Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Shocking Betrayal in Princess Debut

It is only through exploration that one discovers all possible paths or Events in any game. As Klaus' partner, I took a leap on the 23rd day that left me breathless. Breathless not with excitement or fear but horror! Seldom am I truly appalled with any result in Harvest Moon games or games that resemble the series. I doubt my 'actions' were quite as horrific as they appeared to me at the time. In any case, the possibility shown here is extremely interesting and rather dramatic. I overreacted perhaps. Needless to say, given my reactions, I reloaded the game without saving, erasing the shameful episode from my life in the Flower Kingdom.

Here, then are two rather dramatic episodes that can occur on or near the 23rd day when Klaus is your partner in Princess Debut:

Later: Instead of creating a new post, I simply will append this information here. After experiencing the 'Betrayal' Events with Klaus, I reloaded and replayed the Foxtrot Forest Event, never opting to ask Kiefer to become my partner. I had danced with Klaus twice at the Practice Hall before I even went to Foxtrot Forest that day. I therefore returned to the Practice Hall to dance with Klaus again. When you do this, you find poor Klaus 'practicing alone'. You then can exhaust your Stamina by resuming your practice with him.

What is interesting here is that, on the next day, when I went to Foxtrot Forest, Kiefer met me there as before but THEN told me that Klaus was waiting for me at the Practice Hall! I then had two options. I could bid Kiefer farewell and return of my own volition to my partner Klaus OR I could ask Kiefer nonetheless to dance with me. If I had bidden Kiefer farewell, his Affection would decrease by 5% to 95%. If I had asked him to dance with me nonetheless, he would tell me that if I would not leave, HE would and his Affection would decrease by 10%. Thus, EITHER option would result in a decrease of Affection with Kiefer. It therefore is clear to me that you have a limited number of opportunities to make Kiefer your partner if you have an existing partner when he spies you in the Dance Hall practicing by yourself. A couple of days later, he will take you for your first 'secret lesson' at Foxtrot Forest. You then can return to Foxtrot Forest the next day to continue with the 'secret lessons' and if you wish, can betray your existing partner by asking Kiefer to become your partner instead. I believe I had TWO days with this option before the day on which Kiefer declared that my own partner awaited me at the Practice Hall.

Here is the video of that Event with Kiefer:

Yes, Kiefer is a decent chap who does not wish to do anything dishonourable!

What an interesting little game this is! As I had hoped, it can be as complex as any Harvest Moon game in terms of the Courtship events.


Alice said...

Oh, the horror! D:

And I thought cheating on Luciano with Klaus was bad, which I did in my second playthrough, guiltily.

This game is more indepth of wooing than in Harvest Moon, with being able to cheat and everything. I would never have thought such a dramatic scene can occur... Poor Klaus. Getting dumped twice. At least Kiefer was skeptic in becoming your partner, when you already have one. When I chosed Klaus over Luciano, Klaus didn't feel guilty at all. Here's the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1OOVLb1COw

The thing is, I didn't reloaded like you did. Part of me wanted to, part of me didn't. But I did kept a save file before Emerald Reunion, so after I beat the game with Klaus, I went and beat the game with Luciano.

Anonymous said...

I just can't manage to feel sorry for Klaus here, because if you have a partner on Emerald Reunion, Klaus still asks you to become his partner, regardless of the others' feelings. My partner when I experienced the event was Leon, and, as a test, I accepted Klaus' offer. We then proceeded to Practice Hall, where Leon waited faithfully for me, and informed him that he was no longer able to dance with me. Then, at the end of the game (as though this wasn't bad enough), Leon actually partnered up with Cynthia, although it was stated many times that they weren't really suited to be the other's partner, and they weren't really happy. Because of this, I have a hard time feeling bad for Klaus, because, as you see, he has no qualms about asking you to be his partner even if it breaks another prince's heart. Princess Debut really can be quite a cruel game.

Freyashawk said...

Wow, here's another impassioned diatribe against one of the Princes from a player! It is amazing how these Princes stir up strong emotions in the breasts of the players of this game.

I see the situation with Klaus a little differently, as the Emerald Necklace hangs on your wall in plain view, making him aware that you are his childhood sweetheart, or at least, that your alter-ego is. Klaus actually never wants to hurt any one's feelings. When I dressed down those two Princess stalkers at the Beach after taking him as my partner, he wondered afterwards if I could have been less cruel. In the Event with Cynthia, he will be rather distressed if you choose the option to flaunt your partnership in her face.

By the way, I suppose one should remember that the ostensible aim of the partnership simply is Dancing at the Ball. You have the option to meet the Prince's parents as his 'girlfriend' at the end of the game, but you are equally free to go home. Even with a Partner, you are encouraged to go on frequent 'dates' with all the Princes throughout the 30 day period.

I'm a little suprised by Kip's attitude towards Kiefer. You actually are shoved towards him even if you have a Partner!