Thursday, February 26, 2009

The last 'secret' Accessory upgrade in Rune Factory 2

My own stubborn character and the belief that there had to be one final 'secret' trade upgrade for an Accessory in Rune Factory 2 created considerable labour for me as I made Accessory after Accessory at my Workbench and upgraded each to Level 10 before trading it to discover whether or not it would be transformed. I rather suspected that the Accessory I needed was the CHAMPION BELT but that was one of the Accessories with the highest Skill Requirements in the game, so I doggedly continued to upgrade other Accessories to Level 10, knowing that each upgrade would increase my own Skill Levels even if it proved ineffectual in terms of a trade transformation.

It always is rather satisfying when a guess is proven correct. The moment when I saw the prompt to the effect that my item had been upgraded, I felt all the work I had done was worth the effort. A more sane player probably would have requested the name of the last Accessory from the makers of the game... but I'm glad I did it my way.

Here is a brief video that shows the complete list of Accessories that can be obtained as trade upgrades as well as one of the very best Accessories in the game.


gamermom said...

I can't open the video on upgrading accessories. I can get the other videos on the blogspot to open, but not this one. Please help.

Freyashawk said...

Gamermom, I can't imagine what the problem would be. I just tried it myself and it worked perfectly well.

You could try to access the video directly from my YouTube Channel. You can do that in one of two ways:
First, I did create a link to my YouTube Channel on the right side of this page, where you will find all the links to my Guides.
Second, you could go directly to YouTube and do a search for Freyashawk.

Sorry you are having trouble here. By the way, all the information about Accessories is included in my actual Guides as well! The YouTube videos always are extras.