Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Wizard and the Crystal Ball in Animal Parade

The Wizard in Animal Parade is far more than an ordinary 'fortune-teller' and yet, when you find his Crystal Ball, as reward, he will tell Fortunes for you to let you know the state of every Bachelor's heart... except for his own.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Easy Cooking Lesson and Gift Guide for Animal Parade

It may not be as exciting as romance, but I hope this video will be helpful to some players, as it provides some basic information about cooking as well as a few Recipes and gift suggestions for Animal Parade:

Sadly, I forgot to add the 'Cooking with Maya' television programme screenshots to the video... but that is another method of obtaining Recipes, although her Recipe for Ice Cream was a little misleading, as she referred to the Ice Creamer as a 'Mixer'. The programme airs both on Mondays and on Thursdays on Channel Three.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Firefly Festival in Animal Parade

In the first Summer, I was unable to persuade any Bachelor to accompany me to the Firefly Festival. In a way, I am glad. It allowed me to experience the more traditional meaning of the Festival, which is a remembrance of ancestors and loved ones.

Here is the Firefly Festival in the first Summer:

In the 2nd Year, I will try to make a video of ALL Bachelors at the Firefly Festival with Freya. It is one of my favourite Festivals in Harvest Moon...

A Frog Transformed into a Witch Princess

To complete the Quest of the Green Bell in Animal Parade, you must help the Wizard transform the poor Frog in the Hut of the Witch Princess back into a Princess...

I was unable to find a method of obtaining Good Cornmeal before the beginning of Summer in the first year. As far as I know, therefore, the soonest one can complete the Green Bell Quest is the 1st week of Summer in the first year.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Blue Bell and the Melody Recreation Apparatus

Animal Parade is deeply linked to music. Most shops have musical names and the name of the village is Harmonica Town. In fact, Harmonica Town is one gigantic musical apparatus, designed to play the Town Melody when the proper items are set in motion.

Although the strategy is not difficult, the Event is highly entertaining and I therefore made a video about it:

The very name of 'Melody Recreation Apparatus' is characteristic of Harvest Moon. Remember all of the long, involved names of Daryl's inventions in HMDS and Cute DS?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

One of the Biggest Differences between ToT and AP

I know that Mayor Hamilton made a special visit on the 10th day of Spring to WARN me about this, but I always have to test everything myself. In ToT, i was delighted to discover that you actually could grow Crops out of season. Admittedly, when a Crop continued to grow after its designated Season, its growth was much slower, but you still could manage to eke a few out-of-season Crops from your Land. This option was extremely helpful to a new Farmer, especially if you unlocked new Crops rather late in any given Season.

Well, Animal Parade reverts to traditional Harvest Moon form. On the 1st Day of any new Season, all of last Season's Crops still in the ground will wither and die. I have provided concrete proof in the form of a screenshot. Naturally, I didn't subject my own life to this sort of devastation... I reloaded immediately to a safe date where I could harvest all of my Spring Crops before they were wasted...

I confess I rather miss that aspect of Tree of Tranquility though. I only obtained access to Taylor's Seed Catalogue in the last week of Spring. How much more convenient it would have been if I could have grown Wheat in Summer as well as Spring!

Incidentally, I made a very wasteful miscalculation in Animal Parade in the first Spring. If all Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games had Seasons of equal length, this mistake would not have occurred. In some games, there are 30 days to each Season but in others, such as Animal Parade, the Season lasts only 28 days. You MUST be conscious of this if you plant crops late in the season. I had unlocked Level 2 Crops in the last week of Spring and was determined to grow as many of them as possible. I did the Maths, but my calculations ALL were wrong, based on the fact that I allocated a full 30 days to the Season. Most of the new Crops required AT LEAST FIVE DAYS to mature. Planting them on the 24th and 25th, they had only 3 or 4 days to mature and thus were doomed.

This sort of error is easy to make when you are involved in more than one Harvest Moon game simultaneously. I still am working on Sunshine Islands and the Calendar in that game does not match the one in Animal Parade... Very annoying!

Introduction to the Witch Princess and Wizard in Animal Parade

These two Characters are among my own personal favourites. The Witch Princess is an old favourite, but I quickly have become enchanted with the Wizard as well:

Telephone Delivery is a Luxury Service in Animal Parade

The first upgrade in the Menu at the General Store is a cause for great rejoicing as it gives you the options to purchase an Ice Cream Maker, a Refrigerator and a Telephone. Regrettably, the 'Small' Refrigerator that is offered is truly smaller than I ever would have imagined, consisting of no more than 5 slots! Even so, it is worth the price to some one who never has enough storage space...

I mention the Ice Cream Maker only because it is my favourite food and it is delightful to be able to whip up a number of different ice cream concoctions in Animal Parade. It is not really as significant a purchase as the Telephone, however.

The Telephone, both in Tree of Tranquility and in Animal Parade, allows you to order goods from local merchants without leaving your house. Before the letter from Barbar arrived to announce the upgrade, I clocked the time it took to travel from the Lighthouse back to my Farmhouse riding my trusty Cow. It took almost 40 minutes... One therefore could be forgiven for applauding the arrival of modern catalogue purchasing power.

In all honesty, it was the opportunity to buy seeds from Taylor that excited me most as it probably will be a player's first chance to expand the variety of Crops he/she can grow. I noticed an instant difference in price between the Seeds sold at the Marimba Farm and the same Seeds when offered by Taylor. Taylor's price was double that of his parents.

Accessing the Marimba Farm menu via telephone, however, showed me that it is catalogue shopping in general that it far more expensive than an on-site purchase from the same shop. The seeds sold by the Marimba Farm via telephone were twice as expansive as the same Seeds that you could buy at the Farm provided you were willing to take the time to travel there. It must be the Delivery Charges that double the price of any telephone purchase!

I found this most entertaining actually. It is a nice little sociological (and political) statement on the part of the creators of Harvest Moon. You are encouraged to pursue a healthy and socially interactive life by visiting the shops yourself rather than allowing 'your fingers to do the walking' as an old telephone company advertisement put it.

Nonetheless, I shall buy some Seeds from Taylor that are not yet unlocked at the Marimba Farm.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Benefits and Dangers of Hoarding Items in Animal Parade

This is another section that is taken from my Animal Parade General Guide. As always, you can find the links to the actual Guides on the right side of this page.

In Harvest Moon but especially in Animal Parade, there are both benefits and dangers to the practice of hoarding items. I am an inveterate packrat myself. I never have sufficient storage space in any Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game. I buy all the storage items and upgrades and whenever possible, as in Tree of Tranquility, even own more than one Refrigerator and Cabinet… In both Tree of Tranquility and Animal Parade, every night before I go to bed, I must sift through the items I temporarily stashed in the Shipping Container to remove those I feel that need most, filling my Rucksack to capacity before I sleep.

In Animal Parade, you will need specific items to complete Quests and Recipes BUT it is shipping that determines Shop Levels. Only by attaining specific shipping totals will many of the Shop expand their menus when they becomes Level 2 and then Level 3 business. In other cases, it is the completion of a Bell Quest that will allow the upgrade to occur, but shipping totals are vital in Animal Parade.

You therefore need to pursue a policy that balances future needs in terms of ingredients and items with shipping requirements that unlock new options.

An interesting and very beneficial aspect of Animal Parade is the fact that items retain their original categories even when transformed into new, more valuable items through forging or cooking. In other words, although Cooking fulfils various other requirements in Animal Parade, whenever you use an item to create a Cooked Dish or Accessory, it retains its original category designation for the purpose of any Shipping Requirements that you need to satisfy.

