Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sunshine Islands Cookbook Recipes Guide

Mea culpa, mea culpa... I see to my horror that a few Recipes still are missing from my Sunshine Islands Recipe Cookbook Guide. I'll get to work on that immediately. Happy New Year's Eve to every one!

A New Year's Resolution from Freyashawk: To finish the parts of my guides that are most tedious for me, which are the LISTS, such as all the Recipes and all the Shop upgrades. Even if it is tedious to type them all, THAT is vital information for players, including ME. I don't know why I had such trouble with the Sunshine Islands Recipe Book... it was partly trying to log all of the optional ingredients. I should have completed all the Basic Recipes first and then added optional ingredients later. In any case, sorry about that!

As it was the 'Desserts' section that was missing Recipes, I will post the completed section here, in case IGN cannot upload the updated Guide today:


Yam Pudding

Yam Pudding: 1160G
Ingredients: Egg/Silkie Egg, Butter/Superb Butter, Yam
Obtain with 5th Yam from Nick at Diner
Energy Value: +42 SR +22 FL
Optional Ingredients: Milk, Jersey Milk

Pumpkin Pudding

Pumpkin Pudding: 1760G
Ingredients: Egg/Silkie Egg, Milk/Jersey Milk, Pumpkin
Obtain with 2nd Pumpkin from Nick at Diner
Energy Value: +42 SR +12 FL
Optional Ingredients: Chocolate, Strawberry, Pineapple, Apple, Banana, Grape, Orange, Peach, Ice Cream, Corn Cereal, Wine, Any Jam

Baked Banana

Baked Banana: 1330G
Ingredients: Banana
Obtain with 1st Banana from Nick at Diner
Energy Value: +22 SR +12 FL
Optional Ingredients: Butter, Superb Butter

Chocolate Banana

Chocolate Banana: 1375G
Ingredients: Banana, Chocolate
Obtain with 1st Chocolate from Nick at Diner
Energy Value: +38 SR +16 FL
Optional Ingredients: Butter, Superb Butter, Branch (obviously as a stick for the Banana!)

Candied Yams

Candied Yams: 470G
Ingredients: Yam
Obtain with 4th Yam from Nick at Diner
Energy Value: +22 SR +12 FL
Optional Ingredients: Oil, Any Jam
Official Description: Dish made with Yam.

Yam Dumpling

Yam Dumpling: 470G
Ingredients: Yam
Obtain with 3rd Yam from Nick at Diner
Energy Value: +22 SR +12 FL
Optional Ingredients: Egg, Silkie Egg, Butter, Superb Butter

Baked Apple

Baked Apple: 470G
Ingredients: Apple
Obtain with 1st Apple from Nick at Diner
Energy Value: +26 SR +12 FL
Optional Ingredients: Oil, Butter, Superb Butter

Apple Pie

Apple Pie: 1930G
Ingredients: Apple, Wheat Flour, Egg/Silkie Egg, Butter/Superb Butter
Obtain with 3rd Apple from Nick at Diner
Energy Value: +42 SR +16 FL
Optional Ingredients: Apple Jam, Baked Apple, Wine

Pineapple Pie

Pineapple Pie: 4505G
Ingredients: Pineapple, Wheat Flour, Egg/Silkie Egg, Butter/Superb Butter
Obtain with 1st Pineapple from Nick at Diner
Energy Value: +46 SR +16 FL
Optional Ingredients: Wine

Strawberry Candy

Strawberry Candy: 385G
Ingredients: Strawberry, Rice Candy
Obtain with 1st Strawberry from Nick at Diner
Energy Value: +36 SR +16 FL
Optional Ingredients: None
Official Description: Strawberry-stuffed rice candy.

Sponge Cake

Sponge Cake: 1030G
Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Egg/Silkie Egg
Obtain with 8th Wheat Flour from Haila at Cafe
Energy Value: +36 SR +12 FL
Optional Ingredients: Milk, Jersey Milk, Oil


Pudding: 685G
Ingredients: Egg/Silkie Egg, Milk/Jersey Milk
Obtain with 5th Milk from Nick at Diner
Energy Value: +38 SR +12 FL
Optional Ingredients: Chocolate, Strawberry, Pineapple, Apple, Banana, Grape, Orange, Peach, Ice Cream, Corn Cereal, Wine, any Jam


Cheesecake: 1975G
Ingredients: Egg/Silkie Egg, Cheese/Superb Cheese, Milk/Jersey Milk
Obtain with 2nd Cheese from Nick at Diner
Energy Value: +40 SR +16 FL
Optional Ingredients: Butter, Superb Butter, any Jam, Wine


Pancake: 1715G
Ingredients: Egg/Silkie Egg, Wheat Flour, Oil, Milk/Jersey Milk
Obtain with 1st Wheat Flour from Diner
Energy Value: +42 SR +12 FL
Optional Ingredients: Butter,Superb Butter, Yogurt, Superb Yogurt, any Jam


Doughnut/Donut: 2230G
Ingredients: Egg/Silkie Egg, Milk/Jersey Milk, Butter/Superb Butter, Oil, Wheat Flour
Obtain with 6th Milk from Nick at Diner
Energy Value: +42 SR +16 FL
Optional Ingredients: Chocolate, any Jam


Cookies: 1500G
Ingredients: Egg/Silkie Egg, Butter/Superb Butter, Wheat Flour
Obtain with 2nd Wheat Flour from Haila at Cafe
Energy Value: +36 SR +12 FL
Optional Ingredients: None
N.B. This is one of the traditional Spring Thanks Fest Gifts.

Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Cookies: 1585G
Ingredients: Chocolate, Cookies
Obtain with 2nd Chocolate from Haila at Cafe
Energy Value: +38 SR +16 FL
Optional Ingredients: None
N.B. This is another traditional Spring Thanks Fest gift from a boy to a girl.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream: 685G
Ingredients: Egg/Silkie Egg, Milk/Jersey Milk
Obtain with 2nd Milk from Haila at Cafe
Energy Value: +38 SR +16 FL
Optional Ingredients: Chocolate, Strawberry, Pineapple, Apple, Banana, Grape, Orange, Peach, Corn Cereal, any Jam


Trifle: 1252G
Ingredients: Sponge Cake/Cake/Cookies/Steamed Cake, Egg/Silkie Egg, Milk/Jersey Milk, Wheat Flour
Obtain with 1st Sponge Cake from Haila at Cafe
Energy Value: 40 SR +16 FL
Optional Ingredients: Chocolate, Strawberry, Pineapple, Apple, Banana, Grape, Orange, Peach, Corn Cereal, any Jam, Wine, Trifle, Cake, Chocolate Cake, Sponge Cake, Cookies, Chocolate Cookies, Steamed Cake, Yogurt/Superb Yogurt, Churros


Baumkuchen: 1166G
Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Egg/Silkie Egg, Milk/Jersey Milk, Butter/Superb Butter
Obtain with 9th Wheat Flour from Haila at Cafe
Energy Value: +42 SR +16 FL
Optional Ingredients: Wine


Churro: 540G
Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Egg/Silkie Egg, Oil
Obtain with 5th Wheat Flour from Haila at Cafe
Energy Value: +32 SR +12 FL
Optional Ingredients: None


Cake: 1160G
Ingredients: Egg/Silkie Egg, Butter/Superb Butter, Wheat Flour
Obtain with 2nd Butter from Haila at Cafe
Energy Value: +42 SR +16 FL
Optional Ingredients: Strawberry, Pineapple, Apple, Banana, Grape, Orange, Peach, Yogurt/Superb Yogurt, Ice Cream, any Jam, Corn Cereal, Wine

Steamed Cake

Steamed Cake: 1160G
Ingredients: Egg/Silkie Egg, Butter/Superb Butter, Wheat Flour
Obtain with 3rd Butter from Haila at Cafe
Energy Value: +42 SR +16 FL
Optional Ingredients: Strawberry, Pineapple, Apple, Banana, Grape, Orange, Peach, Yogurt/Superb Yogurt, Ice Cream, any Jam, Corn Cereal, Wine

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake: 1370G
Ingredients: Egg/Silkie Egg, Butter/Superb Butter, Wheat Flour, Chocolate
Obtain with 3rd Chocolate from Haila at Cafe
Energy Value: +50 SR +18 FL
Optional Ingredients: Strawberry, Pineapple, Apple, Banana, Grape, Orange, Peach, Yogurt/Superb Yogurt, Ice Cream, any Jam, Corn Cereal, Wine

Buckwheat Dumpling

Buckwheat Dumpling: 900G
Ingredients: Buckwheat Flour
Obtain with 4th Buckwheat Flour from Nick at Diner
Energy Value: +22 SR +12 FL
Optional Ingredients: None

Roasted Rice Candy

Roasted Rice Candy: 250G
Ingredients: Rice Candy
Obtain with 1st Rice Candy from Nick at Diner
Energy Value: +22 SR +12 FL
Optional Ingredients: None

Soybean Rice Candy

Soybean Rice Candy: 1070G
Ingredients: Soybean Flour, Rice Candy
Obtain with 1st Soybean Flour from Nick at Diner
Energy Value: +36 SR +12 FL
Optional Ingredients: None

Green Dumpling

Green Dumpling: 250G
Ingredients: Rice Candy, Weed (Green)
Obtain with 1st Weed (Green) from Nick at Diner
Energy Value: +36 SR +16 FL
Optional ingredients: None
Official Description: Rice Candy with grass mixed in. Better than you’d think!

