Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Monster Contest in the 2nd Generation

In Rune Factory 2, there is a Contest that involves a test of your ability to tame a Monster and another Contest that tests the strength of your Tame Monsters. In the
2nd Generation, your character can obtain a new outfit in the form of a Monster Outfit by winning the Monster Taming Contest. If your character is a boy, it will be a Wooly outfit. If she is a girl, it will be a Chipsqueek costume. He/she will win Handsome Armour on the day of the Monster Contest.

The Monster Contest in the 2nd Generation is one of the most perplexing events I have encountered. Unlike the Monster Taming Event, which is very straightforward, the rules by which the strength of Tame Monsters is judged are beyond my comprehension.

In the 1st Generation, I had no trouble whatsoever winning the Monster Contest by submitting my Silver Wolf as the entry. Hermann waxed enthusiastic about the strength of the monster and proclaimed me a Winner far beyond all other winners...
I therefore was rather surprised when, in the 2nd Generation, my Hunter Wolf, a companion in almost every battle, failed to win even 2nd Place in the Contest. Hermann proclaimed my Hunter Wolf 'too friendly!' and gave me a lowly Honourable Mention simply for participating. In fact, Herman was quite dismissive with respect to my Hunter Wolf, declaring that: 'This is a kind monster who doesn’t like to fight.' Herman, of course, never has engaged in any activity more strenuous than feasting. Any one who actually had faced a Hunter Wolf in combat in the Padova Mountains would beg to differ with his ridiculous assessment of THAT Monster!

What is interesting here is that the Handsome Armour appeared in my wardrobe at 6.00 a.m. on the morning of the Contest, and thus had no connection with the contest results whatsoever. Furthermore, the 'prize' in each case, whether I won 1st place, 2nd place or simply 3rd place always was the same: a MENTAL SUPPLEMENT.

I trotted out Monster after Monster to log their strength ratings to see if there were any rhyme or reason to the system. I discovered that ALL creatures who could be categorised either as spirits or as creatures of 'darkness' had a strength rating of zero. Thus, the fierce Demon and Arch Demon, Aerian, Tundra, Ignis and all Ghosts and their cousins had strength ratings of zero.

My Claw Dragon had a strength rating of 136 but LOST. A Slime with a strength rating of 116 won 1st Prize. My Hunter Wolf had a rating of 98, making him lower than the Slime or Dark Slime but how could the Claw Dragon and King Minotauros, both at 136 not win???

Each time I entered a Slime or Dark Slime, I won. I finally resigned myself to a sorry situation where a Slime would have to be chosen to represent my farm instead of the glorious golden Hunter Wolf who was my constant companion. As previously stated, however, the prize never varied in any of the test results, whether I won
1st place, 2nd place or simply a mention for participation.

Is the result random each time or is there some iron rule of measure here? It does not matter at all in practical terms, but one would like to know what constitutes strength in terms of the Monster Contest.

Here's a little video I made that shows the strength ratings for a fair number of Monsters. Each of these Monsters is at maximum Friendship Level of 10 Hearts.

The last 'secret' Accessory upgrade in Rune Factory 2

My own stubborn character and the belief that there had to be one final 'secret' trade upgrade for an Accessory in Rune Factory 2 created considerable labour for me as I made Accessory after Accessory at my Workbench and upgraded each to Level 10 before trading it to discover whether or not it would be transformed. I rather suspected that the Accessory I needed was the CHAMPION BELT but that was one of the Accessories with the highest Skill Requirements in the game, so I doggedly continued to upgrade other Accessories to Level 10, knowing that each upgrade would increase my own Skill Levels even if it proved ineffectual in terms of a trade transformation.

It always is rather satisfying when a guess is proven correct. The moment when I saw the prompt to the effect that my item had been upgraded, I felt all the work I had done was worth the effort. A more sane player probably would have requested the name of the last Accessory from the makers of the game... but I'm glad I did it my way.

Here is a brief video that shows the complete list of Accessories that can be obtained as trade upgrades as well as one of the very best Accessories in the game.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Festivale in Animal Crossing City Folk

Thanks for Mars the Frog for reminding me that today was Festivale in Animal Crossing City Folk. 'Princess Debut' and 'Rune Factory 2' both had kept me from my village in Animal Crossing for awhile. In order to return for the Festivale, I first had to brave the remarks of Rover and a few animal neighbours who alternately pretended not to recognise me or spoke of sending our search parties for my missing character.

A very boisterous Peacock named Pave was ensconced in the Town Square. In nature, the peacocks with the gorgeous, fan-like tails are male and thus Pave could not be anything but male either. (Until I remembered how dull the females were in reality, I had thought that Pave seemed more female than male but our house was surrounded by peacocks and the males definitely had a monopoly on extravagance.)

The air is filled with confetti on Festivale Day in your village. It reminded me of the glorious confetti in Rune Factory 2. There is a special melody in the air and Festivale will continue until midnight.

I had forgotten today was the date for Animal Crossing's Festivale as tomorrow actually is Mardi Gras.

When you speak to Pave, he will be fixated on your inability to dance and if you do not know how to proceed, you may be frustrated by this 'Festivale'. Pave will request a specific type of sweetie or 'candy'. If you wish to obtain a prize from Pave, you need to give him three, much as you must give three old carpets/walls to Saharah in order to obtain one of her special items.

Once you know the colour of 'candy' Pave requires, you need to speak to any of your Animal Neighbours and keep speaking to the Animal until he suggests that you play a game with him/her.

The games can vary between 'rock/paper/scissors', 'football', 'coin toss' or 'psychic experiment'. All are guessing games and you will be required to guess correctly either two or three times before you can win a piece of 'candy' from your Animal opponent.

In many cases, the Animal will promise to allow you to choose the colour of the candy if you win but then simply will hand over a candy in a colour he/she has chosen quite arbitrarily.

If you lose, you will forfeit 500 Bells. In fact, you could dispose of all your Bells before you speak to an Animal and the Animal then will require something from your inventory but given the number of times you will be required to play these guessing games, Bells are the easiest 'coin' of failure.

One note of warning: If you have ANY 'candy' in your rucksack, the Animal will demand that as the price of losing. Once you obtain a piece of 'candy', therefore, it is best to stash it instantly in your Letters to avoid any chance of losing it. Even if it is NOT the colour Pave currently has demanded, if you wish to collect the entire Pave Series, you will need all colours of 'candy' in vast quantities.

When you have won a total of three pieces of 'candy' in the requested colour, place them in your Pockets and speak to Pave. He will take them and give you a piece of Pave furniture in return. He then will request more 'candy' in a different colour.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Twins in Rune Factory 2: One Birthday Gift or Two?

I was surprised when more than one player asked whether one Birthday Gift should be given to BOTH Twins or whether each should have her own gift. MARMALADE is their special Birthday Gift item and their birthday occurs on 29 Autumn. I had suspected that one Gift would suffice as their heart levels increase together, and they even share the same Mock Wedding Event with your character. I recently tested the result of giving each a gift on her Birthday, however, to make certain. Here is the little 'Event'.

False Perceptions.... the Bestiary in Rune Factory 2

This is not the first time I have omitted a Monster type simply because there was so much to cover and so many screens in a Cave/Dungeon. I would have thought that I had the Bestiary complete by now for Rune Factory 2 until I went to BF3 Room 8 of the Palermo Shrine this morning to collect some Platinum for yet another Heavy Shield. I am trying to boost my Ring Shield to Level 10. It is one of the more labour-intensive forging projects as the main ingredient for the upgrade is a Heavy Shield.

Actually, the process is interesting because it represents one of the few crossovers between the Forge and the Accessory Workbench. The Ring Shield is a Ring with the power of a Shield. To upgrade it, you need a Heavy Shield. You therefore need to move to the Forge to create the Heavy Shield, then move back to the Accessory Workbench to perform the upgrade.

A player might well ask why I am bothering to upgrade this difficult Accessory to Level 10. It is because Level 10 items are the only ones that can achieve transformation in a Trade. I believe there is one more Accessory that will transform in the course of a Trade at Level 10 and I am trying to find it. The only Accessories that are candidates at this point for any transformation are the Ring Shield, the Champion Belt and the Happy Ring. I believe I have traded every other Accessory and witnessed all other transformations. I suspect that the final Accessory with the power of transformation may be the Champion Belt, actually, but I will be thorough and trade all of them. I found the ART OF ATTACK, ART OF DEFENCE and ART OF MAGIC through transformation of Level 10 Accessories as well as PROOF OF WISDOM. (These scrolls can be created independently at the Workbench as well.)

This is another issue entirely, however. What occurred when I went to harvest PLATINUM from the chamber of Palermo Shrine was that, upon defeating the Monster there, I obtained a GIANT'S GLOVE. I realised instantly that my identification of the Monster in my Guide as a Minotauros patently was incorrect. I had not paid sufficient attention when writing the screen-by-screen walkthrough. I looked at the size of the Monster, saw the swinging Hammer and thought: Minotauros! The Monster actually doesn't even look like a Minotauros. It obviously is a member of the Troll family... In fact, it is a Monster I had neglected to catalogue. Its name is Gigantus.

Does it matter? It actually CAN matter. If you need a GIANT'S GLOVE in the middle of the night and do not wish to go through all 10 Levels of the Tropical Underground Shrine to obtain one, you can go directly to Room 8 on the 3rd Floor of Palermo Shrine. My erroneous classification of the Monster as a Minotauros would have meant that it would have provided a HAMMER PIECE as a War Trophy instead.

In any event, the omission has been corrected in my Guides and on the article on this site that lists the complete Bestiary. Finding errors of this sort is one of the reasons I feel any truly good Harvest Moon game guide takes about six months to complete.