For example, any Egg is a Ranch Product. Cook it into a Boiled Egg to make it more valuable and ship it and it STILL counts towards any Ranch Total in terms of Shipping but now with its augmented as opposed to original value. The same is true with respect to Accessories made from items found in the Mines.

One of the Shipping Requirements that you should attempt to satisfy as early as possible is that of shipping a total of 30,000G in Farm Items (Crops, Flowers, etc.) in order to persuade the Marimba Farm to expand its menu. Note that, even when you have rung the Yellow Bell and met Anissa, the menu will not be expanded until you have met the Level 3 Requirement of shipping a total of 80,000G in Farm Items. As ringing the Yellow Bell requires only the production and gift of 10 Good or Better Lettuces to Ruth, it is quite likely that you will complete the Yellow Bell Quest before you have shipped even 30,000G in Farm Items.

Similarly, shipping a total of 10,000G in Ranch Products will expand the Menu at the Horn Ranch. You can boost the value of items such as Milk and Eggs by cooking them. Using a Pot to transform Milk into Hot Milk boosts its shipping value as does the same Pot when used to transform an Egg into a Boiled Egg. Remember that many Cooked Dishes do not have any Quality Rank designation. It therefore always is a good idea to look at the value of the raw ingredient, determined by its rank. Decent Egg or Milk is more profitably used to cook a Boiled Egg or Hot Milk but Shining Egg or Shining Milk has a higher value when shipped raw.

The following are the requirements for upgrading the menus at various shops in Animal Parade:

Requirements for Business Upgrades

If you are wondering when a new type of Animal that you always wished to own will be offered by the Horn Ranch or a new variety of Crop Seed will appear at the Marimba Ranch, the answer is to be found either in your Shipping Totals or the Bell Quests that you have completed.
At the end of each day, before you fall asleep, your Shipping Totals for the Day will be displayed on a special screen. You can find all of your Totals on a page of your Farm Menu as well.
If you wondered why your Shipping Totals are divided into a number of different Categories, including Crops, Animals, Fishing, Mining and ‘Others’, it is because shipping totals in these individual categories often are linked to business upgrades. Here are the requirements for unlocking upgrades for the various businesses in Animal Parade:

Accessory Shop

Upgrade to Level 2 when you have shipped a total of 50,000G of Mining Items and have completed the Red Bell Quest
Upgrade to Level 3 when you have shipped a total of 100,000G of Mining Items

Blacksmith’s Shop or Smithy

Upgrade to Level 2 when you have completed Red Bell Quest
Upgrade to Level 3 when you have shipped a total of 15,000G of Mining Items
Upgrade ot Level 4 when you have shipped a total of 35,000G of Mining Items and have summoned the Harvest King by ringing all 5 Bells.

Brass Bar

Upgrade to Level 2 when you have shipped a total of 100,000G
Upgrade to Level 3 when you have shipped a total of 200,000G
Upgrade to level 4 when you have shipped a total of 350,000G

Carpenter’s Shop

Upgrade to Level 2 when you complete the Blue Bell Quest
Upgrade to Level 3 when you have shipped a total of 300,000G and find Luke
Upgrade to Level 4 when you have shipped a total of 500,000G

Chorale Clinic:

Upgrade to Level 2 when you complete the Blue Bell Quest.


Upgrade to Level 2 when you complete the Blue Bell Quest and experience an introduction to Captain Pascal.
Note that the Menu at the Fishery always is seasonal in nature at ANY Level.

General Store:

Upgrade to level 2 when you have shipped a total of 40,000G, completed the Red Bell Quest and found Phoebe for her parents
Upgrade to Level 3 when you have shipped a total of 120,000G
Upgrade to Level 4 when you have shipped a total of 300,000G

Horn Ranch:

Upgrade to Level 2 when you have shipped a total of 10,000G of Ranch Products
Upgrade to Level 3 when you have shipped a total of 50,000G of Ranch Products and completed the Green Bell Quest
Upgrade to Level 4 when you have shipped a total of 80,000G of Ranch Products

Marimba Farm:

Upgrade to Level 2 when you have shipped a total of 30,000G in Crops
Upgrade to Level 3 when you have shipped a total of 80,000G in Crops, completed the Yellow Bell Quest and experienced introduction to Anissa
Upgrade to Level 4 when you have shipped a total of 160,000G in Crops

Ocarina Inn

Upgrade to Level 2 when you have shipped a total of 100,000G.
Upgrade to Level 3 when you have shipped a total of 200,000G
Upgrade to Level 4 when you have shipped a total of 350,000G

Simon’s Photos

Upgrade to Level 2 when you have shipped a total of 320,000G of items that you have collected from the wilds and/or Cooked Dishes
Upgrade to Level 3 when you have shipped a total of 540,000G of items that you have collected from the wilds and/or Cooked Dishes

Sonata Tailoring

Upgrade to Level 2 when you have shipped 100,000G of Ranch Products and experienced introduction to Luna
Upgrade to Level 3 when you have shipped a total of 200,000G

Town Hall

Upgrade to Level 2 when you have shipped a total of 150,000G
Upgrade to Level 3 when you have shipped a total of 250,000G and completed the Purple Bell Quest

Energy Recovery in Animal Parade


The following is taken from my Animal Parade General Guide but I thought it might be useful to post the information here as well for those players who do not possess the patience to read my rather long, detailed guides:

