Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good News and Bad News about Palermo Shrine Walkthrough

Felled by a nasty stomach virus, I was unable to complete the screen-by-screen Walkthrough of all the Dungeons in Rune Factory 2 according to my self-appointed schedule.

As of this evening, everything has been completed apart from a few screens in Trieste Forest and a listing in the Inquisitive Waltz section of ALL the items that can be found in the 4 Seasons Gardens in Palermo. I made videos of the Gold Crops and such and have the actual lists of items in my game journal, but for some reason never added it to the Inquisitive Waltz section of the guide.

I went through Blessia and Padova Mountains with great care today to add fishing and Inquisitive Waltz information as well as the precise number of Monsters and generators on each screen. In the process, I discovered two small surprises, one of which was:

You can catch a SUNSQUID at the Wooded Paradise screen in Trieste Forest! With a decent fishing rod and decent level of experience, the Sunsquid can be caught in a number of very diverse locations. I would not have expected Trieste Forest as one of them.

I still have a touch of the stomach virus that has made me miserable for a few days but I expect to complete the screen-by-screen Walkthrough before the weekend.

Meanwhile, I completed the first game of Princess Debut as well but will write about that separately.


nminh92nd said...

If you need help, I can take pictures of every rooms in the Palermo Shrine and the exact location that Inquisitive Waltz can be used when standing near it. I'm not guarantee for taking video because I'm still looking for the best program to capture computer's desktop. (I'm not playing RF2 on a Nitendo DS though). Now I have tried using Inquisitive Walt in every rooms in Palermo Shrine, except for the room after the 4 Seasons room, in which you can find gold crop. I think I can obtain the last 2 orb today (after 3-4 more next hours)

Freyashawk said...

Thanks, NMinh for the offer, but I have taken video myself of all locations in the Palermo Shrine I believe now. I simply need to organise it into a little film if I find the time. The written walkthrough is fairly complete now. I completed Palermo yesterday, apart from every item that can be obtained in the 4 Seasons Gardens, which I have on video and have in my game journal as well.

I went through Blessia and Padova with the proverbial 'fine-tooth comb' today and found some surprises I'd missed previously...
Now I only have a few screens in Trieste to complete tomorrow.

nminh92nd said...

So the guide now has the instruction videoes. Just can't wait to see it.
By the way, can you give me some info about the location to catch some fishes such as Mackerel, Glitter Snapper, Blowfish, Yellowtail, Lamp Squid... I'm now playing Spring, so I just don't know whether they can be caught at the habor in different seasons.
And about catching fish in the habor, I did catch one Sunquid at the South West Beach in Blessia, and one at the habor, but not in Summer, in Spring. Sound freaky? I think it means that you can catch one as long as you get Famous Pole or Scared Pole, and fish at the sea.

Freyashawk said...

Nminh, I think you may have misunderstood. The actual Guides are written guides and I try to keep them in simple text form so that all players can access them and use them. The videos I make for YouTube are different. I consider those 'extras'. What I have added to the REAL Guides now for each Cave/Dungeon are: complete list of all items that can be obtained at any location, all War Trophies, all Fish, all Inquisitive Waltz locations and items and a screen-by-screen walkthrough that gives all of those details by screen/specific location. Unfortunately, when I click on the link for the Bestiary and Caves Guide at the moment, I see it remains yesterday's version. I do hope today's version will be uploaded before the end of the day as it has all the information you need.

Tembila said...

How do you even bring monsters into Palermo Shrine?