Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Challenge to Rune Factory 2 Players

I will continue to search for this myself, but I thought it would be fun to issue a Challenge to other players as well.

The Inquisitive Waltz can be used in the 2nd Generation to obtain most Ores and Gems. There are two Gems I have not found yet through the Inquisitive Waltz: Aquamarine and Sapphire. Every other Gem and Ore can be obtained readily through the use of the Inquisitive Waltz.

I wonder if there are any location where you can obtain Aquamarine and Sapphire through use of the Inquisitive Waltz. So this is the Challenge: if any player can find an Inquisitive Waltz location for either of these Gems, please let me know!

There may not be an Inquisitive Waltz location for either of these Gems, by the way, but I hate to admit defeat.

N.B. There still are items to be added to some of the Inquisitive Waltz lists. An updated Bestiary and Caves Guide and Items List Guide will be uploaded either today or tomorrow. Over the weekend, I completed the Skill Seals descriptions, added more descriptions of forged Weapons and Accessories and more Inquisitive Waltz items to those guides. Actually, I am ashamed to confess that I found a lacuna in the Guides, having omitted somehow to list the Southeast Beach as an Inquisitive Waltz location. That has been corrected.

A new project I have discussed with a friend is a catalogue of items for the Items List Guide that would list ALL locations where each item can be obtained. For example, although the War Trophies list is complete, it gives the Item with its description as well as the name of the Monster/Monsters who 'drop' it. In the screen-by-screen Walkthrough for each Cave/Dungeon, the items you can obtain on THAT screen are given. All necessary information for each item, therefore, is included in the Guide now. What this Catalogue would give would be the same information in a different form. With the Catalogue, a player INSTANTLY could access a list that gives ALL the locations and methods by which a specific item can be obtained. This would be very useful if you are trying to complete a list of ingredients for a Recipe.

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