Energy Recovery in Animal Parade

Energy is as valuable a commodity in any Harvest Moon game as money. One of your first priorities must be that of finding ways by which to restore your Energy while spending the least amount of money to do so. Your money is better employed for the most part in investing in farming and ranching supplies and equipment.
An exception to this is the raw fish sold initially by Ozzie at the Fishery. For only 30G, you can buy raw Goby and for 40G, a raw Sardine. Eaten raw, these will not provide sufficient Energy values but when cooked on a bonfire using Matches, they are transformed into rather decent Recovery items. You can catch these fish easily as well but fishing is time-consuming, and I would advise you to keep a nice stack of Grilled Sardines in your Rucksack for use in the Mines or elsewhere whenever your Energy flags.
Early purchases that will increase your potential to create Energy Recovery items are as follows:
Investment in a box of Matches requires 480G. A Cutting Board costs 1500G and a Pot costs 2000G. A Mixer costs 1200G. Of the four, the Matches will be the most useful in the very first week.
With Matches, you can grill almost ANY fish that you catch. The value of the item when shipped will depend on the identity of the Fish.
With a Cutting Board, you can chop almost any Fish that you catch into Sashimi. At the start of the game, you probably will not be able to create anything better in quality than Decent Sashimi, as the quality of the Cooked Dish when it is made with Fish depends on the total combined shipping value of all the items used in it. The 3 Char that you receive as a Gift could be made into Good Sashimi possibly, but most of the Fish you catch can be translated only into Decent Sashimi. Note that, unlike the Grilled Dishes, the Fish you use will lose their individual identities when made into Sashimi. Decent Sashimi has a single shipping value, irrespective of the identity of the Fish used to create it, in other words. Good, Perfect and Shining Sashimi have higher shipping values than Decent Sashimi, but you will be capable mainly of making Decent Sashimi in the early Spring. I therefore would recommend the Matches over the Cutting Board as an initial purchase for use in cooking Fish Dishes.
Note that Chase’s Quest will start with a requirement for a Dish made with a Cutting Board. You therefore will need a Cutting Board early in the game to pursue his Quest, but not necessarily in the first week! His Quest cannot be triggered until you have completed the Red Bell Quest.
It may be useful to compare Shippiing Values and Energy Values in the form of Stamina Recovery or SR.
A raw Sardine ships for 17G. A raw Rainbow Trout ships for 109G, and a raw Catfish ships for 106G. When Grilled on a Bonfire, they may gain or lose in shipping values, depending on the type of Fish, but ALWAYS gain in Stamina Recovery.
A Grilled Rainbow Trout has a shipping value of 68G but it has an Energy Recovery value of 90SR. A Grilled Sardine has a shipping value of 27G and an Energy Recovery value of 90SR. Grilled Catfish has a shipping value of 116G and an Energy Recovery Value of 110SR. All of these values will be included in my Animal Parade Items List Guide.
In the early days, you need to be aware of shipping values of every item you obtain. You therefore would be better advised to ship your Rainbow Trout raw and to use Sardines to make Grilled Sardines in terms of benefiting most from these items.
Even Decent Sashimi fares no better in terms of Shipping Values of the Fish used. Decent Sashimi ships for 80G and has an Energy Recovery value of 80SR.
Obviously, shops charge more when selling items than you would receive if you shipped the same items. Buy Sardines from Ozzie only if you wish to Grill them for use as Energy Recovery items.
The Pot is a very useful early purchase even though it is more costly than some. With a Pot, you can take ANY of the coloured Herbs you collect throughout the Map and make Herbal Tea. Herbal Tea has roughly the same Energy Recovery value as a Grilled Fish.
The shipping values of wild Herbs is fairly low, although they do vary from colour to colour. The Blue Herb is one of the most valuable at 60G. Purple and Green Herbs are at the low end of the scale at 30G. As far as wild fruits are concerned, the Blueberry is marginally more valuable than the Raspberry at 60G as opposed to 50G.
When any Herb is made into Herbal Tea using a Pot, the shipping value becomes 52G. The Energy Value is 80 SR. Whether you cook it in a Pot to ship or to use as a Recovery Item, the Purple Herb is more valuable when converted into Herbal Tea. Herbs of any colour, as previously mentioned, can be used to great benefit as dyes for Threads but you probably will not be able to afford a Yarn Maker even if you could unlock one in the first fortnight of the game. At Level 1, however, only the Butter Maker will be available at the General Store.
Other easy Recipes for a Pot include Boiled Egg and Hot Milk, each of which requires only a single ingredient.
A Decent Chicken Egg ships for 50G. A Boiled Egg ships for more thanTWICE that at 120G with an Energy Recovery value of 100 SR. Decent Milk ships for 170G, while the same milk converted into Hot Milk ships for 283G with an Energy Recovery Value of 130 SR. As you can see, it is very profitable to convert your Decent Animal Products into simple Cooked Dishes. Note that you can obtain Milk from Sheep and Goats as well in Animal Parade and Eggs from Ostriches and Ducks.
Another easy Dish that can be made in a Pot is Jam but you need 2 Fruits of a specific variety to make it. Blueberry Jam, made with 2 Blueberries ships for 120G with a powerful Energy Recovery Value of 150 SR. Raspberry Jam, made with 2 Raspberries, similarly has an Energy Recovery Value of 150 SR, although its shipping value is slightly lower at 100G.
This brings us to a discussion of the Mixer, which can be purchased for 1200G from Barbara at the General Store. A Mixer can be used to make easy single-ingredient Dishes in the form of Juices. Although there is an advantage to doing so in terms of using fewer ingredients, the shipping values and Energy Values are lower than the corresponding Jams that could be made using two of the same fruit and a Pot.
For example, Blackberry Juice requires a single Blueberry and has a shipping value of 70G and Energy Recovery Value of 80 SR. Raspberry Juice likewise requires a single Raspberry and has a slightly lower shipping value of 60G but the same Energy Value of 80 SR.
The advantages provided by a Mixer are considerable as well, however, as it is used to create Perfumes and Medicines. With two of the Tulips that you can harvest in Spring, you can create Decent Perfume with a shipping value of 390G. Flowers can be used to creat Dyes as well and are very good gifts for most Characters. Interestingly enough, as in Tree of Tranquility, you CAN drink Perfume in a pinch for Energy Recovery, although its value as such is low, restoring only 10 SR.
Medicines are extremely useful items that are made in a Mixer. Honey is an ingredient in many Medicines. In early Spring, before you have been able to obtain Honey from bees, you can purchase Decent Honey for 100G from Ruth at the Marimba Farm. I would not advise it, however. Many Medicines can be obtained by smashing a Mole on the head with your Hammer whenever he appears in any of the Mines. You can obtain even the marvelously powerful Bodigizer XL from the Mole as soon as you have access to the Watery Cave, although the item you obtain is randomly chosen by the game. If you are determined to make your own medicine before you have access to your own Honey, the Recipe for Bodigizer requires Red Herb, Pontata Root and Honey. Bodigizer XL is made with Purple Herb, Pontata Root, Honey and an Egg.
All Recipes will be found in my Animal Parade Cookbook Recipe Guide. These are merely a few examples of Cooked Dishes that can be made.
In view of the number and type of Recipes that can be made immediately after purchasing the appropriate Cooking Utensil, my own recommendation would be to purchase the Matches first and the Pot second. Obviously, you will need ALL the Cooking Utensils ultimately but these two are the most practical at the start of the first Spring season.
There is another source of Energy Recovery in Harvest Moon that does not require any monetary investment and does not involve Cooking. The Hot Springs that are found in most Harvest Moon games can restore all or almost all of your Energy when used, depending on your maximum Stamina.
In Animal Parade, unlike Tree of Tranquility, you will not be able to use any Hot Spring at the start of the game. With the weakening of the natural power of Fire, the Hot Springs as well as the fires of the forge are cold. Your character will be unable to enter any Hot Spring until the Red Bell rings through the land, restoring the power of Fire everywhere.
Once the Red Bell Quest is completed, you will be able to use the Hot Spring behind your farmhouse once per day. Hot Springs are found in the Mines as well and can be used once per day. This is an extremely useful resource and a compelling reason to complete the Red Bell Quest as quickly as possible!
As in other Harvest Moon games, you can purchase Cooked Dishes at the restaurants but it is far less expensive to make those Dishes in your own kitchen if you can.

Cooking in Animal Parade

In my own first game, I had no trouble purchasing any Cooking Utensil from the General Store in the first week of Spring, and yet other players have emailed me asking why they are unable to buy Cooking Utensils. The option is 'locked' in their games.

In many Harvest Moon games, cooking or shipping Cooked Dishes can unlock some new options or bring rewards. As soon as Bo repaired the Garmon Mines District Bridge in my first game (Wednesday in the first week of Spring), I bought the Matches and began to use them rather lavishly. I bought Sardines from Ozzie as well as catching my own fish and grilled all of them, saving most of the Grilled Sardines for use as Recovery Items and shipping the rest.

I was not certain why one should purchase Recipes when you can experiment in your Kitchen to add the same Recipe to your Cookbook without paying anything at all, but to be on the safe siad, in case there was some hidden virtue to the actual purchases, I bought the inexpensive Herbal Tea Recipe from Irene, the Grilled Sardines Recipe from Ozzie and a Boiled Egg Recipe from Hanna in Flute Fields.

Furthermore, in the first week, I went from house to house, collecting all the Recipes from the various kitchens.

It is possible that any one who is unable to buy items that should be available at Level 1 at any of the Shops has failed to perform one of the above. I can't imagine what else could prevent the purchase.

