Friday, February 6, 2009

Dissolving Poison Squares in Rune Factory 2

Although this information is included in my General Guide, it remains one of the most common questions asked in emails from players. I finally decided that a little video tutorial might be useful:

As there are many situations where your character must grow crops in EVERY square in a specific tillable field, I suppose Poison Squares can be frustrating to some one who does not know the solution. It is odd that you are not given any Recipe for making Neutral Agent, and must continue to purchase it even in the 2nd Generation.


Anonymous said...

This is helpful. Thank you, Freyashawk!
P.S-Where do you get the the recipe for Neutral Agent?
P.S.S-Once you get it, could you please write about Rune Factory Frontier? I'm almost dying to play it, but reading stuff you wrote is the next best thing.
P.S.S.S-You're really awesome…!♪

Freyashawk said...

As far as I know, there is NO Recipe for Neutral Agent. I may ask Natsume directly about that, however, as I personally have failed to obtain one, even after 'clearing' the game. I attended every class offered at the School and obtained the Recipes given by all Altars/Stone Guardians as well.

As for Rune Factory Frontier, I shall be writing guides for the game but, as Natsume is not producing it sadly, I won't have any opportunity to begin work on them until the game actually is released. Pre-release versions of Wii games usually require a special unit and cannot be played on ordinary Wiis. It therefore is more complex than a pre-release DS game that can be played on an ordinary DS.

Thanks for your enthusiasm. When readers and players receive my guides with this sort of enthusiasm, it inspires me to continue.