Friday, February 13, 2009

Taming Monsters in Rune Factory 2

Busy trying to solve some of the last mysteries in the 2nd Generation in Rune Factory 2, it would be easy to forget that there are players who are beginning the game and who need help with some of the early fundamental aspects of farming and ranching. As I receive many emails still from players who ask how to tame Monsters, I realised that an introductory tutorial on the subject might be useful. While making it, I was reminded of the fact that almost every piece of information needed to solve any puzzle in Harvest Moon games IS found in the game itself. Characters give detailed instructions on how to accomplish goals. Books in your bookcase usually contain a wealth of information on various topics. Unfortunately, most players are too impatient to explore their surroundings properly or to pay full attention to conversations between characters. One often can miss useful tips or hints if one is too focused on results. One presses buttons too quickly to get to the end of an Event to see what will happen rather than studying the dialogue carefully. In the process, one sometimes can miss a vital clue.

The Request Events shown here actually contain much of the information any player needs in order to tame and use Monsters effectively in Rune Factory 2.


Anonymous said...

Could you put more guides up about the BASIC structure and stuff in Rune Factory?
This one rocked!

magirl said...

i've been trying for ages to get my monsters to do work for me. example: blue pirate thing from blessia island is supposed to water.

While in the barn, I gave him the task of watering, but he never watered anything. and once i selected him to do the task, I couldn't take him anywhere or play the piece.