Althought there is a link between the FORGES and the Red Bell, there was no impediment to me either with respect to purchasing or using any Kitchen Utensil before I completed the Red Bell Quest. That rather surprised me, I confess, as I initially assumed I'd only be able to use the Matches and Cutting Board before the power of Fire was restored, but that was not the case at all.

Incidentally, for those who may be interested, I will try to have a preliminary Animal Parade Cookbook Recipes Guide on IGN later today. If there is no real virtue to purchasing the Recipes from shops, then a Recipes Guide will be of significant benefit to players who haven't the time or inclination to experiment intensively in their kitchens.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Unlocking New Options in Animal Parade


My Walkthroughs tend to be very detailed. In fact, some players may consider them TOO detailed, because I enjoy the text of character Dialogues and Events and therefore often include them in my Guides.

If you read my Animal Parade Walkthrough, it still is not quite as detailed as I would like it to be, but I do update it daily. It will include all necessary Events and Dialogues and at present, includes the entire Animal Whistle Quest, the Red Bell Quest and the starting Events and Dialogues for all the other Bell Quests apart from Edge's Bell.

If you do not read my Walkthrough, there is a general rule that you can follow that will allow you to unlock every new option that does not depend on obtaining actual Items:


This is the key to most Harvest Moon and even Rune Factory Events and the key to unlocking new options in both series. If you do not experience a key Dialogue, often you cannot unlock a new Character or option. Coversation is important in any Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game for other reasons as well. It provides vital information about a Character's likes and dislikes. It usually raises Heart Levels, although not as much as an actual desired Gift would.

In Tree of Tranquility and Animal Parade, enter every Shop or building that is open to speak to every Character inside. Go behind the counter to speak to any individual who is working. If you see some one wandering about outside anywhere on the Map, speak to him or her. Follow EVERY path on the map. Use the 'Check' option when it appears.

Note that you must enter specific screens in order to trigger Events. You will encounter Chase for the first time when you enter the Church Grounds, but you have to walk in the right direction to do so. If you cannot trigger the Event, leave the screen and re-enter. You simply have to walk towards the right area in the Church Grounds.

Meeting Mira for the first time in Tree of Tranquility required a similar movement. In my first game, I triggered the Event immediately. In my second game, I forgot to walk towards the right path and failed to trigger the Event until I remembered to do so.

An excellent, but too often ignored resource both in Tree of Tranquility and Animal Parade is the Map that you carry everywhere you go. In Animal Parade, simply press the '1' button to open your Map. (In fact, this proved awkward for me initially, as the '1' Button had a quite different function in the last game I played on the Wii, so I initially would press it, thinking I would open my Rucksack and open the Map instead...)

The Map not only shows you where places of interest are located. If you use the 'Zoom' function by pressing the 'Z' Button, then press 'A' at any designated location, you will see the hours of operation of any business, as well as the day on which the business is shut. Referring to your Map therefore can prevent you from wasting considerable time in the early stages of the game when you are likely to slog off to a shop only to discover that it is shut...

Much time is spent in both games in walking to and from different Districts. Do not waste any of that time. When you visit a District, take Gifts for every one. Speak to every one and visit every Shop, not only in order to buy items that you need, but to trigger new Events. If you fail to find a Character who should have been unlocked at the start of the game, it is because you did not experience the necessary dialogue or event...

Your Horse in Sunshine Islands

This is nothing more than a quick post about an aspect of the game that has bewildered many players (including me, initially!) In Island of Happiness, you could ride your horse... although Sunshine Islands follows Island of Happiness in many respects, you NEVER can ride your Horse in Sunshine Islands. It is not a question of allowing the Horse to become an adult as in earlier Harvest Moon games. Nor is it a question of Heart levels. Even at maximum 10 Hearts, you cannot ride the Horse.

The Pets who live in your Stable can be entered in Animal Contests. You can practice the mini-game (that constitutes the method by which the actual Contest is won) for each Pet daily. The Horse pulls a little sled in the mini-game and that is ALL he/she does in Sunshine Islands. The Dog catches a flying disc or 'frisbee'. The Cat plays with a toy on a stick.

Note that your chances of winning the Animal Contests improve as the Pets' Heart Levels increase but the 'Mood' of the Pet always is random. Even at maximum 10 hearts, the Horse can be out of sorts when you enter the Contest and resist. The Dog can display the 'black cloud' at 10 Hearts and be restricted to the distance to which this Mood will restrict him/her. The Cat may be inattentive and slow to respond initially...

Always save your game BEFORE you go to Meadow Island to compete in any Animal Contest that involves a Pet. Although training speeds will improve, the mood of the Animal during the actual Contest could be poor. YOu can win an Animal Contest even at a low heart level if you are lucky. You can lose it if you are unlucky even at maximum Heart Level. The chances of loading a GOOD Mood or GOOD level of attention initially improve with increase in Heart Levels but you always can be given a bad result at random...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another Beguiling Silver-Haired Bachelor in Animal Parade

As soon as I caught sight of him, my heart was set on winning the Harvest King in Animal Parade... or so I thought, until I met the Wizard. I had suspicions from the start that I would be susceptible to the Wizard as well... after all, he has long silver hair and he works magic... and although he is aloof, he is not quite a god, making him easier to court. What really sealed my fate, however, was the way I felt about his relationship with the Witch Princess. Although she is not an official Rival, the thought of another woman being close to him made me JEALOUS. Not an emotion I encourage in myself even in real life, but it made me aware of the necessity of marrying him at least in one file. So I probably shall split my game after courting all the Bachelors, then marry the Wizard in one file and save the other for the Harvest King. For those players who never played ToT, I would recommend one of the original Bachelors, at least in your first game. Having played Tree of Tranquility rather extensively at one point, I went through the Courtship and Marriage Events with every Bachelor before I chose one as the father of my child.
It makes perfect sense, therefore, for me to choose other new characters in Animal Parade... As usual, though, I shall court ALL bachelors and even propose to them all if I can before I settle down with any one.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Animal Parade First Day Walkthrough


A little Walkthrough for the first week in Spring has been added to my General Guide but I do not know if it will be uploaded before Monday afternoon. I therefore thought it might be useful if I copied the information here.

First Day Walkthrough

If you follow this Walkthrough religiously, you will have a full set of tools by Wednesday and in fact, will have every basic tool apart from the Hammer on the first day of gameplay.

Begin your Day at 10.00 a.m. on 2 Spring by walking northwest towards the Garmon Mine District to find Bo at the broken bridge. Here you will obtain an Axe as well as a Quest to recover his Toolbox from Mayor Hamilton so that he can fix the bridge. The Bridge is the only connection at present between Harmonica Town and the Garmon Mine District. Until it is repaired, you will not be able to visit the Blacksmith, Carpenter, General Store OR the Garmon Mine and Harvest Goddess Spring. If you waste no time and spend your money judiciously, you can induce Bo to fix the Bridge by Wednesday morning on the 4th Day of Spring.

To do this, your next step is to visit Harmonica Town. Go to the Town Hall to speak to Mayor Hamilton. He will ask you to meet every one in Harmonica Town.

Harmonica Town is built in tiers and is extremely picturesque. In fact, as you explore the narrow walkways that lead upward from shop to shop, you will find access to rooftops and tiny elevated gardens.

Within this shopping area are the following:
Simon's Photos
Sonata Tailoring
Chorale Clinic
Brass Bar
Ocarina Inn
Wizard’s House

The School will be untenanted at this point and the Wizard’s house will be locked. You can enter all the other businesses, however, to experience little Events in each.

