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Running A Cottage Industry in Autumn making Perfume

Making Perfumes in Autumn

The most valuable Flower, Blue Mist Flower, can be grown in Autumn. The cost of the Seeds is 50G when purchased directly from the Marimba Farm and the Flower has a shipping value of 390G.
Decent Perfume can be made by placing two Flowers of any value or type in the Mixer. Its shipping value is 390G. You therefore can make Decent Perfume in any Season. Purple Perfume, requiring 4 Lavender Flowers is a Spring project but in Autumn, there will be three new types of Perfume that can be made. These are Red Perfume, requiring 4 Roses, Yellow Perfume, requiring 4 Moondrop Flowers and finally Shining Perfume, requiring 5 Flowers with a combined shipping value of 1600G.
The values of Autumn Flowers are:
Blue Mist Flower: 390G
Growth Rate: 3-7 Days
Chrysanthemum: 90G
Growth Rate: 3 Days
Cosmos: 100G
Growth: 3 Days
Moondrop Flower: 120G
Growth Rate: 3 Days
Rose: 220G
Growth Rate: 3-5 Days
The Recipes for all possible Perfumes are:
Decent Perfume: 390G
Ingredients: Any Flower x 2
Energy Value: 10 SR
Purple Perfume: 430G
Ingredients: Lavender x 4
Energy Value: 10 SR
Red Perfume: 910G
Ingredients: Rose x 4
Energy Value: 10 SR
Shining Perfume: 1710G
Ingredients: Flower x 5*
*The combined shipping value of the five Flowers must be at least 1600G
Energy Value: 10 SR
Yellow Perfume: 510G
Ingredients: Moondrop Flowers x 4
Energy Value: 10 SR
If you study the shipping values of the different Flowers that can be grown in Autumn, you will find that only the valuable Blue Mist Flower has sufficient shipping value to make Shining Perfume. Although Roses have a higher shipping value than the other Flowers of Autumn, at 220G, the combined value of 5 Roses is only 1100.
You need not use 5 valuable Blue Mist Flowers in order to create Shining Perfume. It is more profitable to use the fewest number of Blue Mist Flowers in the Recipe, augmenting the quantity required with less valuable Flowers.
There are a number of possible combinations:
4 Blue Mist Flowers (1560G) + 1 Cosmos (100G) = 1660G
4 Blue Mist Flowers (1560G) + 1 Chrysanthemum (90G) = 1650G
4 Blue Mist Flowers (1560G) + 1 Moondrop Flower (120G) = 1680G
3 Blue Mist Flowers (1170G) + 2 Roses (440G) = 1610G
As you can see, as the value of Shining Perfume will not vary, whatever the combined total value of its ingredients, you should use the least valuable Flower, such as Cosmos or Chrysanthemum as the 5th Flower for maximum profit. 3 Blue Mist Flowers with 2 Roses is the most efficient use of shipping values, as it exceeds the required 1600G only by 10G.

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