I am making a little series of videos that will provide a visual Bestiary for Rune Factory 2. So far, only the Ranch Monster video, Part I of the Series, has been published. Part II will consist of 'Farmhand' Monsters. Part III will be Monsters who are useful only as Allies in Combat.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Recipe sections in Rune Factory 2 Guides

When I first created the Recipe Cookbook Guide for Rune Factory 2, I found the Lessons at the School so interesting that I felt they needed to be included in the Guide. I therefore copied the text of each Lesson meticulously. Recipes that were not offered in Lessons were given simply with a list of ingredients.

I then added sections to the Cookbook Guide that lists the Recipes in the Default Order in which they appeared in the Workshop areas with their Skill Level requirements.

What this means in effect is that my Rune Factory 2 Cookbook Recipe Guide essentially has been complete for some time. I was not happy with it, however, in terms of using it as a quick reference guide for ingredients.

I decided to create another section that would list each item with its Skill Level requirements and ingredients instead of simply giving Skill Level requirements.

I now have completed that section for all Weapons and am working on the Accessories. It really does make it easier to find a list of ingredients for any item almost instantly. On Monday, these new sections will be placed at the top of the Recipe Cookbook Guide. The actual text of each of the Lessons given at the School will be placed at the end of the Guide in the same manner in which I usually place the actual text of Events at the end of my Guides.

The new sections listing ingredients for each item with Skill Level Requirements will be added to the General Guide as well.

I have made almost every Weapon and Accessory now and have added the descriptions of each to my Items List Guide and General Guide. It is much faster to harvest War Trophies from the four Underground Shrines than it is to wait for the right time of day or night and then use time fighting Monsters in a regular Cave/Dungeon in the hope of obtaining a War Trophy. By going through the Underground Shrines, I have been able to obtain many ingredients in a single trip.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Rune Factory 2 Trivia Quiz

Here are two Trivia Questions for those aspiring blacksmiths out there who have been raising their Skill Levels at the Forge in Rune Factory 2.

Question 1: What is the name of the weekly periodical devoted to fine Axes?

Question 2: What are the two Weapons whose descriptions mention this trade publication by name?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Underground Shrine Bestiary

This information has been added now both to my General Guide and to my Bestiary and Caves Guide. I thought I would post it here as well, however, in case any one wishes to make a correction. As you cannot use the Pet Glove in the Underground Shrines, Monster identification has to be founded solely on memory. I believe I have it right, but would appreciate any feedback.

It is not critical information as Monsters from the same family tend to drop the same War Trophies, but accuracy always is to be preferred.

Monsters are 'colour-coded' in Rune Factory 2. If you can remember which colour combinations are linked to which Monsters, you always will be able to identify the specific nature of your Enemy.

The reason why I am including a Level by Level Walkthrough of the Underground Shrines is mainly for the purpose of granting instant access to almost every War Trophy at any hour of the day or night.

As each Level in the Underground Shrines contains only a single Generator, I mention the position of the Generation only when it is inaccessible at the point of entry.

Walkthrough for the Green Underground Shrine

The entrance to the Green Underground Shrine is located in the Ruins area of Trieste Forest. You will meet the following Monsters there:

Level 1: Two Orcs and one High Orc. (Cheap Cloth)

Level 2: Two Orc Archers and one High Orc. (Arrowhead, Cheap Cloth)

Level 3: Two Orc Hunters and one High Orc. (Cheap Cloth)

Level 4: Three archers, two of them Orc Hunters, one an ordinary Orc Archer. (Arrowhead)

Level 5: Two Leaf Balls and one Planchoa. (Plant Stem)

Level 6: Two Killer Ants and one Ant. (Speckled Skin, Insect Skin)

Level 7: Two Tricky Mushrooms and one Big Mushroom. (Spore)

Level 8: Here you will find a small artificial ‘Island’ in the centre with two Flower Blossoms and a Generator. Surrounding the Island is a narrow walkway where one Planchoa awaits. When you defeat the Planchoa, a drawbridge will fall into place, allowing access to the ‘Island’. This is a common configuration in all four of the Underground Shrines on certain Levels. (Root, Plant Stem)

Level 9: Here again is an ‘Island’ in the centre with two Flower Blossoms. On the narrow walkway, you will find a High Orc. Defeat the High Orc and the drawbridge will fall into place. (Root, Cheap Cloth)

Level 10: Green Underground Shrine Bottom: Here you will encounter the ‘Boss Monster’ of this Shrine, a Greater Demon known to players of the original Rune Factory.

Walkthrough for the Tropical Underground Shrine

Level 1: Two Ignis Monsters (Magic Crystal)

Level 2: One Troll (Giant's Fingernail)

Level 3: One Troll and two Flower Lions (Giant's Fingernail and Root)

Level 4: One Shadow Panther and one Blood Panther (Panther Claw)

Level 5: Here you will find an 'Island' in the centre of the arena that contains both the Generator and a Goblin Gangster. Your point of entry leads to a narrow walkway that surrounds the Island in the centre and is occupied by a Goblin Pirate. Defeat the Goblin Pirate and a drawbridge will drop in the north, granting access to the 'Island'. (Quality Cloth and Skull)

Level 6: Here again you will find an 'Island' in the centre of the arena but this time, it contains a Goblin Don and Generator. The walkway that surrounds it is occupied by a Goblin Captain. Defeat him and the drawbridge will drop, granting access to the Island. (Quality Cloth and Skull)

Level 7: Two Death Stalkers and one Scorpion (Scorpion Pincer and Scorpion Tail)

Level 8: Two Hammer Trolls (Giant's Glove)

Level 9: Two Giant Beetles and one Hercules Beetle (Hard Horn)

Level 10: The Chimera, Boss Monster known to players of the original Rune Factory and particularly odious for an utterly obscene form of attack from its rear.

Walkthrough for the Ravine Underground Shrine

You will find the entrance to the Messhina Valley Underground Shrine at the end of the long Bridge. A Save Point can be found to the right of the Bridge before you cross it.

Level 1: One ordinary Goblin and two Goblin Archers. (Proof of Warrior, Cheap Bandage)

Level 2: Here you will find a small artificial ‘Island’ in the centre of the screen occupied by one Weegull and a Generator. Two Blackbirds hover above the narrow walkway that surrounds the ‘Island’. Defeat at least one Blackbird and the drawbridge will fall into place, giving you access to the ‘Island’. (Bird Wing)

Level 3: Here you will be confronted by two Flower Lilly Monsters and one Ghost. (Root, Hood)

Level 4: Here you will find two Little Mages and one Goblin Archer. (Magic Crystal, Cheap Bandage)

Level 5: Two Buffalo Monsters and one Chipsqueek will confront you. (Bull Horn, Fur)

Level 6: Very similar to the previous Level, here you will be confronted by two Buffalo Monsters and a single Furpuff. (Bull Horn, Quality Fur)

Level 7: In this chamber, you will find two golden Queen Bees and one Hornet. Remember that they all can inflict Poison on you, so equip the Medication Spell here. (Insect Jaw)

Level 8: Two Hobgoblins and one Ghost. (Proof of Warrior, Hood)

Level 9: An artificial ‘Island’ in the centre of the chamber is occupied by two Goblin Snipers and a Generator. The narrow walkway that surrounds it is patrolled by a Blackbird. Defeat the Blackbird and the drawbridge will fall, allowing access to the ‘Island’. (Cheap Bandage, Bird Wing)

Level 10: The Underground Shrine Bottom is occupied by a ‘Boss Monster’ in the form of a Golem, another ‘Boss’ known to players of the original Rune Factory.

Iceberg Underground Shrine

As always, you will find a Save Point near the entrance to the Underground Shrine. The Entrance, aptly enough, is located in the Shrine screen in Padova Mountains. As you may have suspected, this Shrine offers the greatest challenges of the four.

Level 1. The very first Level consists of a chamber with an artificial ‘Island’ in the centre occupied by two Little Wizards and a Generator. Gliding above the narrow walkway that surrounds the ‘Island’ is a Necro. Defeat the Necro and the drawbridge will fall into place, granting access to the Island.

Level 2. Here you will find another small central ‘Island’ where two Flower Crystals flank a Generator. A single Faerie flits along the narrow walkway. Defeat the Faerie to drop the drawbridge.

Level 3. Here you will find one Slime with an Orc Viking and a High Orc Viking . (Little Crystal, Shoulder Piece)

Level 4: Here you will find one Dark Slime with two High Orc Vikings (Little Crystal, Shoulder Piece)

Level 5: Three Fish Monsters in the form of one Dorado and two Sky Fish will confront you. (Fish Fossil)

Level 6: In this chamber, you will encounter three axe-hurling Ogres, one of them a simple Ogre Viking and the other two High Ogre Vikings. (Glue)

Level 7: Here you will be confronted by a pack of Wolves in the form of two Silver Wolf Monsters and one Hunter Wolf. The Hunter Wolf undoubtedly is the Alpha in this group. (Wolf Fang)

Level 8: In this chamber, you will find two Necros and one Faerie. When Levels include enemies whose attacks are difficult to avoid, they often contain blocks of stone that provide shelter from missile attacks. (Hood, Fairy Dust)

Level 9: Two Tundras and one High Orc Viking confront you here. (Magic Crystal, Shoulder Piece)

Level 10: Iceberg Shrine Underground Bottom. Here you will face the fabled Grimoire Dragon known to players of the original Rune Factory, quite a beautiful creature and one with the power of shooting ice dart missiles at you with every flap of its wings.