At the Sonata Tailoring, you will meet Shelly and her granddaughter, Candace. Luna, sister of Candace, is absent, and the business is in a terrible state.

As you walk towards the Brass Bar, you will experience your introduction to Kathy. She will take you into the Bar, shut usually during the day, in order to serve you a cup of tea. There you will meet her father, Hayden.

When you enter the Ocarina Inn, you will experience an Event with Yolanda and Maya, her granddaughter. Maya will give you a Cookie and suggest that you eat it ‘when you are tired’. This is a clue as to the potency of Sweets against Fatigue.

Before you go to any other shops, walk west towards the end of the Pier to experience an introduction to Jake and Colleen, owners of the Ocarina Inn and Maya’s parents. Now, when you return to the Inn, they will be inside working as well.

At the Chorale Clinic, Irene will inform you that the Doctor, Jin, is absent, and urge you to stay healthy as her abilities are limited.

At the Fishery, you will meet only Ozzie, but he will mention Toby and Paolo and tell you that you may be able to find them in Flute Fields. He will give you 3 Char.

Throughout the map, you should be alert for wild animals. In Harmonica Town on the first day, you should be able to find an Orange Tabby and a White Tabby Cat as well as a Collie. Pet them all to earn a little affection with them.

You must leave the shopping area and walk north into the Church Grounds in order to meet the other Characters. Enter the Church first to experience an Event with Mira and Perry. Afterwards, go west into the Church Grounds to experience an Event that introduces you to Chase.

In the Church Grounds area, you can meet two more dogs, a Beagle and Pyrenees as well as a Black Cat.

When you have met all possible Characters in this area, Finn will announce the fact and suggest that you return to speak to Hamilton. Now, when you confront the Mayor again, he will give you Bo’s Toolbox and ask you to deliver it to him.

If you wish to explore the Lighthouse in this first visit to Harmonica Town, you will find a puzzle there in picture form... one clue is missing, however.

You should be able to complete all of these Events by 3.30 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. Now you must go to the other end of the Map, to Flute Fields in the northeast, in order to make the most of your first day.

You may wish to save your game at your Ranch on the way to Flute Fields in case something goes wrong. You probably should organise the contents of your Rucksack as well. With so many gifts, you will have no empty slots if you do not store some items either in your Tool Box or in the shipping container temporarily.

The Shipping Containers throughout the Map can be used for temporary storage as long as you empty out the items you wish to keep BEFORE you go to bed at night. Items are shipped after you go to sleep.

In Flute Fields, your first destinations will be Marimba Farm, Horn Ranch and the Watermill. When you go to Marimba Farm, you will meet Craig, Ruth and Taylor. Players of Tree of Tranquility will remember how Taylor had left the area before they ever moved to the Islands. In Animal Parade, you have the opportunity to witness the historical argument between Taylor and his father. In fact, when you meet Taylor alone outside, he will go off on his journey to find Seeds strengthened with your support. In return, he will give you 9 Cabbage Seeds.

Pop into Chase's house and search his kitchen for a Recipe for Tomato Risotto before you leave.

Your primary goal at this point is to persuade Bo to repair the bridge. If you wish to rush back to the Garmon Mine Bridge to give Bo the two items tonight, you can do so before the first day ends. You can do this in a single visit tomorrow as well if you take ALL the items he requests with you. After you give him the Toolbox, he will ask for a Strawberry and some Milk as he is far too famished to work properly. You can purchase the Strawberry from Ruth at Marimba Farm and the Milk from Hanna at Horn Ranch. You will begin the game with 1000G. Buying the two items is a good investment as it will give you access to the General Store on the 2nd or 3rd day of the game, on 3 or 4 Spring. The reason you need the earliest possible access to the General Store is to purchase Matches. With Matches, you will be able to grill fish!

Go now to Horn Ranch and enter the main building to meet Hanna and obtain a Sickle, then go into the Barn to find Cain. He will offer you a Calf! Choose the colour you prefer and he will give you both the Calf and a Brush.

Make one last stop at the main building today to purchase some Fodder for your new animal. Remember that Horn Ranch is shut on Wednesday and plan accordingly. Do not forget to purchase Millk from Hanna as well.

On your way home, take the little detour to the Watermill and you will experience an Event with Toby. After introducing himself to you, he will give you his old Fishing Rod. Now you can fish!

When you go home, you will find that you have many chores to do. First, you must make certain that you feed your new Calf and brush her. Then you must water existing crops and plant new ones. Tilling the soil may yield some added income randomly as gold coins often are found in the earth.

On the 1st day of gameplay on 2 Spring, I found no wild items anywhere, but on the morning of 3 Spring, you should be able to find Common Mushrooms, various Coloured Herbs, Raspberries, Sea Urchins and Seashells in the fields and on the beaches.
Remember that shipping is calculated after you go to bed. If you have been able to catch any fish, you may wish to ship them.

On your first day, you will find three ripe Turnips in your ‘starter’ field. You can ship all three or ship two and keep one... you need to have more than 400G to purchase the Matches on Wednesday at the General Store.

On the morning of 3 Spring, after feeding your Calf, brushing her and using the large Bell to send her out in the Field, provided the weather is fine, go immediately to the broken Bridge, making certain that the Toolbox, the Strawberry and the Milk are in your Rucksack. You will find Bo there even at 6.00 a.m. Give him the Toolbox and he will speak of his hunger, requesting a Strawberry and some Milk. Give each item to him and he will pronounce himself ready to tackle the project of repairing the Bridge. He will tell you that he will visit you when the repair has been completed.

It takes one full day for Bo to repair the Bridge. You begin the game on Monday, 2 Spring. If you give Bo the three items on Monday, 2 Spring, you will be able to visit the Garmon Mine District on Tuesday, 3 Spring. If you give him the items on Tuesday, you will be able to visit Garmon Mines District on Wednesday, 4 Spring. This schedule is important because all the businesses in the Garmon Mines District are shut on Thursday. If you do not give Bo all three items on Tuesday, you will not be able to buy Matches at the General Store on Wednesday. If you complete the sequence one day later and unlock the Garmon Mines District on Thursday, you will be required to wait until Friday to shop.

Although there are no time limits for completing Quests and Tasks, making an effort to complete all the above in the first day will make your entire life easier. Energy is a priority always at the start of any Harvest Moon games. The items you find in the wilds do not recover much Stamina, but a Grilled Fish will!

My Walkthrough enables you to begin the Red Bell Quest on Friday, 6 Spring as you can complete the Animal Whistle Quest without any trouble on Thursday, 5 Spring, even when the Shops in the Garmon Mine District are shut, provided you follow all the Steps of speaking to all the Characters in the Garmon Mines Shops on Wednesday after attempting to follow the path to the Harvest Goddess Spring.

When you meet the Harvest Goddess, the 'main' Story begins as she sets you the Quest to ring all the Bells in order to restore the Goddess Tree. The 'Bells Quests' in Animal Parade are the equivalent of the Rainbow Quests in Tree of Tranquility and each Bell is allocated to one of the Harvest Sprites that you met in ToT. Meeting the Harvest Goddess will result in the gift of your first Power Berry, increasing your Maximum Stamina.

Although you can 'take your time' in completing any goal and indeed various Characters will recommend this, completion of the Red Bell Quest offers so many benefits in the form of FIRE POWER that it is a goal you may wish to exert yourself to complete as quickly as possible.