Bamboo Dumpling

Bamboo Dumpling: 250G
Ingredients: Rice Candy
Obtain with 2nd Rice Candy from Nick at Diner
Energy Value: +22 SR +12 FL
Optional Ingredients: Mushroom, Mushroom Cluster, Truffle, Oil
Official Description: Rice candy wrapped in bamboo leaves.

Fruit Dumpling

Fruit Dumpling: 1115G
Ingredients: Sweet Rice Flour, Strawberry/Pineapple/Apple/Banana/Grape/Orange/Peach
Obtain with 1st Sweet Rice Flour from Nick at Diner
Energy Value: +28 SR +12 FL
Optional Ingredients: Strawberry, Pineapple, Apple, Banana, Grape, Orange, Peach, Yogurt, Superb Yogurt, Ice Cream, any Jam, Wine, Baked Apple, Baked Banana

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue: 85G
Ingredients: Chocolate, Bread
Obtain with 2nd Chocolate from Nick at Diner
Energy Value: +28 SR +12 FL
Optional Ingredients: Strawberry, Pineapple, Apple, Banana, Grape, Orange, Peach, Yogurt, Superb Yogurt, Ice Cream, Wine, Any Jam, Baked Apple, Baked Banana
Official Description: Dish made with Chocolate

Yam Gelatin

Yam Gelatin: 345G
Ingredients: Yam, Gelatin
Obtain with 1st Yam from Haila at Cafe
Energy Value: +30 SR +6 FL
Optional Ingredients; None
Official Description: Gelatin with sweet yam.

Chestnut Gelatin

Chestnut Gelatin: 345G
Ingredients: Chestnut, Gelatin
Obtain with 2nd Chestnut from Haila at Cafe
Energy Value: +30 SR +6 FL
Optional Ingredients: None
Official Description: Gelatin with chestnuts.

Chestnut Bun

Chestnut Bun: 518G
Ingredients: Chestnut, Wheat Flour
Obtain with 3rd Chestnut from Haila at Cafe
Energy Value: +30 SR +8 FL
Optional Ingredients: None
Official Description: Bun with chestnuts inside.

Chestnut Kinton

Chestnut Kinton: 129G
Ingredients: Chestnut
Obtain with 1st Chestnut from Haila at Cafe
Energy Value: +24 SR +8 FL
Optional Ingredients: None
Official Description: Dish made with chestnuts

Sweet and Sunny

Sweet and Sunny: 2G
Ingredients: Failed Dish, Chestnut Gelatin, Fruit Dumpling, Trifle, Apple Pie, Chocolate Fondue
Obtain with 4th Failed Dish from Haila at Cafe
Optional Ingredients: None
Official Description: A heavenly blend of sunny delights! Mmm!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A real Petting Glove...

My Harvest Moon friend and comrade, Mars-Frog sent a wonderful Christmas box containing a number of treats for the kittens as well as a lovely box of fudge. Among the gifts for the kittens is a real Petting Glove! I did not know that these existed except in Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, yet here one is! It is too large to be used on the kittens at this point, but both Beauty and Ashleigh love it. Thank you, Mars, from all the felines and from me.

Meanwhile, many thanks to my Harvest Moon/Rune Factory comrade and friend, ILuvHM and Nate for sending a box of gorgeous homemade sweets and warm gloves and socks. With an early, rather devastating snowstorm, the gloves and socks will allow me to continue to use the laptop even on the coldest days.

All proof that the worlds of Harvest Moon and Rune Factory are not the only universes where people are thoughtful and care about others.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas to All!

Christmas is a time of miracles, of new birth and of discovery or rediscovery of the magic of childhood and that sense of infinite wonder.

Harvest Moon and Rune Factory manage to capture that sense of wonder and excitement. Here is a photograph of the First Christmas of some very young children... I wish a very Happy Christmas to all!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Joyous Yuletide and Magical Christmas Eve

I'm afraid I am not going to have much time either to answer game questions or to update my guides today or tomorrow... I do intend to make a Harvest Moon/Rune Factory video in honour of the season but Christmas takes precedence over game guides for a day.

This is Natsume's Christmas Card... I thought that all Harvest Moon fans would enjoy it!

If one is to spend Christmas partly in a virtual reality (and I full intend to steal a few hours in the next day to do so), one cannot do better than to celebrate the Starry Night Festival or the Holy of Holies Night with all the villagers and loved ones in the Rune Factory or Harvest Moon universe.

I would like to wish every one a most joyous and magical Yule.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Completing your Lists in Animal Parade

In most Harvest Moon or Rune Factory games, it is by shipping an item that it is added to your 'List' as your Items Lists usually are linked to shipping. This is the case in Sunshine Island, for example.

In Animal Parade, on the other hand, your Lists are not linked to shipping in terms of 'completion' but rather to your Bookshelf. With respect to most of the items, the addition is made to the appropriate List whenever you first obtain the specific item, whether you grow it, collect it, purchase it or receive it as a Gift. You need not ship the item either and in some cases, even when you use it to create a Cooked Dish before you ship THAT, it will be counted in your Farming Total.

I am writing this post because of the exception to this general rule in Animal Parade. The exception is Cooked Dishes. Cooked Dishes do not represent items belonging to any List in themselves. Completion is achieved where Cooked Dishes are concerned by adding Recipes for every Dish to the appropriate Cookbook. When, therefore, Maya gives you a Cookie in your first meeting, that item will not be registered anywhere in the game. If you ship it, the value of it will be added to your day's totals but the item itself will not appear anywhere. It is only when you obtain the Recipe for Cookies as an Oven Recipe entry in the Oven Cookbook that you will complete that entry where the game is concerned.

You therefore have an Encyclopedia in your Bookshelf that consists of Records of all the items you have obtained with the exception of Cooked Dishes. As a matter of fact, one of the Categories in the Encyclopedia is 'Animals', referring not to every Animal you possess but each type of Animal you have encountered. The Encyclopedia, therefore is more than an Items List.

The Categories in the Encyclopedia are:
Crop List
Flower List
Animal List
Animal Product List
Fish List
Mining List
Foraged Item List
Other Items

You can obtain a special Trophy for completing each of the following:

Crop List Trophy
The List consists of all Crops, a total of 32 Item Listings and the Trophy is awarded by Craig.

Flower List Trophy
The List consists of all Flowers, a total of 18 Items.

Animal List Trophy
The List that must be completed consists of all Animals including all Wild Animals. The Trophy is awarded by Hanna. You will find the complete List in my Items and Shipping List Guide.

Animal Product List Trophy
There is a total of 21 items, including Honey and all types of Yarn, including Flax.

Fish List Trophy
The List consists of all Fish varieties, a total of 47 Fish.

Mining List Trophy
The Mining List includes both raw Metals/Ores and Gems and all Refined Metals and Gems for a total of 37 Items.

Cooking Trophy
Awarded by Yolanda for completing every Recipe in your Cookbooks, a total of 235 Recipes.

Heart Trophy
Awarded if you collect ALL Wishes at 3 Hearts from every Character, apart from the Harvest Goddess and Harvest King, including all children of Rival Couples and your own Children.

As you can see, only five of the Trophies are awarded for completing true 'Items Lists'. In the case of the Cooking Trophy, the award is made by adding all REcipes to your Cookbooks.

Recipes can be obtained by a couple of different methods. One Recipe can be obtained each Season by reading the Memos in the kitchens of most of the Homes/Shops. If you acquire a Recipe in this fashion, you need never create the Cooked Dish in order to satisfy the requirement for the Trophy.

A couple of Recipes are given by other Characters, but by far the majority probably will be obtained simply by cooking the Dish successfully in your Kitchen. You can use my Cookbook Recipes Guide in order to complete your Cookbook as well. Provided you use the correct ingredients, any Recipe you attempt WILL be successful in Animal Parade. Skill is not a consideration. You simply need to use the proper ingredients.