As previously stated, what is significant about the presence of these Shrines once you have 'cleared' the game is the ability to obtain access to the items dropped by the Monsters within. If you look at the War Trophies that have been listed in brackets at the end of the description of each Level, you will see that almost every item that can be obtained from a Monster in any of the four seasonal Caves/Dungeons is available in the Underground Shrines.

Part I of Visual Bestiary Guide: Ranch and Transport Monsters

A number of players asked me for a video that would show details about the various Monster types in Rune Factory 2. While my Bestiary and Caves Guide contains detailed information about every Monster in the game, I decided to create a little series of videos that would be a visual Bestiary Guide.

Here is Part I, consisting of all the Monsters who provide Ranch Products and Transport as well as the two most likely to be kept as 'pets' simply because of their cuteness:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The True Secret Prince of Princess Debut

I had intended to work on advanced forging options in the 2nd Generation of Rune Factory 2 today to try to complete my Items List Guide, but emails from players made it clear that an important video for Princess Debut as well as information for the Walkthrough was missing and needed to be added as soon as possible. I had intended to wait until Friday to do this, but suddenly realised that it would be best to do it now before Princess Debut emails deluged me completely.

In the process of completing the game yet again in order to film the two endings with the 'true Secret Prince', I discovered some new Events and added those to the Walkthrough as well.

Here then is the true 'Secret' Prince of Princess Debut, one who is 'under your nose' virtually the entire game:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chasing Monsters for War Trophies

I intended to add a section about this to my Guides long ago, but it was only when I forgot to follow my own advice today that I remembered this point.

In the 2nd Generation, once you have defeated Fiersome and obtained access to the four Underground Shrines in each of the four original Seasonal Caves/Dungeons on the Map, you no longer will be restricted to the usual locations or time of day when searching for a specific War Trophy. If you remember the types of Monsters that you face in each of the Underground Shrines, you can fight the Monsters there for War Trophies that you need irrespective of the time of day or night. Almost every War Trophy is to be found in one of the four Underground Shrines. Time does NOT pass while fighting there and instead of being forced to wait until day or night arrives in order to chase down the Monster type that you need, you can go to the Underground Shrine instead.
Fighting Monsters in the Underground Shrines will increase your Levels as well. Energy Levels are restored at one of the two little altars on either side of each entrance. You therefore have a 50/50 chance each time you enter a new chamber of having all of your HP and RP restored.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Challenge to Rune Factory 2 Players

I will continue to search for this myself, but I thought it would be fun to issue a Challenge to other players as well.

The Inquisitive Waltz can be used in the 2nd Generation to obtain most Ores and Gems. There are two Gems I have not found yet through the Inquisitive Waltz: Aquamarine and Sapphire. Every other Gem and Ore can be obtained readily through the use of the Inquisitive Waltz.

I wonder if there are any location where you can obtain Aquamarine and Sapphire through use of the Inquisitive Waltz. So this is the Challenge: if any player can find an Inquisitive Waltz location for either of these Gems, please let me know!

There may not be an Inquisitive Waltz location for either of these Gems, by the way, but I hate to admit defeat.

N.B. There still are items to be added to some of the Inquisitive Waltz lists. An updated Bestiary and Caves Guide and Items List Guide will be uploaded either today or tomorrow. Over the weekend, I completed the Skill Seals descriptions, added more descriptions of forged Weapons and Accessories and more Inquisitive Waltz items to those guides. Actually, I am ashamed to confess that I found a lacuna in the Guides, having omitted somehow to list the Southeast Beach as an Inquisitive Waltz location. That has been corrected.

A new project I have discussed with a friend is a catalogue of items for the Items List Guide that would list ALL locations where each item can be obtained. For example, although the War Trophies list is complete, it gives the Item with its description as well as the name of the Monster/Monsters who 'drop' it. In the screen-by-screen Walkthrough for each Cave/Dungeon, the items you can obtain on THAT screen are given. All necessary information for each item, therefore, is included in the Guide now. What this Catalogue would give would be the same information in a different form. With the Catalogue, a player INSTANTLY could access a list that gives ALL the locations and methods by which a specific item can be obtained. This would be very useful if you are trying to complete a list of ingredients for a Recipe.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

4th Rival Heart Event in Island of Happiness

I need to confirm this in a new game, but something a player did made sense in the context of triggering Denny's 4th Rival Heart Event.

The Rival Heart Events for each couple appeared to be 'tied' to specific activities. With respect to Pierre, it is cooking and recipes. With respect to Sabrina and Vaughn, it is mining. With respect to Denny and Lanna, it is fishing and with Elliot, it is farming.

You need to fish prodigiously in order to trigger the 4th Rival Heart Event between Lanna and Denny but players who have caught many fish slowly have failed to trigger the Event. One player wrote that, when she caught 50 fish finally in a single day, the 4th Rival Heart Event finally triggered.

This may be the key. As previously stated, I need to confirm this in a game of my own, but it is worth publishing here as a decent hypothesis.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Taming Monsters in Rune Factory 2

Busy trying to solve some of the last mysteries in the 2nd Generation in Rune Factory 2, it would be easy to forget that there are players who are beginning the game and who need help with some of the early fundamental aspects of farming and ranching. As I receive many emails still from players who ask how to tame Monsters, I realised that an introductory tutorial on the subject might be useful. While making it, I was reminded of the fact that almost every piece of information needed to solve any puzzle in Harvest Moon games IS found in the game itself. Characters give detailed instructions on how to accomplish goals. Books in your bookcase usually contain a wealth of information on various topics. Unfortunately, most players are too impatient to explore their surroundings properly or to pay full attention to conversations between characters. One often can miss useful tips or hints if one is too focused on results. One presses buttons too quickly to get to the end of an Event to see what will happen rather than studying the dialogue carefully. In the process, one sometimes can miss a vital clue.

The Request Events shown here actually contain much of the information any player needs in order to tame and use Monsters effectively in Rune Factory 2.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Endings with Klaus in Princess Debut

Although I have left his endings almost to the very last, it is Klaus who is your 'natural' partner in Princess Debut in many ways. The Emerald Necklace displayed on the wall of your room in the Castle is his special Accessory. He is the only Prince for whom you actually will weep at the end of the day at the Amusement Park when you contemplate your impending separation. When you dance with him at the Ball of Saint-Lyon, the entire Kingdom will rejoice, including all of your erstwhile female rivals. In fact, there is no dramatic disclosure of your masquerade as there is if any other Prince is your partner. Apart from your option to accept or decline Klaus' offer of a Diamond Ring, the only choice you must make at the Ball is that of deciding the colour of sparkling apple cider you wish to imbibe in celebration.

Klaus may be the most desirable choice in terms of the Flower Kingdom but is it better to live the rest of your life concealing the fact that you are not the person every one believes you to be or is it better to be loved despite the fact that you are a 'fake'? All the other Princes are exposed to the truth and then declare that it is YOU they love, irrespective of your true status in life. Klaus never is given that option.

Klaus fell in love with the Princess years ago and is drawn to you because of that early connection. He refers to it again and again. In fact, you must reinforce those old memories for him in order to have the opportunity to make him your Partner.
Perhaps all that is required of you is a willingness to BE the Princess he loves.

The relationship with Klaus is complicated in another way. At the beginning of the game, the 'real' Princess warns you against ever touching the Emerald Necklace displayed on the wall. This leads one to suspect that Klaus is special to her. It is Klaus himself who later takes the Emerald Necklace from the wall to give to you at the Ball... but when you accept it, what effect will it have on the Princess?

I suspect that the reason you are free to love Klaus is because the real Princess actually prefers YOUR world to her own. She does not like Princes, nor does she care for dancing. In the Flower Kingdom, dancing apparently is a vital social activity. If you fall in love with Klaus, no doubt she will pursue his counterpart, Kyle, quite happily...

This would make the ending with Klaus truly a 'Happily Ever After' situation for every one in both worlds. The King never will realise that his daughter is missing and he appears to be unaware of any differences between you and the daughter he raised. In fact, the castle guard appears to know the real Princess better than her own father! Quite early in the game, the guard will remark that you appear to have become a very different person.

Magic is a wonderful device. If there are any unresolved issues, surely they will be erased through the effect of Magic...

Here then are both Happy Endings with Klaus:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All Princes in Princess Debut with Partnership Opportunities

As with the Heart Events in Harvest Moon games, Events that offer an option for Partnership are critical to your success in 'matters of the heart' in Princess Debut. Here is the list of all Eligible Partners with the 1st and Last Opportunity for each to become your Partner in the game.

Eligible Princes in the 1st and all Subsequent Games

Prince Klaus

Klaus Rosencrans
Initial Level: 10
Age: 15
Sign: Gemini
Birthday: 20 June
Most Favourite: Cabbage Roll
Initial Technique: 75
Initial Artistry: 70
1st and only Opportunity for Partnership: Day 17
Klaus Rosencrans is the childhood sweetheart of the ‘real’ Princess. In order to obtain an opportunity to become his partner, you must set up the ‘Emerald Reunion’ Event on the 17th Day as follows:
On Day 3, when he asks about the magical powers of the Royal Tiara, choose: ‘You can fly!’
On Day 17, when he comes to your room, your response must be: ‘No, go on!’
When he asks what you told him long ago, the correct response is: ‘You look like a frog!’ If you respond incorrectly, however, you will have a chance to guess again until you choose the right response.
Note: There are NO other opportunities to become Klaus’ partner.