Animal Whistle Quest

Animal Parade Calendar of Birthdays and Festivals

This is the Calendar of Birthdays and Festivals I created for the Animal Parade General Guide.

Here is my preliminary Calendar of Birthdays and Festivals. The items listed with each Birthday are 'suggested easy gifts'. What this means is that they are items that you can obtain very easily even at the start of the game and if not the 'Most Favourite Gift', nonetheless a Birthday Gift that will be acknowledged happily and therefore will raise Friendship/Affection Levels as well as eliciting an acknowledgement that it is the Character's Birthday.

Note that you must have at least 10 Characters at 3 Hearts in order to begin the Purple Bell Quest. Remembering Birthdays is an excellent way to start.

Although the Birthdays of all Eligible Bachelors will be included on your Calendar if your Character is a Girl and similarly, the Birthdays of all Eligible Girls included if your Character is male, no other Birthdays ever are added, even when you give a Gift to some one on his/her Birthday.

The only Gifts that will be recognised AS Birthday Gifts by any Character are those items that meet with a response either of a 'burst of hearts' or a 'single heart'. The Gifts that are received with a burst of musical notes, while accepted happily by an individual, will not elicit any Birthday acknowledgement.
The dates of all Birthdays and Festivals are listed in this Calendar with a suggested Birthday Gift in brackets next to each Birthday. The Items may not be a ‘Most Favourite Gift’ but it will be a gift that is easy to obtain and one that is inexpensive and yet will raise Friendship and Love Levels. For each Season, all Crops and Flowers that can be grown have been listed as well as all Items found in the Wilds. A Fish section has been included for each Season, providing a list of those varieties of Fish that can be caught ONLY in that specific Season or during two Seasons at most. More detailed information about ALL varieties of Fish is provided in the Fishing section of the Guide as well as the Items Shipping List Guide. Where I have listed ‘Sea Urchin’ as a preferred Gift, it indicates for the most part that ANY raw shellfish collected at the shore would be acceptable, including Mussels, Oysters and Clams. Shellfish tends to be seasonal.


Spring Crops

Spring Crops are as follows:
Single Harvest Crops: Cabbage, Lettuce, Potato, Spicy Pepper, Turnip
Multiple Harvest Crops: Cocoa, Flax, Strawberry, Wheat
Spring Flowers: Hyacinth, Lavender, Pansy, Pinkcat Flower, Tulip
Items found in the Wilds: Blue Herb, Green Herb, Purple Herb, Yellow Herb, Blueberry, Raspberry
On the Beach: Sea Urchins

Spring Fish

Spring and Summer: Dorado,
Spring and Autumn: Mackerel, Skull Jellyfish
Spring and Winter: Huchen, Pacific Halibut, Pacific Herring, Rock Trout, Tarpon, Yellowtail

Spring Festivals and Birthdays

5 Spring: Ramsey’s Birthday (Herbal Tea, Turnip)
6 Spring: Ruth’s Birthday (Tulip, Sakura Seashell)
9 Spring: Toby’s Birthday (Sea Urchin, Sakura Sea Shell)
13 Spring: Hamilton’s Birthday (Tulip)
14 Spring: Flower Festival
17 Spring: Phoebe’s Birthday (Mushroom (White), Iron or any Refined Ore, Yellow Wonderful)
20 Spring: Perry’s Birthday (Tulip, Herbal Tea)
21 Spring: Hayden’s Birthday (Sea Urchin, any cocktail)
22 Spring: Theodore’s Circus
23 Spring: Chase’s Birthday (Sea Urchin)
25 Spring: Luna’s Birthday (Tulip, Sakura Seashell)
27 Spring: Sue’s Birthday (Tulip, Pineapple Juice)
28 Spring: Animal Festival


Summer Crops

Single Harvest Crops: Blue Herb, Cucumber, Green Herb, Honeydew, Onion, Sugarcane, Tea Leaves, Watermelon
Multiple Harvest Crops: Corn, Tomato
Summer Flowers: Begonia, Hibiscus, Lily, Morning Glory, Sunflower
Items Found in the Wilds: Green Herb, Purple Herb, Red Herb, Yellow Herb, Blackberry, Raspberry
On the Beach: Mussels and Oysters

Summer Fish

Spring and Summer: Dorado
Summer and Autumn: Bonito, Conger Eel, King Salmon

Summer Festivals and Birthdays

3 Summer: Kathy’s Birthday (Sea Urchin, Mussel)
6 Summer: Cain’s Birthday (Boiled Egg, Corn)
7 Summer: Firefly Festival
8 Summer: Luke’s Birthday (Tulip, Banana)
10 Summer: Yolanda’s Birthday (Herbal Tea, Boiled Egg)
14 Summer: Dale’s Birthday (Remedy, any Cocktail)
17 Summer: Summer Festival
18 Summer: Owen’s Birthday (Boiled Egg, Sea Urchin, Mussel)
19 Summer: Taylor’s Birthday (Tulip)
21 Summer: Samson’s Birthday (Coconut, Hibiscus)
23 Summer: Barbara’s Birthday (Tulip, Pinkcat Flower)
26 Summer: Selena’s Birthday (Sakura Seashell, Sea Urchin, Mussel)
27 Summer: Chloe’s Birthday (Tulip)


Autumn Crops

Single Harvest Crops: Carrot, Grape, Purple Herb, Red Herb, Rice, Spinach
Multiple Harvest Crops: Bell Pepper, Eggplant, Pumpkin, Yam
Autumn Flowers: Blue Mist, Chrysanthemum, Cosmos, Moondrop, Rose
Items Found in the Wilds: Blue Herb, Green Herb, Red Herb, Yellow Herb, Blueberry, Cranberry
On the Beach: Clams

Autumn Fish

Spring and Autumn: Mackerel, Skull Jellyfish
Summer and Autumn: Bonito, Conger Eel, King Salmon
Autumn Only: Salmon
Autumn and Winter: Angler Fish and Cod

Autumn Festivals and Birthdays

2 Autumn: Bo’s Birthday (Tulip, Mushroom*)
5 Autumn: Renee’s Birthday (Sakura Sea Shell, Sea Urchin, Mussel)
6 Autumn: Craig’s Birthday (Raspberry Cocktail, any Cocktail)
14 Autumn: Moon Festival
16 Autumn: Anissa’s Birthday (Tulip, Blue Herb, Herbal Tea)
20 Autumn: Irene’s Birthday (Purple Herb, Herbal Tea)
21 Autumn: Julius’ Birthday (Tulip, Rose, Herbal Tea)
22 Autumn: Theodore’s Circus
24 Autumn: Maya’s Birthday (Sea Urchin, Mussel)
27 Autumn: Harvest Festival
28 Autumn: Jake’s Birthday (Hyacinth, any Cocktail)


Winter Crops

Single Harvest Crops: Buckwheat, Yellow Herb
Multiple Harvest Crops: None
Winter Flowers: Anemone, Green Bell Flower, Snowflake Flower
Items found in the Wilds: Blue Herb, Green Herb, Purple Herb, Red Herb, Blackberry, Cranberry
On the Beach: Laver Seaweed

Winter Fish

Autumn and Winter: Angler Fish and Cod
Spring and Winter: Huchen, Pacific Halibut, Pacific Herring, Rock Trout, Tarpon, Yellowtail

Winter Festivals and Birthdays

2 Winter: Gill’s Birthday (Tomato Juice, Blue Herb, Remedy)
3 Winter: Pascal’s Birthday (Sea Urchin)
4 Winter: Hanna’s Birthday (Sakura Seashell, Morning Glory)
5 Winter: Harmony Day Festival
7 Winter: Candace’s Birthday (Snowflake Flower, Herbal Tea)
8 Winter: Simon’s Birthday ( Remedy, Yam)
10 Winter: Mira’s Birthday (Sakura Seashell)
11 Winter: Starry Night Festival
12 Winter: Colleen’s Birthday (Rose, any Cocktail)
14 Winter: Calvin’s Birthday (Sea Urchin, Boiled Egg, any Cocktail)
19 Winter: Shelly’s Birthday (Tulip, Sakura Seashell)
20 Winter: Paolo’s Birthday (Sea Urchin, any Shellfish)
22 Winter: Theodore’s Circus
23 Winter: Ozzie’s Birthday (Sea Urchin)
26 Winter: Jin’s Birthday (Herbal Tea)
28 Winter: New Year’s Festival

*Mushroom is the White Mushroom, not the Common Mushroom

Friday, November 13, 2009

Move Over, Harvest Goddess! The Harvest King Beckons...