You therefore quality for most of the Trophies by obtaining each item in the appropriate Encyclopedia List, irrespective of how you obtain it or what you do with it afterwards. Where the Cooking Trophy is concerned, you quality by adding every Recipe to your Cookbook, divided into Categories according to the Utensils used to create them.

Trivial Farm and Ranch Tips for Animal Parade

There are a number of small details in Animal Parade that, while not earthshattering in their implications, deserve mention as players have asked about them.

First, where sowing seeds is concerned, you cannot 'waste' seeds UNLESS you attempt to sow them in the 3 x 3 square area allotted to any Tree. If the squares surrounding any Tree are tilled, the Seeds will go onto the square where you sow it, but will neither sprout nor grow. Thus, the Seeds sown on any square designated for a Tree's sphere of influence will be wasted.

In other situations, where you sow a seed and it fails to fall on a tilled square, although you hear the sound of the seed hitting the soil, it will remain in the seed bag in your Rucksack. You cannot waste a seed by 'missing' the square. Nor can Fertiliser be wasted by being thrown onto an untilled square. It will remain in your Rucksack until used on a tilled square.

Note in this respect that you should till the squares that surround any Tree and fertilise them for a better chance of obtaining high quality Fruits/Products from them.

The effect of Fertiliser is only temporary in Animal Parade and must be renewed each season or even more often in the case of lower grades. If your Trees produce low grade Fruits consistently, it is because you need to fertilise your field again. My own suspicion with respect to the effect of Fertiliser on Crops is that it is related to the ENTIRE FIELD, rather than any specific square. As with Animal Products, the actual Crop you obtain is random but your CHANCE of obtaining high grade Crops improves with the number of superior soil squares on your Field. In the case of any Animal who produces Product, heart level determines the chance of obtaining high level product. In other words, at a low heart level, you have no chance of obtaining Shining Product but your chances of obtaining anything above Decent improve with each Heart Level. I believe that 5 Hearts is the minimum required for a chance of obtaining Perfect Milk.

A point must be made with respect to Farming and your Animals when they are grazing outside. You will have noticed that both Poultry and Livestock roam freely throughout the land that surrounds your house, even straying frequently onto tilled squares where Crops are growing. The (accidental) use of any Farm Tool on an Animal WILL lower Heart Level. In particular, it is best to send all the Aninmals back to the Barn before you water your Crops.

If you wish to avoid 'missing' any square with your Watering Can or when planting Seeds, by the way, simply use the Z button on your Nunchuk to 'square up' your Character and perfect his/her aim.

With respect to Ranch Animals, although they will lose Friendship Points if you neglect to feed them on any given day, the mood in which any Animal awakens is random and does not represent any loss of Friendship necessarily. Animals can awaken in a 'cranky' mood, designated by the icon of a tornado over their heads. You can do everything correctly, feed, pet and brush an Animal, take it outside on a sunny day or keep it safely inside on a rainy day and it STILL may awaken the next morning in a bad mood. You will notice, however, that when this does occur, simply petting the animal will transform its Mood instantly from bad to good and the tornado icon will be replaced by a musical note. It is possible that this random bad mood option was added to remind players that even Animals at maximum heart level need attention in the form of petting. I could be mistaken, but the same random mood swings existed in ToT. I would have thought that bad weather alone could cause this except that it can occur even on the sunniest morning after another sunny day.

One more point about Ranch Animals: Shearing definitely DOES lower Friendship Levels. You will notice that your Sheep displays the blue broken heart icon each time she is sheared. If you ask Finn about this, he will confirm that shearing lowers Friendship. Milking, on the other hand, raises Friendship. This is logical in a way. An Animal who needs to be milked will be uncomfortable until you relieve her of her Milk. Shearing, on the other hand, can be uncomfortable... although if they wished to be completely logical, the Friendship effect of shearing on a Sheep should have varied according to the Season. In Summer, a Sheep would be happy to lose some of that excess weight and warmth. In Winter, animals need their heavy coats...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

For Mars-Frog and Dustin: Birthday Surprise Party in Animal Parade

The Celebration of your Birthday while you remain single both in Sunshine Islands and Animal Parade is rather wonderful. Two of my good Harvest Moon/Rune Factory friends were kind enough to remember my (real) Birthday this year. I was remiss in not wishing either of them a Happy Birthday on the day. Belatedly then, here is a little video about Birthdays in Animal Parade, dedicated to Mars-Frog and Dustin:

Streamlining your Gift Routine in Animal Parade

This is a question that one may ask in any Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game, although there usually is a wider variety of Gifts with different values in Harvest Moon than in Rune Factory. 'Most Favourite Gifts', whether there is but one for each Character or a fairly good selection as in Animal Parade, have a higher point value in terms of increasing Love and/or Friendship but how significant is the difference in terms of a timeline?

In a game like Animal Parade, Heart Levels tend to increase rather slowly compared to some other Harvest Moon games. Even so, when progress in terms of the main plot is added to the equation, the rate at which Friendship/Love increases actually make sense.

As long as you have not neglected an individual completely, you should find that most Characters will reach 3 Hearts at the same time that you need 10 Characters at 3 Hearts in order to ring the Purple Bell, which is the 5th Bell, otherwise known as 'The Bell of Happiness'.

Giving Characters 'Most Favourite Gifts' as opposed to 'Favourites' did allow them to reach 3 Hearts faster, but the difference in time was not that significant.

If you are the sort of player who concentrates solely upon one Eligible Girl or Bachelor, then you probably will give 'Most Favourite Gifts' to that individual on a daily basis, experiencing all Heart Events at the earliest possible moment in order to marry as quickly as possible. If, however, you wish to advance the Heart Levels of EVERY Character, it may make more sense to give simple Favourites rather than Most Favourites on a regular basis to EVERY ONE.

One reason for employing the latter strategy is the need to organise a Rucksack rather like Father Christmas every day to deliver Gifts to every one. Even with the largest expanded Rucksack, a player may find it difficult to carry specific Most Favourite Gifts for every one.

On the other hand, by carrying a stack of Herbal Tea, a stack of Sakura Seashells, a small stack of Cocktails, a couple of Boiled Eggs and whichever Shellfish is currently in season as well as a small stack of seasonal Flowers, you can achieve a 'single heart' response from almost every one. There are a few exceptions, but almost every Character will be very happy with one of the above. One of the more difficult Characters to please may be Phoebe, but both she and Bo will be more than happy with the Gift of a Mushroom (White, not Common). Even this streamlined selection of Gifts will occupy 7 slots in your Rucksack, but if you attempt to add specific 'Most Favourites' for every one, you will find it to be a task of herculean proportions. Another problem is the burden it places on your memory. It is difficult enough to remember all your Chores. If you add the necessity to pack your Rucksack with a dozen different items as Gifts for individuals, you may go a little mad with the strain.

If there are nine Characters who love Herbal Tea, it is far simpler to remember this list than to assign a different item to each of nine different individuals.

Finally, although it is better to grow, collect or cook your own Gifts, there are times when it is convenient to know which Characters love the least expensive items on sale at local shops.

For example, there are quite a few Characters who will accept Remedy happily. Remedy is sold at the Choral Clinic for 180G. Likewise, there are quite a few who love Coconut Cocktail or Raspberry Cocktail, the least expensive Cocktails on sale at the Brass Bar for 200G. If you arrive on Toucan Island without any Gifts for Samson or Sue, it is good to know that both will be pleased to receive Pineapple Juice, sold at the Pineapple Inn for 160G.

By making Sakura Seashell and the Shellfish that are found at the Beach very popular with a large percentage of Characters, however, there really is no need to spend money in order to make friends. You can begin immediately in Spring with a daily routine of collecting items such as these and handing them out as gifts. Herbs are accepted as well if you cannot afford the Pot you need to make them into Herbal Tea.