Prince Liam

Liam Goodrich
Initial Level: 5
Age: 17
Sign: Taurus
Birthday: 5 May
Most Favourite: Spaghetti
Initial Technique: 50
Initial Artistry: 50
1st Opportunity for Partnership: Day 6 before the Competition
Last Opportunity for Partnership: Day 29 at night at the Amusement Park

Prince Vince

Vince Wright
Initial Level: 3
Age: 13
Sign: Aries
Birthday: 28 March
Most Fav: Tuna Steak
Initial Technique: 40
Initial Artistry: 40
First Opportunity for Partnership: Day 4
Last Opportunity for Partnership: Day 28 at night before you go to sleep

Prince Cesar

Cesar Dubois
Initial Level 6
Age: 16
Sign: Libra
Birthday: 10 October
Most Favourite: Beef Stew
Initial Technique: 30
Initial Artistry: 80
1st Opportunity for Partnership: Day 6
Last Opportunity for Partnership: Day 27 if you refuse Vince's escort to the Concert

Prince Luciano

Luciano Barbosa
Initial Level: 11
Age: 15
Sign: Cancer
Birthday: 4 July
Most Favourite: Sushi
Initial Technique: 80
Initial Artistry: 70
1st Opportunity for Partnership: Day 6 AFTER the Competition
Last Opportunity for Partnership: Day 29 at night at the Amusement Park
Note that you MUST ask Luciano to be your Partner on the 19th Day at the Practice Hall if you wish to be able to be his Partner for the Ball. He will refuse but then will return on the 29th Day to ask you to be his Partner.

There is a way to become Luciano's partner before the Foundation Day Contest and still experience his return on the 29th but it is tricky. You must avoid ALL opportunities to become another Prince's partner and make certain that you do not dance with any one else while awaiting his return.

Prince Tony

Only opportunity for real partnership: 30th Day AFTER the Ball

Eligible Prince only in 2nd and subsequent games:

Prince Kiefer

Kiefer Bergmann
Initial Level: 8
Age: 14
Sign: Scorpio
Birthday: 17 November
Most Favourite: Fondue
Initial Technique: 65
Initial Artistry: 65
1st Opportunity for Partnership: in your 2nd Game on Day 20 in the Dance Hall
Last Opportunity for Partnership: in your 2nd Game on Day 27 if you meet him in the Dance Hall after refusing both Vince's and Cesar's invitations.

My Walkthrough for Princess Debut is available on IGN. Thanks to Alice for telling me about Cesar's offer on the 27th. I discovered a further opportunity for partnership with Kiefer because of it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bestiary List in Rune Factory 2 by Type

I have continued to work hard on my guides for Rune Factory 2, despite the detour into the Flower Kingdom of Princess Debut. Although I had completed a screen-by-screen Walkthrough of each of the Dungeons/Caves for the Bestiary and Caves Guide at the end of the week, I decided to make a list of all Monsters according to their types. This would be useful for any player who is searching for a particular item that is 'dropped' as a War Trophy.

I completed the list late this afternoon and added it both to the General Guide and the Bestiary and Caves Guide. In the process, I tried to do a little copy-editing in terms of some errors I had made in descriptions here and there...

I am copying the list here for players who are more inclined to read posts on this site than to read my actual Guides:

Bestiary or Monster List by Type in Rune Factory 2:

The following is a comprehensive list of all Monsters to be found in Rune Factory 2 organised by 'family' type. In most cases, Monsters belonging to the same 'family' will drop the same War Trophy but there are exceptions. Where a Monster can be found only in the 2nd Generation, this information has been included.

Orc Family:

Orc: 45 HP. Not very bright, but curious and active. May visit the town out of curiosity. Skill: Serial Attack; Attribute: Earth. Will harvest. War Trophy: Cheap Cloth. Found in Trieste Forest.
Orc Archer: 45 HP. Calm and laid back personality. It works at one speed: Slow. Skill: Rapid Attack; Attribute: Earth. Does no farm work. War Trophy: Arrowhead. Found in Trieste Forest.
Orc Hunter: 65 HP. Forest hunter. Very few can creatures can evade an Orc Hunter’s arrow. Skill: Rapid Attack; Attibute: Earth. Will not help on farm. War Trophy: Arrowhead. Found in Trieste Forest in the 2nd Generation.
High Orc: HP: 91. Very cautious, lives deep in the woods. Highly territorial and aggressive. Skill: Serial Attack; Attribute: Earth; Will help with the harvest. War Trophy: Cheap Cloth. Found in Trieste Forest in the 2nd Generation.
Orc Viking: 80 HP. A brutal orc warrior. Acts violently for his own satisfaction. Skill: Serial Attack; Attribute: Water; Wields a double-headed axe; Will not work. War Trophy: Shoulder Piece. Found in Padova Mountains.
High Orc Viking: 190 HP. A proud and imposing warrior. Hates heat and keeps to snowy mountains. Skill: Serial Attack; Attribute: Water. War Trophy: Shoulder Piece. Found at Icy Path and Unfrozen Lake of Padova Mountains only during the day solely in the 2nd Generation.

Goblin Family:

Goblin Pirate: 50 HP. Thinks he’s the strongest. Actually weaker than Goblin Captain. Skill: Serial Attack; Attribute: Fire; Will water your crops. War Trophy: Quality Cloth. Found on Blessia Island.
Goblin Gangster: 50 HP. A crazy rascal who flings around knives and tries to pick fights. Skill: Knife Throw; Attribute: Fire; War Trophy: Skull. Found on Blessia Island.
Goblin Captain: 75 HP. A tough Goblin leader. Skilled at using two knives. Skill: Serial Attack; Attribute: Fire. Will water your crops. War Trophy: Quality Cloth. Found on Blessia Island only in the 2nd Generation.
Goblin Don: 70 HP. Attacks if he catches you merely looking. So wild, it’s frightening. Skill: Knife Throw; Attribute: Fire. Will not help on the farm. War Trophy: Skull. Found on Blessia Island only in the 2nd Generation.
Goblin: 45 HP. Sly little monsters that like to sneak behind and attack from the rear. Skill: Back Stab; Attribute: Fire; Found in Fall area in daytime. Will harvest. War Trophy: Proof of Warrior. Found in Messhina Valley.

Goblin Archer: 45 HP. It lacks composure and tends to drop its arrows everywhere. Skill: Rapid Attack; Attribute: Fire. Found in Fall area during daytime. Will not work. War Trophy: Cheap Bandage. Found in Messhina Valley.
Goblin Sniper: 120 HP. Unmatched marksmanship. Never lets a target get away. Skill: Rapid Attack; Attribute: Fire; War Trophy: Cheap Bandage. Found in Messhina Valley only in the 2nd Generation.
Hobgoblin: 120 HP. Looks that can scare even a devil. It’s simply terrifying. Skill: Back Stab; Attribute: Fire; Will harvest crops. War Trophy: Proof of Warrior. Found in Messhina Valley only in the 2nd Generation.


Ogre Viking: 120 HP. Hurls two hand axes, but doesn’t have very good control. Skill: Tomahawk; Attribute: Water; War Trophy: Glue. Found only at night in Padova Mountains.
High Ogre Viking: 140 HP. Its jacket is extremely expensive. Inside the jacket are lots of axes. Skill: Tomahawk; Attribute: Water. War Trophy: Glue. Found at Icy Path and Unfrozen Lake of the Padova Mountains only at night solely in the 2nd Generation.


Troll: 267 HP; Massive creatures of enormous strength. One punch can smash nearly any enemy. Skill: Serial Attack; Attribute: None. Will destroy boulders on farm. War Trophy: Giant’s Fingernail. Found on Blessia Island only in the 2nd Generation.
Hammer Troll: HP 280. Swing huge hammers and hate slime which are immune to being smashed. Skill: Serial Attack; Attribute: None; Will smash rocks on farm; War Trophy: Giant’s Gloves. Found on Blessia Island only in the 2nd Generation.
Titan: 300 HP. Their punches can break through steel and will cause you more than just a bump. Skill: Serial Attack: Attribute: Earth. Will smash rocks on the farm. War Trophy: Giant’s Fingernail. Found in Palermo Shrine solely in the 2nd Generation.
Gigantus: 350 HP. Their unique style of swinging means that nothing gets away from them. Skill: Serial Attack; Attribute: Fire. Will clear boulders from your field. War Trophy: GIANT’S GLOVE. Found in Palermo Shrine on BF3 Room 8 solely in the 2nd Generation.


Minotauros: 260 HP: A huge monster with a huge axe, but too big to make small movements. Skill: Charging; Attribute: Darkness. Will clear wood from your field. War Trophy: Hammer Piece. Found in the Palermo Shrine in the 2nd Generation.
King Minotauros: 280 HP. The ramming power unleashed from its huge body could uproot a large tree. Skill: Charging; Attribute: Darkness. Will clear wood from your farm. War Trophy: Hammer Piece. Found exclusively in Palermo Shrine in the 2nd Generation.


Little Mage: 100 HP. Tiny wizard. Good at fire magic, he loves to use his powers to grill fish. Skill: Fireball; Attribute: Fire; War Trophy: Magic Powder. Found in Messhina Valley only in the 2nd Generation.
Little Wizard: 120 HP; Prankster wizard. Good at water magic. He squirts travelers with his water gun. Skill: Water Laser; Attribute: Water; Will water your crops. War Trophy: Magic Powder. Found at Rushing Waterfall of Padova Mountains during the day and at Shrine both in daytime and at night solely in the 2nd Generation.
Little Emperor: HP 130. Egotistical wizard. Good at wind magic, he always fluffs and primps his hair. Skill: Sonic Wind; Attribute: Wind. Will water your crops. War Trophy: Magic Powder. Found at Palermo Shrine solely in the 2nd Generation.


