Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fashion Statements in Animal Parade

The amount of text and variations in dialogue that exist in Animal Parade astound me. Characters have a wealth of ordinary dialogue that varies with the weather, the season, Heart Level, upcoming Festivals and even the outfit that you are wearing!

I originally included this topic at the end of my Kappa video but then decided it deserved a video of its own. I hope to make one shortly.

In MFoMT, you could increase the AP of local Bachelors by changing your outfit. In Animal Parade, specific Bachelors and Eligible Girls respond to specific items of Headgear or clothing accessories.

I have collected a few screenshots now after my initial discovery that wearing the Red Straw Hat provoked a special remark from Toby.

He said (blushing): What a nice straw hat. It suits you. We’re dressed alike... It’s a little embarrassing.

After Toby mentioned the Straw Hat, I returned to Shelly's shop to see what Hats might appeal to another Bachelor. I instantly recognised that the Fire Bandana would be something Luke would appreciate. Much to my delight, this proved correct when I next spoke to him wearing the bandana.

Luke: Oh, that looks great! I have the same bandana in a different colour! It’s nice, we can match a little.

A setback occurred when I bought the Cowboy Hat for Calvin but he refused to acknowledge it. I could have sworn that the Hat resembled Calvin's own... Nor did Owen respond to the White Scarf even though he sports a jaunty white scarf himself.

As it transpired, I had chosen the wrong Cowboy Hat. There are two very similar Cowboy Hats. One is Tan and one is Brown. The Brown Cowboy Hat only is offered at Level 3, but this is the Hat that excites Calvin's admiration.

With the Brown Cowboy Hat on my head, Calvin declared: Hey, you look sharp today! That ten gallon hat suits you nicely. You look radiant!

My next success occurred when I sported the Round Silver Glasses for Jin. He was quick to praise my new fashion sense!

Jin: Oh my, those wide-rimmed glasses really change your look. They suit you well.

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True_Dragon_Master said...

That is a nice change. The repetitive comments in harvest moon always bored me.