The photograph shows Julius' Response to one of his Most Favourite Gifts, a Rose. Although a Rose will elicit the burst of hearts that indicates the highest point value, he will respond to a simple Herbal Tea with the single heart that denotes a Favourite. The point value difference is not that significant at the end of the day.
Furthermore, simple 'meeting and greeting' DOES have a point value. With Characters at 2 Hearts, again and again I have raised their Heart Levels to 3 with a simple Greeting, obtaining thereby their Wishes before I ever gave a Gift to any one that day.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Running A Cottage Industry in Autumn making Perfume

Making Perfumes in Autumn

The most valuable Flower, Blue Mist Flower, can be grown in Autumn. The cost of the Seeds is 50G when purchased directly from the Marimba Farm and the Flower has a shipping value of 390G.
Decent Perfume can be made by placing two Flowers of any value or type in the Mixer. Its shipping value is 390G. You therefore can make Decent Perfume in any Season. Purple Perfume, requiring 4 Lavender Flowers is a Spring project but in Autumn, there will be three new types of Perfume that can be made. These are Red Perfume, requiring 4 Roses, Yellow Perfume, requiring 4 Moondrop Flowers and finally Shining Perfume, requiring 5 Flowers with a combined shipping value of 1600G.
The values of Autumn Flowers are:
Blue Mist Flower: 390G
Growth Rate: 3-7 Days
Chrysanthemum: 90G
Growth Rate: 3 Days
Cosmos: 100G
Growth: 3 Days
Moondrop Flower: 120G
Growth Rate: 3 Days
Rose: 220G
Growth Rate: 3-5 Days
The Recipes for all possible Perfumes are:
Decent Perfume: 390G
Ingredients: Any Flower x 2
Energy Value: 10 SR
Purple Perfume: 430G
Ingredients: Lavender x 4
Energy Value: 10 SR
Red Perfume: 910G
Ingredients: Rose x 4
Energy Value: 10 SR
Shining Perfume: 1710G
Ingredients: Flower x 5*
*The combined shipping value of the five Flowers must be at least 1600G
Energy Value: 10 SR
Yellow Perfume: 510G
Ingredients: Moondrop Flowers x 4
Energy Value: 10 SR
If you study the shipping values of the different Flowers that can be grown in Autumn, you will find that only the valuable Blue Mist Flower has sufficient shipping value to make Shining Perfume. Although Roses have a higher shipping value than the other Flowers of Autumn, at 220G, the combined value of 5 Roses is only 1100.
You need not use 5 valuable Blue Mist Flowers in order to create Shining Perfume. It is more profitable to use the fewest number of Blue Mist Flowers in the Recipe, augmenting the quantity required with less valuable Flowers.
There are a number of possible combinations:
4 Blue Mist Flowers (1560G) + 1 Cosmos (100G) = 1660G
4 Blue Mist Flowers (1560G) + 1 Chrysanthemum (90G) = 1650G
4 Blue Mist Flowers (1560G) + 1 Moondrop Flower (120G) = 1680G
3 Blue Mist Flowers (1170G) + 2 Roses (440G) = 1610G
As you can see, as the value of Shining Perfume will not vary, whatever the combined total value of its ingredients, you should use the least valuable Flower, such as Cosmos or Chrysanthemum as the 5th Flower for maximum profit. 3 Blue Mist Flowers with 2 Roses is the most efficient use of shipping values, as it exceeds the required 1600G only by 10G.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Small but Certain Value of Dialogue in Animal Parade

Relationships must be built slowly and with infinite patience in Animal Parade. It takes longer than it did in Tree of Tranquility, as the ability to give multiple gifts on a single day that existed in ToT is not an option in Animal Parade.

Players have been doubtful, in fact, of the value of simple dialogue in Animal Parade, but I have confirmed, more than once, that 'Meeting and Greeting' any Character each day, even if you cannot give that individual a Gift, DOES have a point value in terms of increasing Friendship and/or Love.

It is when I was collecting wishes from Characters that I received confirmation of this fact. More than once, a Character who had been at 2 Hearts attained 3 Hearts when I first greeted him/her even before I presented a Gift. The Character responded to my simple greeting with his/her Wish.

The value of Dialogue is not as great as the value attached to any preferred Gift and certainly not comparable to a Most Favourite Gift. Nonetheless, it is worth the effort to meet and greet EVERY Character on a daily basis, even when you have to do it with empty hands. I myself have erred on occasion by passing by a Character, thinking to myself that I would return later with a Gift... It would have been better to make the greeting, no matter what. Often, one does not have the time to return later to a specific district on any given day.

In terms of Greetings and Dialogue, I confess I have been a little careless in not confirming whether or not dialogue about the Season is based on heart level. I have noticed that Characters have more than one 'seasonal' Dialogue for each of the Seasons, but I have not confirmed yet whether it is randomly chosen or based on heart level. I believe that Animal Parade contains a greater variety of dialogue than any other Harvest Moon game to date. Characters will speak of the weather and of the season as well as giving the set dialogue that is associated with each Heart Level. In addition, there are at least two set Dialogues that are associated with each Festival. One occurs on the day prior to the Festival and the other occurs on the actual day of the Festival. If you show a Pet to any Character, he/she will respond to that action as well. Finally, there are dialogues that are linked to the main Plot. Each time you ring a Bell, specific Characters will remark upon it. You will find that only certain Characters speak of any Plot development but if you do not speak to every one, you will not know which individuals do make a point of commenting upon the Melody of a Bell or the change in the Seas or Winds.

I should not neglect to mention one of the most interesting set of Dialogues in Animal Parade, which is the response to a specific outfit or Hat/Accessory. I have posted about this aspect of the game previously. Each of the Eligible Bachelors and Girls is linked to a specific Hat or Accessory. When your Character speaks to the individual while wearing that Hat or Accessory, you will experience a special comment that acknowledges your outfit.

Of course, in addition to all of the above, there are the responses to Gifts, which vary widely according to the degree of liking or detestation the individual possesses for that particular item. Furthermore, there are special Birthday Gift dialogues that acknowledge Most Favourites and Favourites when given on the Character's Birthday.

I have not been able to confirm yet whether or not the act of showing a Pet to a Character has a value in Friendship Points, nor whether or not wearing the special hat or accessory actually affects Heart Level. Obviously, if there is an effect, it is not significant, but it would be useful to know the precise point value if any.

It is interesting to note the effect that Heart Level has on the subject of Dialogue for each Character. At low heart levels, the Character tends to provide general advice about practical matters, whether it is farming, cooking, energy, fishing, ranching or mining. As heart levels increase, the dialogue becomes more personal. He/she will confess likes and dislikes, emotions and will relate personal history. Animal Parade is very 'true to life' in this respect.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Suggested Walkthrough for 1st Week in Autumn, Animal Parade

The following sections are taken from my Animal Parade General Guide and Walkthrough, but perhaps it will be helpful to a few players if I post them here.

I understand that, as some one who is writing Guides, my own priorities may be somewhat different from some players, as one priority always must be to complete the Lists as quickly as possible for the Guides. Other players can take their time in obtaining a specific item or Crop if they prefer to focus on a different aspect of the game, but I must grow all possible Crops, catch all possible Fish and obtain all possible items from the Mines, among other things, if I am to complete a Comprehensive Guide of any Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game.

Nonetheless, I do believe that the following Walkthrough for the first week in Autumn represents a successful strategy in the 1st Year. Without making any reference to the 'Most Favourite Gifts' of any specific Eligible Girl or Bachelor, there nonetheless is a good reason to grow staples in the first Year in order to be able to cook all Dishes.

The Trophies that are given for completion of various Encyclopedia lists, including the Cookbooks, are another reason to 'diversify' farming in the first year. In the
2nd Year, your Character will be able to specialise in one specific high-value Crop in each Season if he/she prefers, in order to gain the highest Farming Titles, but in the 1st Year, I believe it is important to grow ALL Crops and Flowers at least once.