Faerie: 80 HP. An elusive fairy that can disappear. Especially good at playing tag. Skill: Sonic Wind; Attribute: Wind. Will not help on the farm. War Trophy: Fairy Dust. Found in Padova Mountains solely in the 2nd Generation at the Tomb during the day and at Rushing Waterfall at night.
Dark Faerie: 90 HP. A faerie that induces nightmares of falling down stairs into Hades. Skill: Sonic Wind. Attribute: Wind. Will not work on farm. War Trophy: Fairy Dust. Found in Palermo Shrine solely in the 2nd Generation.


Demon: 200 HP: A sly demon who specializes in hit and run tactics. Skill: Cure; Attibute: Darkness. Will not help on the farm; War Trophy: Devil Horn. Found solely at Palermo Shrine in the 2nd Generation.
Arch Demon: 250 HP. Incredible skill with the spear. But it lacks even the slightest mercy. Skill: Cure; Attribute: Darkness; Will not help on the farm; War Trophy: Demon Blood. Found in Palermo Shrine solely in the 2nd Generation.


Ghost: 50 HP; This ghost suddenly appears from behind, causing a ghastly uproar. Skill: Life Drain; Attribute: Darkness; will not work on the farm. War Trophy: Hood. Found in Messhina Valley only in the 2nd Generation.
Necro: 60 HP. A face hidden behind a masque… No one knows what it looks like… Skill: Life Drain; Attribute: Darkness. Will not work on the farm; War Trophy: Hood. Found at the Tomb at night and a Flowing River in Padova Mountains during both the day and the night in the 2nd Generation.

Faust: HP 70. Known as the Grim Reaper, he visits people who are close to death. Skill: Life Drain; Attribute: Darkness. War Trophy: Hood. Cousin to the Ghost and Necro, found only in Palermo Shrine in the 2nd Generation.


Ignis: 50 HP: Always creating heat, it can be used in winter to heat your home. Will not work on the farm. War Trophy: Magic Crystal. Fire Element found only on Blessia Island in the 2nd Generation.
Tundra: 80 HP. Can move even if its body is frozen. Hates hot spots where it will evaporate. Skill: Cure; Attribute: Water. Will not help on the farm. War Trophy: Magic Crystal. Water Element found only in Padova Mountains at Rushing Water and Shrine solely in the 2nd Generation.
Aerian: HP 100. Suddenly appears on the wind, then suddenly leaves again. Skill: Cure; Attribute: Wind. Will not help on the farm. War Trophy: Magic Crystal. A Wind Elemental found solely in the Palermo Shrine in the 2nd Generation.


Little Golem: 200 HP. Its hands work separate from its body, so it can easily grab something far away. Skill: Charging; Attirbute: None. Will smash rocks on the farm. War Trophy: Bronze. Found solely in the Palermo Shrine in the 2nd Generation.


Monster Box: 140 HP. A monster shaped like a strongbox, lures in explorers then rushes to the attack. Skill: Charging. Attribute: Darkness. Will not help on farm. War Trophy: Broken Box. Found solely in the Palermo Shrine in the 2nd Generation.

Mimic: 140 HP. A glutton who will eat anything. Gets indigestion if it eats good food. Skill: Charging; Attribute: Darkness. Will not help on the farm. War Trophy: Broken Box. Found solely in the Palermo Shrine in the 2nd Generation.


Claw Dragon: 350 HP. Has sharp claws and hard scales. It can’t be fought with normal weapons. Skill: Fire Breath; Attribute: Light; Will not work on farm; War Trophy: Rage Fang. Found in Palermo Shrine only in the 2nd Generation.

Bird Family:

Cluckadoodle: 40 HP. Makes a loud cry early in the morning, so it’s been used as an alarm for ages. Skill: Nonstop Pecking; Attribute: None. Will produce Eggs if you have a Basket. War Trophy: Small Egg. Found in Messhina Valley only at night.
Blackbird: Though black like the night, its poor vision keeps it active during the day. Skill: Charging; Attribute: Wind. Will clear lumber from field on farm. War Trophy: Bird Wing. Found in Messhina Valley only in the 2nd Generation.
Weegull: 90 HP. It hunts its prey from high above and can kill swiftly from the sky. Skill: Charging; Attribute: Wind. Like the Blackbird, it will clear lumber from field on farm. War Trophy: Bird Wing. Found in Messhina Valley only in the 2nd Generation.

Bovine Family:

Buffamoo: 80 HP. Gentle and calm, it doesn’t attack people, but try not to make it mad. Skill: Head Butt; Attribute: None. Provides Milk if you have Milker. War Trophy: Small Milk. Found in Messhina Valley.
Buffalo: Agitated by the sight of red, this beast is large enough to ride on. Skill: Charging; Attribute: None. Can be used for transport. Will demolish boulders on farm. War Trophy: Bull Horn. Found in Messhina Valley only in the 2nd Generation.

Sheep Family:

Wooly: 50 HP. Special feature is its fluffy fur. Well vented, it stays cool in summer. Skill: Tackle; Attribute: None. Provides Woolin the form of Fleece if you have clippers. War Trophy: Wooly Furball. Found in Trieste Forest in the Spring Clearing only at night.


Silver Wolf: Wolf that lives in the snowy mountains. Hard to tame due to its wild nature. Skill: Tackle; Attribute: None; Can ride it if you take it out of the barn. War Trophy: Wolf Fang. Found in Padova Mountains.
Hunter Wolf: 125 HP. Its dazzling fur catches the eye. I’d feel like a Prince riding it! Skill: Tackle; Attribute: None. You can ride this Monster. War Trophy: Wolf Fang. Found both at the Icy Path and the Tomb in Padova Mountains solely in the 2nd Generation.

Panther Family:

Shadow Panther: 70 HP. A rare beast that can walk on two legs. Skillfully uses its front legs to eat. Skill: Tackle; Attribute: Darkness. Will not work on the farm. War Trophy: Panther Claw. Found on Blessia Island.
Blood Panther: 100 HP; Can run extremely fast. It’s speed is unsurpassed. Skill: Tackle; Attribute: Darkness; Will not work on the farm. War Trophy: Panther Claw. Found on Blessia Island only in the 2nd Generation.

Tortoise Family:

Tortoise: 107 HP; Has a large shell on its back. Withdraws into its shell if in danger. Skill: Charging; Attribute: Water; Will water your crops. War Trophy: Tortoise Shell. Found only on Blessia Island solely in the 2nd Generation.

Squirrel Family:

Chipsqueek: HP: 90. A charming little creature. It is always eating something. Skill: Serial Attack; Attribute: Earth. Will not work on the farm. War Trophy: Fur. Found solely in Messhina Valley only in the 2nd Generation.
Furpuff: HP 95. It’s long, thick fur has great texture. Just petting it will make you happy. Skill: Serial Attack; Attribute: Earth; War Trophy: Quality Fur. Found solely in Messhina Valley only in the 2nd Generation.

Fish Family:

Dorado: 100 HP. Can live on land or in water. Too heavy to catch with a fishing rod. Skill: Water Gun; Attribute: Water. Will water crops on farm. War Trophy: Fish Fossil. Found at Freezing Cave both during day and at night in Padova Mountains only in the 2nd Generation.
Sky Fish: 100 HP. A mysterious fish, it floats in the sky. Blows a powerful water blast from mouth. Skill: Water Gun. Attribute: Water; Will water your crops. War Trophy: Fish Fossil. Found at Freezing Cave in the Padova Mountains both during the day and at night solely in the 2nd Generation.

Bee Family:

Queen Bee: A Queen Bee that rules the hornets. Gracefully flies around the skies. Skill: Rapid Attack; Attribute: Wind; Produces Honey if you use a Basket. War Trophy: Insect Jaw. Found in Messhina Valley only in the 2nd Generation.
Hornet: HP 50. Works feverishly for the queen bee. Relentlessly stings the enemies. Skill: Rapid Attack; Attribute: Wind; Produces Honey if you use a Basket. War Trophy: Insect Jaw. Found in Messhina Valley only in the 2nd Generation.

Ant Family:

Ant: 20 HP. Wanders around aimlessly, sometimes suddenly remembering to attack. Skill: Serial Attack; Attribute: Earth. Found at night in Trieste Forest. Will harvest crops. War Trophy: Insect Skin. Found only at night in Trieste Forest.
Killer Ant: HP: 61. The ant chief. Can even chew through rock with its well-developed jaws. Skill: Serial Attack; Attribute: Earth; Will work on the farm, helping with the harvest, or pulverising large boulders. War Trophy: Speckled Skin. Found only at night in Trieste Forest in the 2nd Generation.

Spider Family:

Spider: 25 HP. Scurries about quickly, overcoming its prey with speed and ferocity. Skill: Serial Attack; Attribute: Earth. Will not work on the farm. War Trophies: Strong String. Found in Trieste Forest at night.
Hell Spider: HP 45. Lounges about among the tree branches on a hammock made of spider thread. Skill: Serial Attack; Attribute: Earth. War Trophy: Sparkle String. Found at night in Trieste Forest only in the 2nd Generation.

Scorpion Family:

Scorpion: 30 HP. Hides in the sand to hunt its prey. Stores a powerful poison in its tail. Skill: Serial Attack; Attribute: Darkness. Will not work on the farm. War Trophy: Scorpion Tail. Can inflict Poison. Found on Blessia Island only at night.
Death Stalker: 65 HP. Captures its prey in its claw, then kills it with its poisonous tail. Skill: Serial Attack; Attribute: Darkness. Will not work on the farm. War Trophy: Scorpion Pincer. Found only on Blessia Island only at night solely in the 2nd Generation.

