Monday, February 23, 2009

Festivale in Animal Crossing City Folk

Thanks for Mars the Frog for reminding me that today was Festivale in Animal Crossing City Folk. 'Princess Debut' and 'Rune Factory 2' both had kept me from my village in Animal Crossing for awhile. In order to return for the Festivale, I first had to brave the remarks of Rover and a few animal neighbours who alternately pretended not to recognise me or spoke of sending our search parties for my missing character.

A very boisterous Peacock named Pave was ensconced in the Town Square. In nature, the peacocks with the gorgeous, fan-like tails are male and thus Pave could not be anything but male either. (Until I remembered how dull the females were in reality, I had thought that Pave seemed more female than male but our house was surrounded by peacocks and the males definitely had a monopoly on extravagance.)

The air is filled with confetti on Festivale Day in your village. It reminded me of the glorious confetti in Rune Factory 2. There is a special melody in the air and Festivale will continue until midnight.

I had forgotten today was the date for Animal Crossing's Festivale as tomorrow actually is Mardi Gras.

When you speak to Pave, he will be fixated on your inability to dance and if you do not know how to proceed, you may be frustrated by this 'Festivale'. Pave will request a specific type of sweetie or 'candy'. If you wish to obtain a prize from Pave, you need to give him three, much as you must give three old carpets/walls to Saharah in order to obtain one of her special items.

Once you know the colour of 'candy' Pave requires, you need to speak to any of your Animal Neighbours and keep speaking to the Animal until he suggests that you play a game with him/her.

The games can vary between 'rock/paper/scissors', 'football', 'coin toss' or 'psychic experiment'. All are guessing games and you will be required to guess correctly either two or three times before you can win a piece of 'candy' from your Animal opponent.

In many cases, the Animal will promise to allow you to choose the colour of the candy if you win but then simply will hand over a candy in a colour he/she has chosen quite arbitrarily.

If you lose, you will forfeit 500 Bells. In fact, you could dispose of all your Bells before you speak to an Animal and the Animal then will require something from your inventory but given the number of times you will be required to play these guessing games, Bells are the easiest 'coin' of failure.

One note of warning: If you have ANY 'candy' in your rucksack, the Animal will demand that as the price of losing. Once you obtain a piece of 'candy', therefore, it is best to stash it instantly in your Letters to avoid any chance of losing it. Even if it is NOT the colour Pave currently has demanded, if you wish to collect the entire Pave Series, you will need all colours of 'candy' in vast quantities.

When you have won a total of three pieces of 'candy' in the requested colour, place them in your Pockets and speak to Pave. He will take them and give you a piece of Pave furniture in return. He then will request more 'candy' in a different colour.


sister dew said...

I'm afraid I wasn't aware of Festivale so I left it a bit late in the day to start collecting that pesky peacock's favours! Still, managed to collect 6 or 7 pieces (it might be worth mentioning that Pave does give out duplicate items) and was able to sell them to Nook for around 12,000 bells each. Festivale for my bank balance at least!

Peacock Lover, Nudge said...


I've been looking for a list of the furniture.... but alas, i cannot find it. Peacocks, of course, are my favorite animal, which is why I want to put the Pave series in my home. I noticed Pave isn't the normal, blue peacock, which is most famous, but my favorite breed of emerald green and white. (though I do love it best when the tail is half green as welll, unlike pave)
I've started to get doubles, and I'm ecstatic o find out that they sell for 12000 bells!