Friday, February 6, 2009

Romantic Endings with Prince Liam in Princess Debut

If you are the sort of player who needs to be surprised by games, please do not watch the following as it definitely contains what some people like to call 'spoilers'. I personally write game guides because I think that sometimes it is good for a player to know precisely how to obtain the 'happily ever after' ending in a game... but I can understand that there are those who would prefer not to experience the endings 'secondhand' as it were.

In any case, after Luciano failed to return, I first became Liam's partner, then Vince's and finally Cesar's partner in order to experience their endings. In my next game, I will split my experiences between Kiefer, Luciano and Klaus. By the time I realised Luciano would not return, it was too late in the game to appeal to Klaus for rescue and Kiefer cannot be unlocked in the first game.

Here, then are Liam's endings:

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can you make a guid just about Vaughn from IoH.he is so hot