Beetle Family:

Giant Beetle: 110 HP; Lifts and throws enemies with its horns. Its aim is to defeat Hercules in a fight. Skill: Charging; Attribute: Wind; Will destroy boulders on the farm. War Trophy: Hard Horn. Found on Blessia Island only at night solely in the 2nd Generation.
Hercules Beetle: 150 HP (2 hearts); Sharpens its horns everyday on a tree. These special horns never break. Skill: Charging; Attribute: Wind ; Will smash rocks on the farm. War Trophy: Hard Horn. Found on Blessia Island only at night solely in the 2nd Generation.

Slime Family:

Slime: 150 HP. A gelatinous monster. Its jelly-like body protects its core. Skill: Tackle; Attribute: None; Like its ‘cousin’, the Dark Slime, it will water your crops. War Trophy: Little Crystal. Found at Narrow Path in Padova Mountains both during day and at night solely in the 2nd Generation.
Dark Slime: 160 HP. Body colour darkens to protect its core. Can it really see from inside there? … Skill: Tackle; Attribute: None. Will water your crops. War Trophy: Little Crystal. Found at Blocked-Off Cave in Padova Mountains solely in the 2nd Generation.

Mushroom Family:

Big Mushroom: 70 HP. A gigantic mushroom as tall as a person. Emits poison powder if it senses danger. Skill: Poison Powder; Attribute: Earth. Will not help on farm. War Trophy: Spore. Found in Trieste Forest in Mushroom Patch during the day only in the 2nd Generation.
Tricky Mushroom: 105 HP. Monster mushroom that glows fluorescent. Glowing is the way it communicates. Skill: Poison Powder; Attribute: Earth. Will not work on the farm. War Trophy: Spore. Found in Trieste Forest in Mushroom Patch solely at night only in the 2nd Generation.

Flower Family:

Flower Blossom: HP: 76. It fires seeds from its mouth and is very sensitive to sound. Skill: Cure; Attribute: Earth. Will not work on the farm. War Trophy: Root. Found in Trieste Forest only in the 2nd Generation.
Flower Lion: 65 HP; Sprouts impressive leaves that look like a lion’s mane. Skill: Cure; Attribute: Fire. Will not work on the farm. War Trophy: Root. Found on Blessia Island only in the 2nd Generation.
Flower Lilly: 80 HP; A monster with lovely blossoms, containing a very sweet nectar. Skill: Cure; Attribute: Wind; will not work on the farm; War Trophy: Root. Found in Messhina Valley only in the 2nd Generation.
Flower Crystal: 90 HP. This mysterious plant has transparent leaves that look like crystals. Skill: Cure; Attribute: Water; Will not help on farm; War Trophy: Root. Found both at Iceberg Midway and Unfrozen Lake at Padova Mountains only in the 2nd Generation.

Other Plants:

Pomme-Pomme: 50 HP. Sometimes it looks just like an apple with its round body, but it’s too big… Skill: Charging; Attibute: None; Will not work. War Trophy: Apple. Found in Spring Clearing of Trieste Forest during the day.
Leaf Ball: 85 HP. A floating plant monster. It likes sunny places. Skill: Sonic Wind; Attribute: Wind. Will not work on the farm. War Trophy: Plant Stem. Found in Trieste Forest only in the 2nd Generation.
Planchoa: 65 HP: Smarter than it looks, it can understand human language. Skill: Sonic Wind; Attribute: Wind; will not work on the farm; War Trophy: Plant Stem. Found in Trieste Forest only in the 2nd Generation.

Guys who play Princess Debut...

A visitor to this site asked if it were strange that a guy would play 'Princess Debut'. I have seen comments on the internet in the past on various sites intended to discourage any 'right-minded' guy from playing a female character in any game. I personally think that is utter rubbish.

It really is similar to a statement that a boy or man shouldn't read any books that feature female protagonists as though his real character would be effected or his manhood diluted by the experience.

Video games such as Harvest Moon and Princess Debut are interactive novels. We explore other worlds and other characters in these games, and one need not BE anything like the protagonist in order to play the game successfully and enjoy it thoroughly.

It could be perceived as even more challenging intellectually for a guy to play a game where he must assume a female persona, as it might require more thought and more inventive reasoning. I certainly enjoy playing games that feature male protagonists.

Often, one of the greatest gifts a game offers is the ability to free oneself of all the restrictions that real life imposes. At the same time, games that involve romance allow us to explore our own emotional responses to various situations and characters and sometimes even to learn from the experience.

The difference, when one plays the opposite gender, may be that you are a little less involved personally, especially where a game has a strong romantic component to it. Your character is involved and you want him or her to succeed but you don't go away and daydream about it as much as you may when you are playing your own gender in a game that involves romance. That having been said, one may hesitate to admit that one sometimes daydreams about fictional characters in Harvest Moon or Princess Debut, but the truth is that any truly powerful work of fiction creates its own reality in your psychic landscape.

In Rune Factory 2, your character in the 1st Generation is male and you have no choice in the matter. What happened to me was that I developed a very profound admiration and liking for my own character. I caught myself wishing that I knew more guys like him... Being female myself, I could not BE him in my own life, but I could respond to all of his sterling qualities. I enjoyed his Events immensely, and although he was the protagonist, I watched the unfolding of his life both as a participant and as a spectator.

In Princess Debut, because the protagonist is female, I find that I sometimes am in danger of losing my objectivity. I want to experience all possible results and events and yet, there are times when my own personal emotional reactions almost make that impossible. Witness the Event in Foxtrot Forest where I was able to betray Klaus with Kiefer. I couldn't stand it! (Even so, there was the guide-writer aspect of my character who was delighted to have discovered another twist in the game.)

As far as guys who play games that feature female protagonists are concerned, I admire their creativity and their ability to enter into the spirit of another role. I think it requires courage in a way, not least because there are elements in society that would sneer or view it in an absurdly negative fashion. If you are given a chance to experience a very different sort of existence in a game, why on earth would you not take advantage of that possibility? A game does not commit you ultimately to ANYTHING.

Male and female humans are two halves of a single species. If you are a guy, you probably have a mother, grandmother, aunts, female cousins, even sisters... Why should you not be able to see what it is like to play a female role in an adventure? I sometimes have found American culture to be particularly negative in terms of its expectations of what is allowed to a 'normal' male. In England, for example, it is quite common for guys to dress as girls or women strictly 'for laughs'. No one ever would extrapolate anything serious or significant from that.

Actually, many perceived differences between genders often are cultural rather than real. Every one has the right to create boundaries in his/her own personal life, based on his/her social or cultural traditions or preferences, but games should be free from those considerations. Enough said.

A Shocking Betrayal in Princess Debut

It is only through exploration that one discovers all possible paths or Events in any game. As Klaus' partner, I took a leap on the 23rd day that left me breathless. Breathless not with excitement or fear but horror! Seldom am I truly appalled with any result in Harvest Moon games or games that resemble the series. I doubt my 'actions' were quite as horrific as they appeared to me at the time. In any case, the possibility shown here is extremely interesting and rather dramatic. I overreacted perhaps. Needless to say, given my reactions, I reloaded the game without saving, erasing the shameful episode from my life in the Flower Kingdom.

Here, then are two rather dramatic episodes that can occur on or near the 23rd day when Klaus is your partner in Princess Debut:

Later: Instead of creating a new post, I simply will append this information here. After experiencing the 'Betrayal' Events with Klaus, I reloaded and replayed the Foxtrot Forest Event, never opting to ask Kiefer to become my partner. I had danced with Klaus twice at the Practice Hall before I even went to Foxtrot Forest that day. I therefore returned to the Practice Hall to dance with Klaus again. When you do this, you find poor Klaus 'practicing alone'. You then can exhaust your Stamina by resuming your practice with him.

What is interesting here is that, on the next day, when I went to Foxtrot Forest, Kiefer met me there as before but THEN told me that Klaus was waiting for me at the Practice Hall! I then had two options. I could bid Kiefer farewell and return of my own volition to my partner Klaus OR I could ask Kiefer nonetheless to dance with me. If I had bidden Kiefer farewell, his Affection would decrease by 5% to 95%. If I had asked him to dance with me nonetheless, he would tell me that if I would not leave, HE would and his Affection would decrease by 10%. Thus, EITHER option would result in a decrease of Affection with Kiefer. It therefore is clear to me that you have a limited number of opportunities to make Kiefer your partner if you have an existing partner when he spies you in the Dance Hall practicing by yourself. A couple of days later, he will take you for your first 'secret lesson' at Foxtrot Forest. You then can return to Foxtrot Forest the next day to continue with the 'secret lessons' and if you wish, can betray your existing partner by asking Kiefer to become your partner instead. I believe I had TWO days with this option before the day on which Kiefer declared that my own partner awaited me at the Practice Hall.

Here is the video of that Event with Kiefer:

Yes, Kiefer is a decent chap who does not wish to do anything dishonourable!

What an interesting little game this is! As I had hoped, it can be as complex as any Harvest Moon game in terms of the Courtship events.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happily Ever After with Prince Luciano

In my first game of Princess Debut, I lost Luciano after the Founding Day Dance when his father commanded his presence at the World Dance Competition. One laughs at oneself a little for allowing a character in a game to inspire intense emotions but I really was very disappointed by that turn of events. I tried to be philosophical about it and even saw it ultimately as an opportunity to explore all my alternatives at the 11th hour.

In my second game, I decided that I would experience partnership both with Klaus and Kiefer before finally taking a different approach with Luciano in my third file. As I played through the file that, in theory, was allocated to partnership with Kiefer, however, I suddenly reversed my plan, refusing to save my progress after a certain point in order to arrive as soon as possible at the 29th Day without any partner.

