Monday, February 9, 2009

Rumba in Sorrow and Hilarity

I experienced this Event with Cesar in my first game but forgot about it as it was not significant at the time. It was only in my 2nd Game that I realised its occurrence on the 20th Day balanced the sad departure of Prince Luciano by affording the player with some comic relief.

Long ago, in 'Another Wonderful Life', there was an Event that gave you the option to slap a guy in the face and THAT option actually produced the best result. Although I tend to accept that physical responses usually are not as effective or just as verbal reason, it is rather refreshing to discover that Harvest Moon and Princess Debut both contain Events that exist as the 'exception to the rule'. Here you will see an Event with Cesar where the very best result is obtained by slapping him soundly!

It is an act of kindness, by the way, and not of cruelty...

Note: The text was quite clear when I made the video. Is there something wrong with my viewser or is there something wrong with the video?


Outsider said...

Isn't it that he will come back? I think that he will come back if some conditions is done(I can't remember it anymore though).

PS. Is it strange that a guy play this game? LOL

Outsider said...

Whoops, I think i got mixed up with another character. Sry. I haven't play this for a long time already.

Anonymous said...

Not to be rude or anything but I can't read the pink writing with the purple background in the beginning of the video ... but thanks again for sharing your guide Freya!! :)