Walkthrough: 1st Week in Autumn

At the start of any Season, your first task always is to clear your Field of any withered Crops, cut down any Weeds that have appeared overnight, till any squares that the Weeds occupied, then plant your entire Field with new Crops.
In your first Autumn, you may not have been able to afford a second Field yet. If this is the case, you may have decided to chop down at least two of the Cherry Trees on your Field near the end of Summer to plant Trees that would begin to bear Fruit in Autumn. In fact, if you planted new Trees in the 3rd week of Summer, they should begin to bear Fruit at the very start of Autumn. Chestnuts, Coffee Beans and Olives are the Crops that you can obtain from Trees in Autumn.
You do not need six Cherry Trees in any case. Two will be perfectly adequate to produce any Cherries you might need for Gifts or Cooked Dishes in the second year. It therefore makes sense to chop down the remainder both for the Lumber they will provide and the space they will give to new Trees of different varieties. When you have more Fields, you can plant new Cherry Trees for the beauty of their blossoms in Spring, but with only a single field, it is wasteful to allow a Tree that will not bear fruit again until next Summer to occupy 9 squares.
Remember always that your Field needs to be fertilised regularly and this is true with respect to the squares that any Tree occupies as well as those occupied by ordinary Crops. If your Cherry Trees begin to yield nothing better than Decent Cherries in the latter half of Summer, you should fertilise the land on which they were planted again.
On the 1st day of any Season, your expenses in Farming will outweigh your profit. You therefore need to find profit in Shipping in other ways. Making new Recipes is one way in which to augment your income on the 1st Day of a new Season. Although no Autumn Crops will have ripened apart from the Fruit on Autumn Trees, there will be a fair number of new items that can be found in the Wilds.
Clams will be found on all the Beaches in Autumn and they are used in more Recipes than any other variety of shellfish. You can make Clam Soup, Butter steamed Clams, Seafood Doria and Sauteed Clams. These are all Recipes that require Clams specifically rather than generic Shellfish as an ingredient.
In terms of wild Berries, you will find Cranberries for the first time. From these can be made Cranberry Juice, Cranberry Ice Cream, Cranberry Candy and Cranberry Cocktail as long as you have stored some Sugar for Candy and Ice Cream Recipes as the Marimba Farm will not sell Sugarcane in Autumn.
By Autumn, you should have at least two Cows in your Barn even if it is not upgraded to the next Level but you should have been able to afford the upgrade by now, giving you the opportunity to house two Cows, a Sheep and a Horse. If you do not have the upgrade, it is far better to invest in two Cows than to buy a Horse at the earliest opportunity as Milk is one of the most useful items in any Harvest Moon game. You never can have too much Milk. Although you can purchase Milk at Horn Ranch, your money would be better spent in other investments if possible.
Cranberry Candy and Cranberry Ice Cream will add about 1000G to your Shipping Total on the 1st day of Autumn.
In your first Autumn, you will be introduced with an ingredient that is as revolutionary as Sugar or Coffee in Harvest Moon in the form of Olive Oil, made in a Mixer using a single Olive. If you planted at least one Olive Tree in the middle of Summer, it should yield two Olives daily, enough to make two new Recipes on 1 Autumn.
Olive Oil is one ‘Cooked Dish’ that does retain its Rank. You therefore may be encouraged to make Shining Olive Oil from a Shining Olive rather than shipping it as an Olive, although the Shipping Value of the Processed Item is only 10G higher than the raw ingredient.


Growth Rate: 14 Days, half a season
Yields: Crop in Autumn
Decent: 120G
Good: 140G
Perfect: 160G
Shining: 270G
Olive Oil: (Value by Rank)
Ingredients: Olive
Decent: 130G
Good: 150G
Perfect: 170G
Shining: 280G
For the most part, Cooked Dishes are not significantly higher in shipping value than the combined value of the raw ingredients used to create them, but there is an exception in the form of Sauteed Mushroom if you use a Common Mushroom to make it. It makes a nice Recovery Item as well. Decent Olive Oil has a Shipping Value of 130G and a Common Mushroom ships for 40G, giving a combined Shipping Value of 170G. You basically double that value by cooking the two items in a Frying Pan.
Sauteed Mushroom: 310G
Ingredients: Mushroom, Olive Oil
Energy Value: 150 SR
Many Characters will speak of the Autumn Season as the Season that is most bountiful in terms of Crops.
Ruth at Marimba Farm will caution you as follows:
Ruth: A lot of vegetables harvest in the fall. Decide on what you want to grow.
In later years, when you own more than one field, you will have sufficient space to grow ALL Autumn Crops and Flowers if you wish during the Season. In the first year, you need to plan your strategy a little.
Remember that Grass does not grow during Winter. You either need to cut and store sufficient fodder to last through the Winter season or buy it from Horn Ranch.
As Cain will tell you:
Cain: The grass will only grow through Autumn. You should prepare Fodder for Winter.
At this point, you should have been able to complete all the initial Bell Quests and be at the stage where you need to earn the ‘Hero Title’ in order to ring all 5 Bells at once. This, however, is only one consideration when deciding what Crops to grow during the autumn season in your first year.
You may be tempted to plant your field with the Crops that have the highest shipping value, but another goal that should be considered is that of completing your Cookbook. Many Dishes require Rice as an ingredient and Rice is an Autumn Crop in Animal Parade. You can buy Rice from the Marimba Farm in all Seasons once the Shop reaches Level 3, but purchased items always are sold at inflated prices.
Rice Seeds cost 30G and take only five days to mature. Decent Rice is sold by the Marimba Farm for 420G. The temptation to plant costly Blue Mist Flowers throughout your Field should be weighed against the need to have a fair quantity of Rice for your Kitchen. My own recommendation would be to plant Rice and other Autumn Crops for Cooked Dishes in the first week, reserving only two rows in your field for every type of Autumn Flower, including Blue Mist Flower. Once you have harvested and stored at least servings of Rice as well as producing a few of each of the Autumn Crops for other Recipes, you can vary your strategy to concentrate on Crops and Flowers with the highest shipping values.
Remember that Fertiliser must be renewed in order to have a good probability of obtaining Crops of the highest Ranks. When Crops have variable growing periods, such as 3-5 days rather than 3 Days or 5 Days, it is the Crop grown in a well-fertilised square that has the most potential to be harvested in the shortest number of days.

Rescuing the Last Lost Animal

On the 1st of Autumn, you will have your first opportunity to rescue the third and last Lost Animal from Theodore’s Circus. You will have owned the Recipe for Vegetable Pizza since you first obtained the Quest to find the Animals but one ingredient in the Recipe in the form of Bell Pepper only becomes available for the first time on 1 Autumn at the Marimba Ranch. You should be able to buy the Seeds on 1 Autumn as well either from the Marimba Farm or from Taylor.
If you opt to perform the last Quest as early as possible, you can buy a Bell Pepper, then make a Vegetable Pizza, provided always you saved a Potato in Spring as that is another seasonal ingredient that will not be available in Autumn. Humphrey the Hippo is submerged in the lovely swamp area that surrounds the Hut of the Witch Princess. Go to the shore to the left of her Hut and use the Animal Whistle to cause him to emerge from the murky depths. You can do this at any time once you have obtained the Quest from Theodore actually but without the Vegetable Pizza, he will refuse to budge.
After feeding him the Vegetable Pizza he craves, you will receive a Letter from Theodore the next morning:
: Invitation to a Special Circus
Ahem! This is Theodore of Theodore’s Circus of Wonders! Humphrey the hippo came back! Thank you very much!
As thanks, I’d like to invite you to a special performance of my circus, featuring all my lovely animals!
As the ‘Special Circus’ will occur on the 22nd of Autumn, irrespective of the day on which you complete your final rescue mission, you may wish to wait until a Bell Pepper is harvested from seeds you have planted. Doing so will not delay the ultimate reward.

Mining for Salt

You can find Rock Salt in all three of the Mines in Animal Parade. It must be ground into Salt in order to be used in Recipes and until you repair the Watermill next to your original Farmhouse, you will be obliged to take all Rock Salt to the Big Windmill east of Horn Ranch. Salt, like any of the substances ground at the Windmill is produced in four different Ranks. Unlike the other items, however, the original raw ingredient in the form of Rock Salt is free from Rank. The Rank of the Salt you grind depends on weather and wind conditions. Another section of this Guide gives the variables of every type of wind and weather condition and the effects on Salt, Coffee Beans, Spicy Pepper and Sugarcane.
Salt is an ingredient in a number of different Recipes but it is onnly when you have access to Olive Oil that you will be forced to collect a fair amount of Salt if you wish to make all the Cooked Dishes that use Olive Oil. All of the Pasta dishes require both Olive Oil and Salt. Rank disappears when Salt is used in one of these Recipes so even Decent Salt will suffice but you must spend time in the Mines if you wish to find sufficient Rock Salt to complete every Recipe.

The Versatile Yam

A number of Characters will praise the Yam. Yams are highly regarded in every Harvest Moon and Rune Factory game. In Animal Parade, they can be used in sweets as well as appetisers, main courses and snacks. There are Yam Cocktails, Yam Ice Cream and Yam Cake as well as Yam Rice, Yam Stew and Yam roasted on a Bonfire. Chase will hint at as much when he tells you that:

Chase: Fall has many food items that you can use in many ways, like Yam.

Spinach is another useful Autumn Crop. It can be boiled in a Pot, fried in Olive Oil, used to make a Cake as well as Vegetable Juice and Steamed Egg. Steamed Egg is an interesting Recipe to note because three out of four of its ingredients are of very low shipping value when shipped separately as raw items. Shrimp is a generic term both in Animal Parade and Tree of Tranquility and refers to any crustacean. You therefore can use Freshwater Prawn or Crawfish in any Recipe that calls for Shrimp rather than using the more valuable Rock Lobster or Lobster.

Steamed Egg: 644G
Ingredients: Egg, Mushroom, Spinach, Shrimp
Energy Value: 200 SR

Steamed Egg is cooked in a pot. Another Pot recipe that uses Spinach, Rice and Onion is Spinach Risotto with a shipping value of 730G. If you have any interest in courting Luke, one of his favourite Dishes is Boiled Spinach. As one might have suspected, any Spinach Dish has a fairly decent Energy Recovery value.
These are only a few examples of reasons why a player may wish to grow all Crops in the first Autumn.