The longest part of this evening was the 28th day when, at maximum stamina and maximum Level 20 Skill, I was forced to practice dances again and again and again... before finally being allowed to put myuself to bed. Needless to say, I had to experience a final visit from poor Vince, who once more begged me to tie the blue string on my finger.

When I heard a knock at the door on the morning of the 29th day, I almost was afraid to hope, even though I had no reason to believe it would not be Luciano. A part of me remembered Liam's visit in the 1st game when, on the 29th Day, Luciano failed to return. I steeled myself for possible disappointment, but then, as I had hoped and dreamed, Luciano appeared before me.

What extraordinary power good fiction has, whether it is in the form of a novel, a game or a film! I confess to a few real tears of joy at that moment. The fact of the matter is that it was a far more exciting and satisfying conclusion than it would have been in the 1st game for a number of reasons.

The first reason, not surprisingly was the fact that his value to me had increased when I was cheated of a happy ending with him in my first game. As I began the 2nd game, I was very conscious of the risk of losing Luciano again, despite an avowed intent to experience partnerships with Klaus and Kiefer.

Beyond this, however, was the knowledge that Luciano had kept the promise he made on the 20th Day to me. Better by far this ending than the situation in my first game, where I had to beg him again and again to stay against the command of his King on Foundation Day (and was told that it would be impossible.) I felt ignoble and weak BEGGING him to stay! It was tantamount to asking him to behave without honour.
In my 2nd game, although I had asked him to become my partner on the 19th Day, he had not accepted, knowing he planned to leave the next day. When he announced his intention of competing in the World Dance Contest, I told him I would wait for him and I did. He promised for his part that I would be 'the first to know' the results, giving me hope for the future. To have that hope realised was very thrilling indeed.

It never ceases to impress me how games such as these capture the emotions with the imagination and incite different responses in different players. I know there are players who would be equally thrilled by the happy endings with Cesar, Kiefer, Klaus, Liam and Vince. I myself was touched by each to some extent but there is something special about Luciano, even though I deprecate the instinct in me that responds to a 'difficult challenge'. Luciano is not straightforward in his love or his life, unlike some one like Klaus, who wears his heart on his sleeve. All the Princes in Princess Debut have sterling qualities and unique charms but I would be surprised if any player responds equally to each.

In any case, here is the 'Happy Ending' with Prince Luciano, at long last. The 2nd Ending is not included here as it would have made the piece too long. It is one of the least satisfying of the 2nd Endings in any case, as there is no personal connection really between your character and Luciano's counterpart in the her original world. The only personal touch is her declaration to her friend Lucas that he should feel free to get lost as often as he pleases.

Rumba in Sorrow and Hilarity

I experienced this Event with Cesar in my first game but forgot about it as it was not significant at the time. It was only in my 2nd Game that I realised its occurrence on the 20th Day balanced the sad departure of Prince Luciano by affording the player with some comic relief.

Long ago, in 'Another Wonderful Life', there was an Event that gave you the option to slap a guy in the face and THAT option actually produced the best result. Although I tend to accept that physical responses usually are not as effective or just as verbal reason, it is rather refreshing to discover that Harvest Moon and Princess Debut both contain Events that exist as the 'exception to the rule'. Here you will see an Event with Cesar where the very best result is obtained by slapping him soundly!

It is an act of kindness, by the way, and not of cruelty...

Note: The text was quite clear when I made the video. Is there something wrong with my viewser or is there something wrong with the video?

The 'Wild Card' in Princess Debut

In any Harvest Moon game that has a Courtship and Marriage option, there usually is one Eligible Girl or Bachelor whose courtship is more difficult or complex than the others. For example, in Harvest Moon Cute DS, that bachelor is Skye, whose initial encounter is a 'secret' that must be uncovered before you will meet him regularly in the Valley. In 'Island of Happiness', many of the Eligible Girls/Bachelors must be unlocked, making it the most complex and challenging of all Harvest Moon games perhaps where Courtship and Mariage are concerned.

Princess Debut, although it does not include farming, which is the backbone of any Harvest Moon game, resembles Harvest Moon in its Courtship aspect. There is one bachelor in the person of Kiefer whom you will not be able to meet until you have completed the game once, making him essentially a 'secret' option. Courtship of Kiefer once you have met him, however, is fairly straightforward. It is Luciano, a bachelor who is available almost from the start of your first game who represents the true challenge in Princess Debut.

It is not difficult to persuade him to become your partner. You can do this as early as the 6th day AFTER the first Dance Competition. The challenge arises long afterwards, as Luciano will leave to participate in a World Dance Competition. In some circumstances, he will leave of his own volition. In others, he will receive a letter from his King, commanding him to participate in the Competition. If you have made him your Partner prior to his departure, you will be left without a partner either on the 19th or 20th day of your sojourn in the Flower Kingdom.

It is apparent, not only from my own experience but from the experience of a number of other players as well, that Luciano's possible return on the 29th Day of the game is a rare occurrence that requires a specific set of circumstances that most players fail to create.

There are Princes who provide you with many opportunities to ask for or accept a partnership with them. Liam, Vince and Cesar are readily available at many different points in the game.

There are others, such as Klaus and Kiefer whose Affection may increase to 100% fairly early but whose Events rarely offer any opportunity for partnership. In fact, I believe there may be only one opportunity to become Klaus' partner. I have not explored options with Kiefer sufficiently to discover if there are more than two opportunities to make him your partner but I believe that your first oppportunity can occur as early as the 20th Day provided you go to the Dance Hall then to practice by yourself. I was not able to trigger this event on the 19th, which makes me think that the 20th is the earliest opportunity. The second occurs when he comes to your room to introduce you to Foxtrot Forest. The default opportunity for this is the 23rd Day, actually entitled 'Secret Lesson' but as I obtained the first event at the Dance Hall days earlier, I obtained the second event days earlier as well.

In fact, it appears that, after the initial visit to Foxtrot Forest, you will have the option to practice there with Kiefer every day. If you dance only once with him on any given day, you won't be given an opportunity on that day to ask him to be your partner. If you continue to practice, however, you will be given another opportunity to ask him, encouraged by Kip. To avoid asking the partnership question, simply choose the option to continue dancing with him instead.

This being the case, it is only with respect to Klaus that you are given no more than ONE opportunity to become his partner. (There was a psychological aspect to the endless pursuit of Klaus by the two other Princesses that caused me to look less favourably upon him in my first game than I otherwise would. It is not his fault, after all, that he is being stalked by the two girls. In fact, partnership with Klaus is very romantic in its way, especially in view of the fact that he has been searching for your counterpart since childhood. I did feel a little guilty accepting his love, knowing that I was not the REAL Princess. Her own warning at the start of the game with respect to the Emerald Necklace makes it clear that he never forgot him either!)

Luciano actually is a Prince whose events offer quite a few opportunities to become his partner before his departure. The challenge with respect to Luciano is not to make him your partner but rather to ensure his return on the 29th Day. Sad to say, 100% Affection and excellent dance scores appear to have nothing whatsoever to do with his decision. The real opportunity to set him up as your Partner for the actual Ball occurs on the 19th Day. You must ask him to become your Partner after you dance with him at the Practice Hall. He will not accept but then will ask you to meet him the next morning, as he needs to explain something to you.

When you meet him on the 20th Day, he will take you for a walk at Rumba Beach. Here, he will explain that he intends to participate in the World Dance Competition. I am not certain if your responses actually matter at this point. No matter what you respond, you will tell him that you will wait for him, eliciting a promise from him that you will be 'the first to know' what occurs at the World Dance Competition.

Oddly enough, you can experience this Event even if you have a partner if, during the Event at the Practice Hall on the 19th Day, you ask him to be your partner. Any other response at that point will result in an announcement there and then that he is returning to his Kingdom to enter the World Dance Competition and a rather terse statement that he was glad to have one chance to dance with you before his departure.

I therefore am inclined to believe that it is the Event on the 19th Day and the response you make THEN that is critical to his return. This leads me to suspect that you indeed cannot make Luciano your partner before the World Dance Competition as, if he is your partner, you will not experience the Event on the 19th at the Practice Hall. Instead, you will dance with him on Foundation Day and after winning the competition, he will receive the command from his King to return to his own Kingdom to enter the World Dance Competition.

There may be one other situation that allows you to be his partner before he leaves that yet will allow him to return at the 11th hour. I will reserve final judgement on this until I manage to experience it.

I actually have completed most of a Walkthrough for Princess Debut at this point, having initially decided NOT to cover this game in a guide. There are enough variations in the game to merit a little Walkthrough and in fact, the difficulties with respect to Luciano would be sufficient to make me believe that a Walkthrough will help other players!

At present, I am going through the game with Klaus and Kiefer as my partners and in the third file, working through the game after the 20th without a partner to experience Luciano's return. Even with Klaus as my partner, I experienced the Event with Luciano at the beach when I rather shockingly asked Luciano impulsively to become my partner on the 19th. As in the file where I remained single, Luciano then promised at the beach that I would be the first to know the results of the World Dance Competition. I will be interested to see if anything further occurs in this file with respect to Luciano... I doubt it will make any difference to my relationship with Klaus as he appears to be oblivious of the event. In fact, I experienced a very amusing Event with him at the Beach later that day involving the two awful Princesses who have been stalking him since the start of the game.

Finally, I'd like to make a comment about any attempt to write a guide for any complex game before the game has been played exhaustively for a year or two. The very first Guide I ever wrote was written for 'Friends of Mineral Town' long after the game actually was released. I had played the game numerous times, making errors and then correcting them in subsequent games.

