Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All Princes in Princess Debut with Partnership Opportunities

As with the Heart Events in Harvest Moon games, Events that offer an option for Partnership are critical to your success in 'matters of the heart' in Princess Debut. Here is the list of all Eligible Partners with the 1st and Last Opportunity for each to become your Partner in the game.

Eligible Princes in the 1st and all Subsequent Games

Prince Klaus

Klaus Rosencrans
Initial Level: 10
Age: 15
Sign: Gemini
Birthday: 20 June
Most Favourite: Cabbage Roll
Initial Technique: 75
Initial Artistry: 70
1st and only Opportunity for Partnership: Day 17
Klaus Rosencrans is the childhood sweetheart of the ‘real’ Princess. In order to obtain an opportunity to become his partner, you must set up the ‘Emerald Reunion’ Event on the 17th Day as follows:
On Day 3, when he asks about the magical powers of the Royal Tiara, choose: ‘You can fly!’
On Day 17, when he comes to your room, your response must be: ‘No, go on!’
When he asks what you told him long ago, the correct response is: ‘You look like a frog!’ If you respond incorrectly, however, you will have a chance to guess again until you choose the right response.
Note: There are NO other opportunities to become Klaus’ partner.

Prince Liam

Liam Goodrich
Initial Level: 5
Age: 17
Sign: Taurus
Birthday: 5 May
Most Favourite: Spaghetti
Initial Technique: 50
Initial Artistry: 50
1st Opportunity for Partnership: Day 6 before the Competition
Last Opportunity for Partnership: Day 29 at night at the Amusement Park

Prince Vince

Vince Wright
Initial Level: 3
Age: 13
Sign: Aries
Birthday: 28 March
Most Fav: Tuna Steak
Initial Technique: 40
Initial Artistry: 40
First Opportunity for Partnership: Day 4
Last Opportunity for Partnership: Day 28 at night before you go to sleep

Prince Cesar

Cesar Dubois
Initial Level 6
Age: 16
Sign: Libra
Birthday: 10 October
Most Favourite: Beef Stew
Initial Technique: 30
Initial Artistry: 80
1st Opportunity for Partnership: Day 6
Last Opportunity for Partnership: Day 27 if you refuse Vince's escort to the Concert

Prince Luciano

Luciano Barbosa
Initial Level: 11
Age: 15
Sign: Cancer
Birthday: 4 July
Most Favourite: Sushi
Initial Technique: 80
Initial Artistry: 70
1st Opportunity for Partnership: Day 6 AFTER the Competition
Last Opportunity for Partnership: Day 29 at night at the Amusement Park
Note that you MUST ask Luciano to be your Partner on the 19th Day at the Practice Hall if you wish to be able to be his Partner for the Ball. He will refuse but then will return on the 29th Day to ask you to be his Partner.

There is a way to become Luciano's partner before the Foundation Day Contest and still experience his return on the 29th but it is tricky. You must avoid ALL opportunities to become another Prince's partner and make certain that you do not dance with any one else while awaiting his return.

Prince Tony

Only opportunity for real partnership: 30th Day AFTER the Ball

Eligible Prince only in 2nd and subsequent games:

Prince Kiefer

Kiefer Bergmann
Initial Level: 8
Age: 14
Sign: Scorpio
Birthday: 17 November
Most Favourite: Fondue
Initial Technique: 65
Initial Artistry: 65
1st Opportunity for Partnership: in your 2nd Game on Day 20 in the Dance Hall
Last Opportunity for Partnership: in your 2nd Game on Day 27 if you meet him in the Dance Hall after refusing both Vince's and Cesar's invitations.

My Walkthrough for Princess Debut is available on IGN. Thanks to Alice for telling me about Cesar's offer on the 27th. I discovered a further opportunity for partnership with Kiefer because of it.


Alice said...

Great, a walkthrough! :D I can't wait to read it. You're walkthroughs are always so helpful.

Just one little detail. For Cesar, I find that the last time to become his partner is Day 27 at the Forest Concert.

Once, with no partner, on Day 27, Vince came to my room and asked me if I wanted to go to the concert. I declined. Right after he left, Cesar came into my room and asked the same thing. I accepted. During the Forest Concert, he asked me to become his partner, but I refused. So yeah. I hope this helps.

Freyashawk said...

Thanks, Alice. It doesn't sound as though you need a Walkthrough at this point, though. Your discovery actually elicits another question: what would have occurred had you declined Cesar's offer? I wonder if Kiefer would have arrived afterwards? I still have a file at the 26th day without a partner in my 2nd game. I'll test it by declining Vince. The only problem with all the testing I have done is all the dance practices I've been forced to attend again and again and again...

Alice said...

I have tried declining Cesar's offer, as well, and it lead to something interesting. My character decides to stay in her room to take a nap. There was an interesting talk between Kip and my character, but no other prince will come to ask you out to the Forest Concert.

I have been testing a lot, as well, and I know how you feel. Dancing is getting repetitive, but it's worth it for all the new things I've learned.

Anonymous said...

You my friend are the awesomeest pereson I have never met (haha get it? cause I nevr met you) K so I was totally stuck on the kiefer being my partner thing but you like, saved my life, I expect nothing less from a fellow harvest moon fan thx,
ilu, Anonimus

Wulfette said...

Oh I just wanna add - maybe this is not the right page - but I got my Angel Ring by finding it on the beach! This was after I have completed all dancing lessons though.

Freyashawk said...

Thank you for posting, 'Anonimus'. I am glad my Walkthrough was helpful.

Wulfette, how very interesting! Did you find it the same way you find those sticks periodically on the beach? What day was it? Did you have a partner when you found it?