Quick Cash and Long-Term Investments

In the first Autumn, you may be presented with two conflicting needs. The first is to plant Crops in your denuded Field that will mature as quickly as possible to give you some income for the new Season. The second is to plant the slow-growing Crops such as Pumpkin as early as possible in order to reap the greatest benefit from them in terms of multiple harvests.
Pumpkin IS a Multiple Harvest Crop in Animal Parade, unlike many other Harvest Moon games where it is a Single Harvest Crop. You therefore should plant a few Pumpkins on 1 Autumn if possible.
A number of Autumn Flowers take only 3 Days to mature. They may not be quite as valuable at the Blue Mist Flowers that can take longer to blossom, but they will give you a quick turnover that will benefit you in the 1st Autumn.
Rose Seeds, even if not unlocked yet at the Marimba Ranch, can be purchased from Taylor and usually take only 3 days to mature, although they can take as long as 5. A Rose ships for over 220G and with four Roses, you can make Red Perfume, which ships for 910G. It may not be as valuable as Shining Perfume, but it delivers quick profits.

Honeybees are likely to produce Royal Jelly in Autumn as well. This is an important item and another reason why a Field that contains both Crops and Flowers may be to your greatest advantage.

Both Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games allow players to make their own choices ultimately. A Walkthrough gives nothing more than a few suggestions. If a player wishes to forge ahead independently by trial and error, he/she is as likely to do as well if not better in terms of his/her own priorities as by following some one else's Walkthrough.

No Connection Possible between Rune Factory and Rune Factory 2

Some one asked if any connection could be made between Rune Factory and Rune Factory 2. Although I had a vague recollection to the effect that no connection could be made, I promised the player that I would confirm this.

I now have done so, using two DS systems with Rune Factory in one and Rune Factory 2 in the other. Neither when connecting DS to DS nor through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Centre will either system be recognised by the other. If I insert the same game in both systems, whether it is the original Rune Factory or Rune Factory 2, the other system will be recognised. Thus, there is no connectivity between the two games in the series.

As previously stated, I was fairly certain even without testing it that this was the case, but now I can state it to be so from personal experience.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wild Animals and Pets in Animal Parade

Animal Parade has some wonderful Events and options involving both Ranch Animals and Wild Animals. The Wounded Bird Quest may be my favourite of all the 'optional Events'. I do enjoy Theodore's very colourful Circus and I think the Pets are more interactive and entertaining than they were in ToT, although ToT was very exciting where the Wild Animals as Pets were concerned.

Here is a video that gives some of the Events as well as the behaviour of a Wild Animal once it becomes a 'treasured member of the household'.

Marriage Requirement in Sunshine Islands

Sometimes, it is not useful when a guide writer plays a new game perfectly. In my own first game of Sunshine Islands, my first priority was to obtain as many Sun Stones as possible by befriending Characters in order to raise all of the Islands. Whenever I proposed marriage to an Eligible Bachelor, my proposal was accepted instantly.

Players began to write to me about their own inability to make a successful proposal. I always knew that a requirement of marriage was to raise Mystic Islands in order to meet the Harvest Goddess as well as Nathan and Alisa at the Church. As players wrote about their unsuccessful proposals, I began to wonder if the requirement could be wider in scope, if one had to raise ALL the Islands.

Well, one need not raise ALL the Islands before one can marry, but there are requirements that concern Sun Stones obliquely with respect to marriage. With respect to marriage to Shea, for example, you need to have obtained both Sun Stones from Shea (one as an individual and one for his 'house') as well as the Sun Stone from Wada. I would imagine that any player who has trouble with his/her proposal to another Eligible Bachelor or Girl has failed to obtain all the Sun Stones that individual and his/her family has to offer.

Thanks to the players, Adriana (NeonCrucifixion) and Shannon who discovered that Shea's 'additional' requirement for marriage was that he/she must obtain the Sun Stones both from Shea and from Wada. These Sun Stones ALL are based on Friendship Points. Another way of defining the requirement would be that the player must make certain to raise the Heart Levels of all members of the family...

It is only when players encounter problems in any game that guides can become truly comprehensive in scope.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kiffle in two Worlds

Tree of Tranquility was the first Harvest Moon game to allow a player to domesticate the wide assortment of creatures that we had encountered in the wilds in almost every old Harvest Moon game. Players of A Wonderful Life and Another Wonderful Life constantly asked how one could take the Turtle home, for example, and a host of Urban Legends arose on message boards and false guides giving bogus instructions on how to make the Turtle Nina raced into a Pet. To set the record straight once and for all, one could NOT make the Turtle into a Pet in AWL or AnWL. Nor could the Monkeys that appeared in the Hot Spring in Harvest Moon Boy & Girl be domesticated....

In Tree of Tranquility, however, almost any Wild Animal you encountered could be persuaded to become a Pet if you befriended him/her with some dedication. Those of us who are animal lovers in any world were thrilled.

I have to admit, however, that the Pet option in Animal Parade is the best I have experienced, even more entertaining than Tree of Tranquility. Some players may shrug in response, if they subscribe to the gaming philosophy that ANY sequel has to be better than its predecessor, but that is not the case always. In fact, where Harvest Moon and Rune Factory are concerned, every game stands alone, even when the sequel is marketed as the 'female' counterpart of an original 'male' version of the game. MFoMT is so much more than the 'girl version' of FoMT and yet, FoMT is as good a game as MFoMT in a different way. The same is true of HM DS and Cute DS. They are two excellent games, both worth playing. But enough of this...

In Animal Parade, the size of your house determines the sort of Pet you can keep, but you can raise the Friendship Levels of all Wild Animals in anticipation of a time when you may be able to keep them as Pets. Furthermore, you can release existing Pets into the Wilds again in order to keep a new one. I am an absurdly sentimental person even when playing a game, and I cannot imagine that I will have the heart to relinquish any Pet for the sake of another in Animal Parade.

Nonetheless, although my heart was set on gaining the White Cat as my Pet, especially in view of the fact that Beauty now has three little adorable White Kittens, I became seduced by the Squirrel in Flute Fields. The problem was that I passed through Flute Fields daily but the little peninsula at the Lighthouse is out of the way. I had to make a concerted attempt to visit the White Cat and catch a Fish for her each time I did. The Squirrel, on the other hand, was thrilled to accept any Herb I collected along the way or even a Common Mushroom. Likewise, with countless Common Mushrooms at my disposal, it never was a hardship to slip the Baby Boar one, even though I had no desire to take him home with me.

I resisted the Squirrel for some time after the option to Adopt him appeared at 6 Hearts, with my avowed intention of adopting the White Cat firmly set in my mind and heart. On the night when I experienced the Event in Fugue Forest with all the Wild Animals, however, my heart caved. I had hoped that the Event would raise the Heart Levels of ALL the Wild Animals by a full Heart Level, but it does not do that. It raises Friendship Levels a little but not by a full Level. The White Cat, therefore, remained at 5 Hearts and the darling little Squirrel cavorted so charmingly that I surrendered...

With a Chinchilla named Kiffle, I had to name the Squirrel Kiffle. What a delightful companion he proved to be! His antics are enchanting and he digs for little treasures each time I take him for a walk. Most of the time, he unearths nothing more interesting than a Common Mushroom but he has discovered other Mushrooms as well... Another reason for Adopting him now is the realisation that I may be able to win the Pet Contest next Spring if I begin to train him immediately. Every day that I remain petless in the interest of obtaining the White Cat is one more wasted day in terms of training...

In Animal Parade, as mentioned previously, there is an option to release any Pet back to the Wilds if you decide you would rather adopt another. If you attempt to adopt more than one Pet when your House does not meet the requirements in terms of space, the game will taunt you a little, giving you the option to declare that you wish to adopt another Pet but then telling you that you haven't the space for an additional Animal. This will go on and on until you finally admit defeat and choose one or the other...

As in other Harvest Moon games, you can show your Pet to other Characters when you go out for a walk with him/her. Each Character will remark upon the Pet, but I expect that the comment will not vary from Pet to Pet as the Character invariably refers to Kiffle simply as my 'Pet' rather than 'Squirrel'.

The only disappointment here is that you cannot take your Pet into any building to show him/her to Characters who remain indoors. When I tried to carry Kiffle into the local Shops or homes, he simply disappeared from my arms, awaiting me outside.