As I began to write Guides for other games, the time span between the game's release and the publication of the guide grew ever shorter until, with some games, I actually was given an opportunity to play the games BEFORE their official release in order to be able to make a guide available on the internet to players at the time of its release.

I do the best I can to cover the game adequately as quickly as possible but it still takes time and much experience with a game to discover all the little variables that can affect results. Although I moved on to 'Rune Factory 2' after writing guides for 'Island of Happiness' late in 2008, my guides for 'Island of Happiness' are NOT completed. Natsume blessed us with a veritable cornucopia of Harvest Moon games last year, not to mention 'Princess Debut'...

Very often, I will receive emails from players making reference to a statement in a guide that has not be updated or corrected because I haven't had the time to do it. In other cases, players actually DO send me new information but for the most part, I am frustrated by the inability to edit and update my guides as quickly as I would like.

In other words, even when I do complete an initial Walkthrough for Princess Debut, I shan't expect it to represent the totality of possibilities with respect to the game.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happily Ever After with Prince Cesar in Princess Debut

As promised, I made a video of Cesar's events from the 26th Day yesterday. Unfortunately, it was the longest video I ever made and was rejected for that reason. I was so exhausted by then I almost resigned myself to failure. Instead, I summarily separated it into two videos. One contains all the events up to the Day of the Ball. The other consists of both endings.

Despite an earlier post where I referred to Cesar as a womaniser (and he would be the first to agree with that assessment), his Events in Princess Debut are quite romantic and his behaviour can be extremely thoughtful.

One of the more impressive aspects of his behaviour is the way he creates a perfect event at the Concert in the Forest. Although I only included a single 'path' in the video, if your character tells him that her thoughts about the forest are of 'hunger' rather than the 'power' or 'beauty' of Nature, she will continue by mentioning berries, nuts and fresh fish. When Cesar announces he has prepared a picnic, the dishes that are set on the table include items made from berries, nuts and fresh fish!

It is a very long video as it stands. I chose to include the 'beauty of Nature' response as it is the one that elicits agreement from Cesar. Both the 'beauty of Nature' and 'power of Nature' responses elicit a wonderful little historical anecdote that it important because it epitomises the marvelous philosophy of Nature that pervades all Harvest Moon games as well as Princess Debut.

Here are 'Part I' and 'Part II' of Romance with Cesar from the 26th Day in Princess Debut:

Incidentally, I intended to include the earlier event at Samba Square where Cesar's scar is discovered... but the piece became too long even without this Event. I explored EVERY response from the Events that occurred from the 26th day until the end of the game, hoping to discover more details about Cesar's secret. There is one path that leads to a situation at the Amusement Park where it is obvious that the roller coaster causes excruciating pain... but Cesar divulges nothing and your character does not speak of the scar that she saw previously. It is included in the 'Part I' video.

Actually, having begun a second game in order to document Kiefer's Events and see what any other options may be with respect to Luciano, I believe I have solved the mystery of Cesar's scar.

It is an earlier event rather than a later one that is the key. When you go with him on a date to Viennese Lake, he will speak of his sister who taught him to dance and who is the 'prettiest' person he ever knew. He speaks of her in the past tense and when you ask where she is, he points to his heart and declares that she remains here.

One would take this for nothing more than a common sentimental expression of love except for the scar that you see later at the Shop... and then, Cesar's own admission before the roller coaster ride that he only fears he may die of 'terror'.
He actually suffers palpitations or some sort of severe physical pain during the ride. A heart transplant patient might be more careful than others of the extreme stress caused by a ride like that.

I have come to the conclusion that Cesar's secret is that he had a weak heart and his sister's heart after she died saved his own life perhaps.

There may be a sequel to Princess Debut. Perhaps if gamers embrace the first with enough enthusiasm, a sequel will be produced???

Saturday, February 7, 2009

First and Last Opportunities in Princess Debut

Although you can play Princess Debut perfectly well without a strategy guide, it may be useful to write a brief walkthrough of the game.

One aspect of the game that may be of interest to players is the first and last opportunity to ask any specific Prince to become your partner. In my own first game, I had asked Luciano too soon, apparently, and although we had some wonderful times together and his affection remained at 100% throughout, he was called away inevitably by his King to participate in the World Dance Contest, leaving me without a partner.

In vain did I remain constant to his memory, refusing the options to ask any other Prince to act as his replacement in the hope that he would return at the 11th hour to be my partner for the Ball.

He did not return, sadly. This placed me in a position where knowing the last possible moment at which you can ask any specific Prince to be your partner was critical information in my game.

I had one file saved on the 26th day. Unfortunately, that was the earliest save point I had retained. From that Save point, however, one still can obtain Liam, Vince or Cesar as a Partner for the Ball.

It is interesting to note that you can obtain a couple of events with Klaus but at this point in the game, although it is evident that he truly WANTS you to be his partner, there never is another opportunity to pose the question. (He and the 'real' princess were childhood companions if not actually sweethearts and in many ways, he should be your natural choice of partner.)

As far as the 'last chances' with Cesar, Liam and Vince are concerned, you actually will profit more if you make your decision on the 26th rather than waiting any longer. An Accessory can be obtained from the Animals after the Forest Concert only if you have a partner. If you accept Liam as your partner BEFORE the day of the Forest Concert, you will receive two Accessories from him before the game ends rather than one, quite apart from the Diamond Ring. There was one other Accessory that I received from a fan in a letter on the 28th. I therefore obtained a total of five Accessories between the 26th Day and the end of the game when I chose Liam as a partner on the 26th, rather than waiting until the last opportunity, which occurs at the end of the day at the Amusement Park. With respect to Vince, you only gain the Accessory from the Animals by choosing him before the date of the Forest Concert as well as obtaining the Accessory from the fan. In Cesar's case, you have no options to make him a partner after the 26th.

Accessories do not carry over in Story Mode from one game to the next but once obtained, are included on your Accessory Completion page in the same manner in which the Photos are saved independently on the Photos Page.

If you are the sort of player who rises to the challenge to attain '100% completion', timing in terms of your acceptance of a Partner may be vital. In two separate files where I chose Liam as my partner, doing so on the 26th Day generated far more Accessories for my character than choosing him at the last possible opportunity at the Amusement Park on the night of the 29th Day.

There is one problem with any Walkthrough that I create now. Although I kept a rather sketchy game journal for my first game of Princess Debut, at that point I was playing the game strictly for personal relaxation and enjoyment, as a 'break' from my work on my Rune Factory 2 Guides. In fact, I was advised NOT to approach the game as a possible guide assignment simply in order to give me that much-needed relaxation.

Once you have completed the initial game of Princess Debut, however, the entire game changes as 'clearing' the game unlocks a new character. It is possible that nothing else changes much, but I am not certain of that and there is no way to restore the cartridge to an untouched state. I will go forward with the Walkthrough on the assumption that the only aspect of the game that changes is the addition of Kiefer as a potential Partner, but if I were to predict any other changes, it would be that Accessories may be obtained differently in a second or subsequent game...

I will try to compare my 2nd Game Journal with the 1st whenever possible, but I did not keep the detailed sort of Journal that I usually keep with respect to any game I intend to cover in terms of a strategy guide.

What motivates me most to create a guide for Princess Debut is my own experience with Prince Luciano. I felt absolutely desolate when he failed to return for the Ball after being my partner for almost a fortnight at 100% Affection!

The game is very tricky as well with respect to Luciano as Kip will urge you to ask him to become your partner as early as the 6th Day after the Contest. You have only two options here if you wish to remain single: do not ask him or give the wrong response to the question of WHY you want him to be your partner. I opted not to ask him at all at that point in my second game, with a sad memory of how thrilled I had been in the 1st game when he accepted me after I told him I 'wanted the best'.

The conditions under which you can make Luciano your partner are given in a later post but I realised I had best add the information here as well.

Ask him to be your partner only on the 19th Day, entitled 'Farewell Dance'. He will not accept as he knows that he is planning to leave the next day, but will dance once with you at the Practice Hall. If you give either of the other possible responses at the Practice Hall, he will announce there and then that he is intending to compete in the World Dance Competition. If, however, you ask him to be your Partner, he will ask you to meet him the next morning.

This Event can occur even if you have a Partner at the time and he still will meet you the next morning on the 20th Day, Rumba in Sorrow. If you have a Partner, however, he will not return before the end of the game. If you are single when he asks you to meet him on the 20th Day, he will announce that he plans to participate in the World Dance Competition. When you declare that you will wait for him, as long as you remain single during his absence, he will return on the 29th Day to take you to the Amusement Park. There, he will ask you to be his Partner.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Romantic Endings with Prince Liam in Princess Debut

If you are the sort of player who needs to be surprised by games, please do not watch the following as it definitely contains what some people like to call 'spoilers'. I personally write game guides because I think that sometimes it is good for a player to know precisely how to obtain the 'happily ever after' ending in a game... but I can understand that there are those who would prefer not to experience the endings 'secondhand' as it were.

In any case, after Luciano failed to return, I first became Liam's partner, then Vince's and finally Cesar's partner in order to experience their endings. In my next game, I will split my experiences between Kiefer, Luciano and Klaus. By the time I realised Luciano would not return, it was too late in the game to appeal to Klaus for rescue and Kiefer cannot be unlocked in the first game.

Here, then are Liam's endings:

Dissolving Poison Squares in Rune Factory 2

Although this information is included in my General Guide, it remains one of the most common questions asked in emails from players. I finally decided that a little video tutorial might be useful:

As there are many situations where your character must grow crops in EVERY square in a specific tillable field, I suppose Poison Squares can be frustrating to some one who does not know the solution. It is odd that you are not given any Recipe for making Neutral Agent, and must continue to purchase it even in the 2nd Generation.