein and other scientists (and sci-fi writers) certainly have postulated many theories about it.

In any case, I'll soon be writing about the new Animal Crossing game for the Wii as well as continuing my saga of my experiences in Rune Factory 2.

Natalie said...

Hi Freya!
I love Animal Crossing, one of my first games ever, I remember begging my dad to buy me it after renting the game for the first time, I loved it, and I still do. Unfortunately, I don't have the Wii, so I won't get the new game that's coming out on the Wii console.
Anyways, congrats on updating it!

Freyashawk said...

It's always good to hear from you, Natalie. Although I am excited about the new Animal Crossing for the Wii, I'd be happy if I had time to play the old Gamecube original again. Thanksgiving was the best in that one with the Turkey who kept urging your character to steal all the cutlery from the table!