Those of us who played Harvest Moon Cute on the DS have a passing acquaintance with the Harvest King, but it is in Animal Parade that we actually are given an opportunity to interact with him. In fact, if you play the game as a girl, you actually (Be still, my heart, be still!) can court and MARRY him! In More Friends of Mineral Town, you had the choice of marrying a Magical Being in the form of the Kappa, but that green creature of the waters never appealed to me as a romantic partner. The Harvest King on the other hand, is everything a romantic soul could crave, physically and spiritually!

I expect players can guess that I will 'set my Cap' for him!

Incidentally, he can be found, very appropriately on the Mountaintop and his favoured Gifts include Shining Grapes, Shining Apples and Apple and Grape Cocktails.

Well, I have a long way to go if I expect to gain his attention, let alone his exalted HEART! Best take the first faltering steps towards success in Animal Parade...

Later: IGN published my very preliminary General Guide for Animal Parade. Its purpose at this point in time is to establish the URL as well as giving as many little facts as I could provide in a few hours. By Monday, the Guide should be a lot bigger and far more useful. I tried to create a little Calendar of Birthdays and Festivals. I have followed ToT official birthdays for characters who are in both games. If I am mistaken, I'll have to 'eat my words', but birthdays usually are consistent for characters from game to game.

Animal Parade Marches Joyously into my Heart

This is nothing more than an announcement that my own copy of Animal Parade has arrived, complete with darling Duck and Sunshine Island's Pink Pig! I will begin my General Guide for Animal Parade now and hope that I can race against the clock to send at least a preliminary version to IGN before their deadline of 4.00 p.m. (PST) on a Friday afternoon... the Friday in question being Friday the 13th! This is a day that actually was NOT considered unlucky in many pagan traditions... it obviously has been lucky for me personally today.

The music at the portal of your new Adventure in Animal Parade could not have been calculated better to rouse my own excitement. It is traditional 'carousel' music, a stirring march that transports me instantly to one of my favourite memories from chilchood. I love the carousel. I still love it. When I mount one of those brightly-caparisoned wooden steeds and feel the wind in my hair as I ride the magical circle of enchantment of chilchood, my cares gradually are stripped from me and all the burdens of adulthood can be pushed to the back of my soul for a few golden moments. Animal Parade very fittingly has the same sort of music as the player spiritually mounts the 'ride' to adventure... (The Wii instruction to: 'Put on and tighten your wrist strap' only strengthens the illusion of riding a carousel actually, remembering the leather straps to be worn as a child to prevent an untimely tumble from the horse.)

If you watch the opening film in Animal Parade carefully, you won't need a Game Guide from me.... Although that statement isn't entirely accurate, it is a marvelous, enchanting film and it DOES give hints as to most of the vital elements and options in Animal Parade.

Another heartfelt thanks to Natsume!

N.B. No, I am NOT finished with Sunshine Islands by any means, but I would like to make a start on Animal Parade.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Severe Storms in Sunshine Islands


The following information about Severe Storms is included in my General Guide for Sunshine Islands but as some of it is generally applicable to Harvest Moon, I thought I would include it in a post as well.

Effects of Severe Storms

As in any Harvest Moon game, severe storms in the form of Typhoons or Blizzards can occur in Sunshine Islands. As Taro’s predictions are completely accurate for the next day, you should be forewarned on the day prior to any severe storm.

For example, if there is to be a Blizzard, Taro will tell you as much:
Taro: Good morning! Wait... No, not good morning! There’ll be a blizzard tomorrow! Oh, no!

Although a few Harvest Moon games allow you to venture forth on the day of a severe storm, Sunshine Islands follows the traditional rules, forcing you to remain inside your Farmhouse on the day of any severe storm.
The only practical activity that you can perform on such a day is to cook. If you wish to use any Tool to change your point totals in Winter, you can do this as well but the easiest way to make certain that a Wonderful appears at Chen’s Shop the next day is by cooking.
What I have done successfully is save my game last on the morning of the storm. I then cook one dish. If, when I go to Chen’s Shop the next morning, no Wonderful appears on the Menu, I reload and cook 2 Dishes... I keep adding one dish to my count until a Wonderful appears. Using this system, I have managed to persuade him to sell an Orange Wonderful on the day after a Blizzard. Remember that Wonderfuls only appear on this basis in Winter and the maximum appearance is one every three days.
The effects of any severe storm are many:

Your Poultry and Livestock, if they did not have sufficient feed for the day of the storm, will have suffered some Stress. There are ways to mitigate this, by having extra feeders in your Chicken Coop and Barn. If you are fortunate enough to have a Sunny/Clear/Cloudy Day prior to the Typhoon or Blizzard, you can set your Chickens outside to feed, bringing them back into the Coop only at night. If you do this, they will not consume the food in their feeders until the next day, which will be the day of the Storm.

In any Season but Winter, provided you have ripe Grass growing in your Field, any Livestock taken outside for the day can feed themselves, but there has to be a square of ripe Grass for each Animal. Again, if the weather is Sunny/Clear/Cloudy on the day prior to the Storm, your Livestock can eat outdoors, saving the Fodder in their feeders for the day of the Storm.

A number of Branches, Stones, Stumps and Boulders of varying sizes will be deposited randomly throughout the map, including your own field. In any Season apart from Winter, tilled and planted squares are as likely to be their destination as any other location on your field, which means that a random number of Crops may be destroyed. The actual configuration probably is set when you go to sleep on the night of the actual Storm but, as you cannot do much during the day of the Storm, you may wish to save your game before you go to bed on the Eve of the Storm.

If you awaken to find that a particularly valuable Crop has been decimated, simply reload and try again.

Apart from the Stress and possible damage to Crops, a Typhoon or Blizzard can be perceived as positive in some respects. Once you have cleared the initial Boulders and Stumps from the map in the first Spring, you never will see any Stumps or Boulders again unless there is a severe storm. Lumber always is a priority in Sunshine Islands and Material Stone is a far better material for your Refrigerator and Cabinet than Wood. Although Mythic Stone may be the best material as items kept within a Mythic Refrigerator or Cabinet NEVER lose any Freshness or Rank, a Material Stone Refrigerator and Cabinet will keep your items fresh far longer than the Wooden Refrigerator and Cabinet. You really should upgrade both to Material Stone as early as possible in the game. The cost is not high if you can provide your own Materials. Otherwise, it is a little prohibitive, but there is no reason why you cannot collect at least 200 pieces of Material Stone for these two projects.

