Sunday, December 20, 2009

Completing your Lists in Animal Parade

In most Harvest Moon or Rune Factory games, it is by shipping an item that it is added to your 'List' as your Items Lists usually are linked to shipping. This is the case in Sunshine Island, for example.

In Animal Parade, on the other hand, your Lists are not linked to shipping in terms of 'completion' but rather to your Bookshelf. With respect to most of the items, the addition is made to the appropriate List whenever you first obtain the specific item, whether you grow it, collect it, purchase it or receive it as a Gift. You need not ship the item either and in some cases, even when you use it to create a Cooked Dish before you ship THAT, it will be counted in your Farming Total.

I am writing this post because of the exception to this general rule in Animal Parade. The exception is Cooked Dishes. Cooked Dishes do not represent items belonging to any List in themselves. Completion is achieved where Cooked Dishes are concerned by adding Recipes for every Dish to the appropriate Cookbook. When, therefore, Maya gives you a Cookie in your first meeting, that item will not be registered anywhere in the game. If you ship it, the value of it will be added to your day's totals but the item itself will not appear anywhere. It is only when you obtain the Recipe for Cookies as an Oven Recipe entry in the Oven Cookbook that you will complete that entry where the game is concerned.

You therefore have an Encyclopedia in your Bookshelf that consists of Records of all the items you have obtained with the exception of Cooked Dishes. As a matter of fact, one of the Categories in the Encyclopedia is 'Animals', referring not to every Animal you possess but each type of Animal you have encountered. The Encyclopedia, therefore is more than an Items List.

The Categories in the Encyclopedia are:
Crop List
Flower List
Animal List
Animal Product List
Fish List
Mining List
Foraged Item List
Other Items

You can obtain a special Trophy for completing each of the following:

Crop List Trophy
The List consists of all Crops, a total of 32 Item Listings and the Trophy is awarded by Craig.

Flower List Trophy
The List consists of all Flowers, a total of 18 Items.

Animal List Trophy
The List that must be completed consists of all Animals including all Wild Animals. The Trophy is awarded by Hanna. You will find the complete List in my Items and Shipping List Guide.

Animal Product List Trophy
There is a total of 21 items, including Honey and all types of Yarn, including Flax.

Fish List Trophy
The List consists of all Fish varieties, a total of 47 Fish.

Mining List Trophy
The Mining List includes both raw Metals/Ores and Gems and all Refined Metals and Gems for a total of 37 Items.

Cooking Trophy
Awarded by Yolanda for completing every Recipe in your Cookbooks, a total of 235 Recipes.

Heart Trophy
Awarded if you collect ALL Wishes at 3 Hearts from every Character, apart from the Harvest Goddess and Harvest King, including all children of Rival Couples and your own Children.

As you can see, only five of the Trophies are awarded for completing true 'Items Lists'. In the case of the Cooking Trophy, the award is made by adding all REcipes to your Cookbooks.

Recipes can be obtained by a couple of different methods. One Recipe can be obtained each Season by reading the Memos in the kitchens of most of the Homes/Shops. If you acquire a Recipe in this fashion, you need never create the Cooked Dish in order to satisfy the requirement for the Trophy.

A couple of Recipes are given by other Characters, but by far the majority probably will be obtained simply by cooking the Dish successfully in your Kitchen. You can use my Cookbook Recipes Guide in order to complete your Cookbook as well. Provided you use the correct ingredients, any Recipe you attempt WILL be successful in Animal Parade. Skill is not a consideration. You simply need to use the proper ingredients.

You therefore quality for most of the Trophies by obtaining each item in the appropriate Encyclopedia List, irrespective of how you obtain it or what you do with it afterwards. Where the Cooking Trophy is concerned, you quality by adding every Recipe to your Cookbook, divided into Categories according to the Utensils used to create them.

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