Saturday, February 14, 2009

4th Rival Heart Event in Island of Happiness

I need to confirm this in a new game, but something a player did made sense in the context of triggering Denny's 4th Rival Heart Event.

The Rival Heart Events for each couple appeared to be 'tied' to specific activities. With respect to Pierre, it is cooking and recipes. With respect to Sabrina and Vaughn, it is mining. With respect to Denny and Lanna, it is fishing and with Elliot, it is farming.

You need to fish prodigiously in order to trigger the 4th Rival Heart Event between Lanna and Denny but players who have caught many fish slowly have failed to trigger the Event. One player wrote that, when she caught 50 fish finally in a single day, the 4th Rival Heart Event finally triggered.

This may be the key. As previously stated, I need to confirm this in a game of my own, but it is worth publishing here as a decent hypothesis.


Voda said...

Hi, I am trying to find an answer to rival event problem, and cannot - may be you can help? After marriage, I triggered all rival events in 2 weeks, except for Vaughn and Sabrina. Got 1st one, and rest would not trigger. I go to the beach every clear day I have, 9am - nothing. Shipped tons of ores - hundreds and hundreds, nothing. I am in year 4, and it is blue event, I unlocked Sabrina in year 1. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Even tho u unlocked her in year 1, you have to wait til the exact day that u unlocked her. So lets say u unlocked her on winter 1 of year one, u would need to wait til winter 1 or later of year 2 to see the next event. The same goes for future events.

Bethy said...

I'm finding it hard triggering Elliot and Julia's green heart event and Denny and Lanna's orange heart event. I met all the requirements and I go to the beach at 1pm but nothing happens. How many fish do I need to catch and ship in order to trigger the event. And how about Elliots green heart event, I tried but nothing. Help?