In many Harvest Moon games, you actually can gain Affection/Friendship Points with specific individuals by showing them your Dog or Cat. I do not know if this is the case in Animal Parade. It is difficult if not impossible to test as simply speaking to an individual raises Friendship Levels a little... There is no Love Bangle or other Accessory that will display precise point values in terms of Love or Friendship in Animal Parade. Heart Levels are displayed on the Friends page of the Farm Menu but only as full Hearts.

I still intend to adopt my White Cat one day, but for now, my life is immensely enriched by the presence of my Kiffle.


Incidentally,your Pet will find different items in different Districts and, unlike any Transport Animal, a small Pet can accompany you on the Mine Cart and on the ferry to Toucan Island. It's most satisfying! When he is in the Flute District or Garmon Mines District, Kiffle finds Common Mushrooms or Mushrooms (White). I wonder if he is able to find Fugue Mushrooms in Fugue Forest... That I need to confirm!

In Harmonica Town, the Church Grounds or on Toucan Island, he has been finding Green Herbs. I do not know if the colour of the Herb will vary, but again, something to confirm.

I expect that all Pets give a variety of items depending on where you take them for their 'walk'.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Animal Parade Shopping Guide

For some Harvest Moon games, I published a specific Shops and Business Guide. I think this might be useful with respect to Animal Parade as well actually, not simply to allow players to see what items become available at specific levels but what items are available OUT OF SEASON as well at specific levels. This is information that I find useful personally. For example, if you are courting the Wizard or some one else, like Calvin, who loves Hot Coffee, it is useful to know if you will be able to purchase Coffee Beans out of season from the Marimba Farm if your own stores run out.

Knowing that Coffee Beans are not sold at the Marimba Farm in certain seasons at specific levels may be useful information but it is not VITAL. After all, every Character has many different 'Most Favourite Gifts' in Animal Parade. The most restrictive game of all in terms of Gifts is Rune Factory 2, where there is ONE specific Birthday Gift for each Character and that item is the only one that will be acknowledged on a Birthday. Mind you, there usually are two Most Favourite Gifts even in Rune Factory 2 for each Character that will be accepted enthusiastically on every day of the year. It is only if you wish to obtain the special Birthday acknowledgement that you need to have the specific Birthday Gift in hand on the Character's Birthday.

It nonetheless interested me to discover which Crops were taken off the Menu at Level 3 at the Marimba Farm when Summer changed to Autumn. Among those that disappeared were Coffee Beans, Sugarcane and Tea Leaves. None of these are as fundamental to Cooking as Rice and Wheat, two grains that remain on the Menu once they are unlocked, but they are essential ingredients in many 'Most Favourite' Cooked Dishes. Do you need to have them in every season? Not at all. Are they useful to have? It depends on the Characters you wish to impress, and the alternative Dishes or Gifts that you can make. Sugar, required to make Cakes and Pies in the real world, is NOT an ingredient in Animal Parade in either.
One of my fatal flaws, whether in Harvest Moon or real life is collecting items. I have an almost paranoid fear of running out of necessities, based partly on the fact that I have lived in places where public transport was worse than useless without having the ability to drive. One becomes more careful not to run too low on necessities when one cannot obtain them easily or quickly. Even so, I have to remind myself frequently that not being able to cook a specific Dish at the drop of a hat in Animal Parade because one ingredient may not be available is not the worst tragedy. There is no reason why I should store every item in the game on the off-chance that I may need it to make one Dish.

I have written about this previously in terms of shipping requirements for business upgrades. There are other reasons why you need to ship items as well in Animal Parade. Your Farming Degree Title at the end of every Season depends on your Shipping Totals. Although your Encyclopedia Lists have no connection with shipping and are based simply on obtaining every item once, Farm Degree Titles are.

Another reason I wondered if a special Shops and Business Guide would be useful is the comment a player made a few days ago about the comparative paucity of Red Herbs in the Wild in the Summer Season, wishing vain for a Seed Maker... I realise now that this was my fault as, although I had the Crops and Seeds information in my notes, I had not added the Autumn Marimba Farm Menus to my General Guide yet. You CAN purchase Red Herb Seeds in Autumn, but not in Summer. I have been writing my General Guide as a Walkthrough, progressing through each Season in a natural fashion... There is so much information to add to the Guides. I felt it was best to do it chronologically rather than focusing on any specific aspect of the game and entering all information about THAT aspect instead. I make good progress with the Guides daily but it does take time.

In any event, would it be useful to have a separate little mini-guide that gives information as to the Seasons when specific items are available at the local shops as well as the levels at which they become available? The information WILL be added to the General Guide in the Shops section but sometimes the General Guide is too long and unwieldy to give quick access to information.

Actually, an alternative would be to add the information to my Items and Shipping List Guide. I believe I did that in the Official Strategy Guide for ToT that I wrote. I think that would be my own preference, to be able to look up any item in that Guide and see when and how it can be obtained, whether grown in your own field or purchased from a local Shop. The Items Guide is even more important than usual in Animal Parade because of the Trophies.

I therefore would envision an entry for Coffee Beans that gives the basic information as to cost of Seeds, the shipping values of each Rank AND the methods by which they can be obtained, whether grown in Autumn or sold by the Marimba Farm at Level 2 in Summer with the price when purchased... It adds a lot more work to my table but I think it would be a worthwhile effort.

What I would include is something rather like this for each entry:


Wheat: (Lv. 2 Crop)
Multiple Harvest Crop
Growth Rate: 5-7 Days
Wheat Seeds: 80G
Sold in Spring at Level 2 at Marimba Farm and by Tailor’s Seed Catalogue for 160G.
Eat Raw: No
Process into Flour at any Watermill
Official Description: A grain that has been grown for ages. Used to make bread and snacks.
Decent: 130G
Sold in all Seasons at Marimba Farm at Level 2 for 260G
Good: 150G
Sold in all Seasons at Marimba Farm at Level 2 for 300G
Perfect: 170G
Sold in all Seasons at Marimba Farm at Level 3 for 340G
Shining: 260G

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Courtship and Marriage Guide

Just a quick note to announce that my preliminary Courtship and Marriage Guide for Animal Parade should be published later today on IGN.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fashion Statements in Animal Parade

The amount of text and variations in dialogue that exist in Animal Parade astound me. Characters have a wealth of ordinary dialogue that varies with the weather, the season, Heart Level, upcoming Festivals and even the outfit that you are wearing!

I originally included this topic at the end of my Kappa video but then decided it deserved a video of its own. I hope to make one shortly.

In MFoMT, you could increase the AP of local Bachelors by changing your outfit. In Animal Parade, specific Bachelors and Eligible Girls respond to specific items of Headgear or clothing accessories.

I have collected a few screenshots now after my initial discovery that wearing the Red Straw Hat provoked a special remark from Toby.

He said (blushing): What a nice straw hat. It suits you. We’re dressed alike... It’s a little embarrassing.

After Toby mentioned the Straw Hat, I returned to Shelly's shop to see what Hats might appeal to another Bachelor. I instantly recognised that the Fire Bandana would be something Luke would appreciate. Much to my delight, this proved correct when I next spoke to him wearing the bandana.

Luke: Oh, that looks great! I have the same bandana in a different colour! It’s nice, we can match a little.

A setback occurred when I bought the Cowboy Hat for Calvin but he refused to acknowledge it. I could have sworn that the Hat resembled Calvin's own... Nor did Owen respond to the White Scarf even though he sports a jaunty white scarf himself.

As it transpired, I had chosen the wrong Cowboy Hat. There are two very similar Cowboy Hats. One is Tan and one is Brown. The Brown Cowboy Hat only is offered at Level 3, but this is the Hat that excites Calvin's admiration.

With the Brown Cowboy Hat on my head, Calvin declared: Hey, you look sharp today! That ten gallon hat suits you nicely. You look radiant!

My next success occurred when I sported the Round Silver Glasses for Jin. He was quick to praise my new fashion sense!

Jin: Oh my, those wide-rimmed glasses really change your look. They suit you well.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lighthouse in Animal Parade


I was not surprised to find that the Lighthouse was the location of the Melody Recreation Apparatus Map. Nor was I surprised to discover that I could catch specific Fish at the Lighthouse that I did not find elsewhere.

What did surprise me a little was the extraordinary detail that was given to this game... but marvelous attention to detail in Harvest Moon and Rune Factory NEVER should come as a surprise really.

I went out to fish in the 'wee hours of the morning' at the Lighthouse primarily in order to catch a small Goby or Sardine for the White Cat I currently am courting as a potential pet. At 3 Hearts, you will obtain the option to 'Pet' or 'Carry' a Wild Animal. It is at 6 Hearts, provided your House is large enough, that you will be able to choose to keep the Animal as a domestic Pet.

In any case, I decided to do a little serious fishing first as it was only 2.30 a.m. and I have a few hours before dawn... I charged my Rod and went to work, only to be distracted by regular bright flashes of white light. At first, I thought it was some kind of graphics glitch, or some problem with my Wii... Then I thought it might be one of those distant flying saucer appearances that DO occur in some Harvest Moon games. I suddenly realised that I should have thought of the obvious: the Lighthouse! It was the Lighthouse beacon, flashing and turning in the night to help sailors find their way to the docks of Harmonica Town.

I have fished at night at the Lighthouse on previous occasions without ever experiencing these flashes, which is why I was confused initially. The fact of the matter is that you must stand in a specific spot beneath the Lighthouse to see the flashes of white light. Stand a few paces to one side or the other and you will see nothing unusual. Furthermore, the flashes occur only WHILE you are fishing. If you simply stand there, you will be able to see the shadows change on the ground as the Light in the Lighthouse turns and flashes but you will see nothing dramatic.

I made a video clip of this, but the two stills I have included here will show how dramatic the light flashes are.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lily's Heart Events

I am not certain how this section was omitted from the file of my Sunshine Islands Courtship and Marriage Guide but it has been replaced. Unfortunately, the corrected file will not be published until Monday, so here is the schedule of Lily's Heart Events.

Lily’s Heart Events

Lily’s Purple Heart Event

Lily the Treasure Hunter
Location: Volcano Island
Time/Weather: 10.00 a.m. to 1.50 p.m. on any Sunny Day
Correct Response: Help her

Lily’s Blue Heart Event

The Smell of Treasure
Location: Cross Bridge from Verdure Island to Sprout Island
Time/Weather: 1.00 p.m. to 4.50 p.m., in bad weather (Rain, Drizzle, Snow)
Correct Response: Listen

Lily’s Green Heart Event

Journey’s Partner
Location: Lily’s Guest Room at the Inn
Time/Weather: Whenever Lily is in her Room
Correct Response: ‘It must be important to you.’

Lily’s Yellow Heart Event

Out with Lily
Location: Your Farmhouse
Time/Weather: 10.00 a.m. to 4.50 p.m. in good weather
Special Requirements: Mystic Islands must have been raised
Correct Response: Go out with her

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Secrets of the Kappa in Harvest Moon

Although there are far more important aspects of Animal Parade to cover still, I couldn't resist the opportunity to deal with traditional mythology in Harvest Moon, one of my favourite subjects. Here is a little video about the Kappa as he appears in FoMT, MFoMT, Harvest Moon Boy & Girl and Animal Parade.

There was another old GBA game that featured the Kappa. I seem to recall that you could catch him and force him to give you special items in the form of weapons and armour. If any one can remember which game this was, post a comment. It may have been 'Lunar Legend' but I am not certain...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Energy 'Powerhouse' Items in Animal Parade

At the start of the game, the Energy Recovery Value of a siimple Herbal Tea or Grilled Sardine at 80 SR will be viewed with gratitude by your character. With low income and few resources in terms of raw items, simple, easy Recipes will suffice to keep him or her standing through farm tasks and explorations of the Map.

As you become more ambitious, however, you may find that the actual Energy Recovery Values of high-powered Cooked Dishes are good to know.

It will surprise no one that Bodigizer and Bodigizer XL are extremely high in potency where Stamina Recovery is concerned:

Bodigizer: 215G
Ingredients: Red Herb, Pontata Root, Honey
Energy Value: 300 SR
Bodigizer XL: 285G
Ingredients: Purple Herb, Pontata Root, Honey, Egg
Energy Value: 800 SR

Both items can be made in your Kitchen and both can be obtained (randomly) by smashing a Mole over the head in the Mines. You can purchase both at the Clinic after Jin's return.

A Cooked Dish with more Stamina Recovery Value than Bodigizer and yet one that requires few ingredients in Animal Parade is worth noting perhaps:

Pizza: 792G
Ingredients: Pie Crust, Cheese
Energy Value: 500 SR

Pie Crust can be made on a Cutting Board with nothing more than Flour and Butter. Cheese either can be made from Milk in a Cheese Maker or can be purchased from the Horn Ranch. I believe that there is NO Cooked Dish with higher SR and no other item, apart from Bodigizer XL that is more potent. Other forms of Pizza, with the same SR value, require additional ingredients. Considered to be Junk Food in the Western world for the most part, Pizza attains a higher stature in most Harvest Moon games for its Energy Recovery values.

The Kappa in Animal Parade

The Kappa, like the Harvest Goddess and the Witch Princess, is an important character in Harvest Moon. In 'Friends of Mineral Town' and 'More Friends of Mineral Town', you could throw offerings in the form of his favourite Cucumbers to the Kappa into the Lake on a daily basis until he finally rewarded you with a Blue Power Berry. In 'More Friends of Mineral Town', you actually could court and marry the Kappa and have a very human baby with him. Like the Harvest Goddess, the more beautiful and desirable Eligible counterpart in FoMT, he would not deign to share your bed or home. I myself found the prospect of marriage to the Kappa a little repugnant, despite his magical abilities. The fact that his head is shaped to create a bowl at the top, allowing him to carry the water he needs to survive on the top of his head, is not the only aspect of his appearance that is a little off=putting to a human woman such as myself. Traditionally, in Japanese lore, he was believed to be a sort of vampire, preying upon horses in particular, dragging them off to his watery lair.

In both FoMT and MFoMT, you actually could catch the Kappa with your Fishing Rod although, like the King Fish, you could not keep your catch... You automatically would toss him back into the lake. It is a random occurrence. The first time it happened to me, I was so terrified that he would detest me forever that I reloaded my game at once! I later realised that there were no lasting ill effects to catching the Kappa on the end of your hook...

Which brings me to Animal Parade, and the appearance of the Kappa on rainy days in Harmonica Town. Simon, when he gives you an Old Camera, urges you to take 'lots of pictures'. In fact, using your camera is the only way to change your point of view in terms of camera angle in Animal Parade. Incidentally, you can see him at night as well but only when it rains. On a sunny day, he will not appear.

There are many interesting details to be seen if you use your camera. For those who have attained all goals, finding little bizarre objects such as a Garden Gnome behind the tree in the northwest corner of your own farm is only one of the delights to enhance your life... A rubber duck can be found as well, but only when visibility is good on 'fine' days.

Note that these objects constitute a sort of ongoing 'Treasure Hunt' in themselves as they WILL move from location to location even in a single game. The Garden Gnome, situated beneath the large tree in the northwest corner of my Field appeared quite suddenly next to the Hot Spring on the night of a Typhoon. The next morning at 6.00 a.m., it had vanished and was neither beneath the large tree NOR beneath the small Tree at the Hot Spring.

Other players have seen the Rubber Duck floating... this item still remains lodged in the upper window of my Watermill.

You will see the Kappa if you use your camera while standing on the bridge at the entrance to Harmonica Town. You need to use the 'Zoom' feature to be able to see him properly. With your camera, you can capture a photograph of him for your Album.

Sadly, when I play Harvest Moon and Rune Factory nowadays, I often am so concerned to copy out all price lists and shipping values for items as well as logging all important Events that I sometimes lose sight of the sheer pleasure of living in the Harvest Moon or Rune Factory universe. The 'view through the lens' in Animal Parade, as well as Simon's recurring advice, should provide me with a gentle reminder that life is meant to be enjoyed. In Animal Parade, characters often tell you not to try to do everything at once, to 'go at your own pace' and to relax a little...

Little treats such as the view of the Kappa peering out of the water provide ample reason to spend a little time sightseeing between farm and ranch chores and the need to catch fish and mine for gems and ores.

I probably should add that, where the Kappa is concerned in Animal Parade, it appears to be impossible to befriend him. I took his traditional favourite Cucumbers to the bridge and tried in vain to throw them into the water as an offering. No matter where I stood, whether on the bridge or below it on the pier, the only options I obtained while holding a Cucumber were the usual ones of 'Eat' and 'Put Away'. Oh well, I hope that he will be aware of my attempts at least and not drag my Horse into the water, even if I will not be able to persuade him to help with the watering.

As mentioned earlier, in traditional Japanese lore, the Kappa has a particular fondness for Horses and tends to make off with them, dragging them into the murky depths of his watery home. The Japanese would write messages on Cucumbers, including the names of their children, then throw them into the water as propitiary offerings to the Kappa to look upon them with favour. When befriended, the Kappa often would aid farmers by watering their crops. No doubt he would use that little bowl of water situated so conveniently on the crown of his head...

N.B. I would like to thank Kickastina who alerted me to the presence of the Kappa on rainy days in Animal Parade... I needed a break from typing out lists of shop upgrades!