Another effect of any Typhoon or Blizzard is the possible destruction of the Fruit Trees you have planted on Fruit Island. If you learned your lessons about Fruit Trees properly, you will know that a fence built for each Tree will prevent it from being destroyed in a Severe Storm. To build a Fence, throw a single piece of Lumber or Material Stone onto the large square where your Tree has been planted. It will become a small fence automatically. These fences do not last, sadly, so it always is a good idea to visit your orchard on the day prior to any Severe Storm to build new fences for each Fruit Tree that no longer has one.

A positive benefit can be derived on any Severe Storm day in Winter from your character’s inability to perform ordinary tasks. Provided the Storm does not occur on a Thursday, making the next day Friday, the day when Chen is not open for business, you can cook in order to force a Wonderful to appear on his menu the next day. What I have done successfully more than once is to save my game last on the morning of the Blizzard. I then begin by cooking a single Dish and going to sleep immediately afterwards. If, when I visit Chen's Shop the next morning, there is no Wonderful in his menu, I reload back to the morning of the Storm and this time, I cook two dishes. I repeat this process again and again, each time cooking only one more dish, until a Wonderful appears.

Remember that the maximum number of Wonderfuls taht can appear in Winter at Chen's Shop is one Wonderful every three days. If you have found a Wonderful at Chen's shop within two days of the Storm, there is no point in performing the exercise. If the Storm falls on Thursday, there is no point either, as Chen's Shop will be shut on Friday.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Value of Accessories in Sunshine Islands

First of all, I would like to state that ALL of my Sunshine Islands Guides have been updated and contain much more information than they did yesterday. In fact, rather to my chagrin and embarrassment, I found that the General Guide contained some early misconceptions still in certain sections (even though the correct information was given in others!) so those have been corrected. I wish I had more time to edit, but there are so many details still to be added to all the guides. You always can contact me if there's a contradiction anywhere but I would be happier if my Guides didn't contain any of those.

I wrote a number of new sections for each of the guides including the General Guide. In the process of completing the Accessories List, I wrote a section on the value of the various Accessories.

Harvest Moon games tend to have a common foundation and many of the Accessories will be familiar to veteran players. Their 'value', however, may vary according to the game you are playing. I remember how excited I was when I first encountered the Witch Princess Earrings in HM DS. To have an Accessory that would restore BOTH Stamina and Fatigue seemed too good to be true!

Well, in fact, it IS too good to be true in Sunshine Islands. Here are the sections from my General Guide that deal with Accessory Effects.

Accessory Effects

As you have four slots in which to equip tools and/or accessories, you can equip more than one Accessory that has the same type of effect, making the effect cumulative. For example, when you purchase the Medium Harvest Goddess Pendant, you can equip it WITH the Small Harvest Goddess Pendant. The cumulative effect of both Pendants will be almost the same as that of the Large Harvest Goddess Pendant. The most significant difference is the need to use two slots instead of one. What this means in practical terms is that you may wish to use your Orichalcum to purchase a different type of Accessory in the early stages of the game, while continuing to use the Small and Medium Harvest Goddess Pendants to achieve maximum Stamina.

Unfortunately, the Witch Princess Pendants are a little disappointing. Although they increase both Maximum Stamina and Fullness, the actual degree of their effect is far less than that of the Harvest Goddess and Kappa Pendants. If you wish to be able to own a Godhand or one of the two Rings that alter the flow of time, however, you must buy all the Witch Princess Pendants first…

My own experience has shown that the best early configuration is to equip the Small and Medium Harvest Goddess Pendants with the Small Kappa Pendant, leaving one slot free for any Tool. When you can afford to purchase the Medium Kappa Pendant, exchange it with the Small Kappa Pendant. Increasing maximum Stamina has far more practical advantages than any increase in maximum Fullness.

The Small Kappa Pendant with the Medium Kappa Pendant will increase Maximum Fullness almost to the same extent as the Large Kappa Pendant would if equipped alone. As previously stated, however, increase in Maximum Stamina is more useful than increase in Maximum Fullness. As you only have 4 slots for equipment, it is far better to use the Small and Medium Harvest Goddess Pendants together with a Medium Kappa Pendant than to equip two Kappa Pendants.

Once you have Small and Medium Harvest Goddess and Kappa Pendants, you should collect 60 Orichalcum in order to buy the Large Harvest Goddess Pendant. When this has been achieved, you can equip the Large Harvest Goddess Pendant in one slot and the Small and Medium Kappa Pendants in two of the others, leaving one slot as always free for a Tool. When you have these accessories equipped, you will be in a fairly strong position in terms both of Stamina and Fullness. The considerable increase in your Energy Bars will aid you immensely in your exploration of the Mine.
Ultimately, when you have collected another 60 Orichalcum, you can obtain the Large Kappa Pendant and divest yourself of the Small and Medium versions.

Accessories that you no longer want or need either can be stored in your Beauty Box or sold to Chen. For the most part, their resale value is fairly low. The Small W. Princess Pendant, for example, can be sold for 1500G.

A vital Accessory that is sold by Chen instead of Charlie is the Teleport Stone, sold for 100,000G. It becomes available at Chen’s Shop as soon as you have 100,000G in your total earnings.

Effects of other Accessories

For those who are excited by the marketing descriptions of the various Earrings and Friendship Pendants, it may be useful to know how effective each actually IS in improving your life. You then may understand why I recommend the Pendants above the Earrings in terms of Stamina and Fullness effects.

Pendants increase the actual Bars in terms of potential Maximum Stamina and Fullness. The Earrings simply restore increments of Stamina and Fullness to your existing Energy Bars.

The Small Harvest Goddess Earrings, for example, restores 1 point of Stamina every half hour. The Medium Harvest Goddess Earrings do the same in half the time. The Large Harvest Goddess Pendant restores 1 point of Stamina every 3 minutes. If that sounds good to you, reflect for a moment on the value of Food in comparison. The actual effect of 1 point of Stamina is the same that you would obtain if you consumed a bag of flour raw. In other words, it is negligable. At the same time, remember that these Accessories MUST REMAIN EQUIPPED in order to function. Do you really have an empty equipment slot that could not be employed more profitably?
The Witch Princess Earrings may appear to be the ultimate Accessories with their description of having the power to restore BOTH Stamina and Fullness but their actual function for each is less practical than the Harvest Goddess and Kappa Earrings.

The Small Witch Princess Earrings restore 1 point of Stamina and 1 point of Fullness every TWO HOURS. Can you wait that long for the effect of a raw bag of flour??? The Large Witch Princess Earrings, which require a total of 100 precious Orichalcum to create restore 1 point of Stamina and 1 point of Fullness every half hour. In other words, it is an expensive Accessory that does very little even in the space of half an hour.

Friendship Pendants at first glance might be mistaken for the resource of the lazy or anti-social player but in fact, if you do not EARN Friendship through your own actions, the Pendant will not do it for you! What the Friendship Pendants do is augment the Friendship that your own actions have earned. The Small Friendship Pendant will give you a 20% boost whenever you earn any Friendship points. The effect of the Medium Pendant is a 50% boost and the Large Friendship Pendant increases Friendship Points by 100%. In other words, the Large Friendship Pendant doubles the value of any action you undertake, whether it is speaking to an individual or giving him/her a preferred Gift. This Accessory actually can be valuable, especially if you equip it before you embark on your daily ‘meeting and greeting’ rounds of the Islands.

No doubt the Witch Princess will be very cross with me for slagging off her Earrings, but however elegant they may be, they really are not worth their weight in Orichalcum...

At least, that is my experience...

Making Rare Items in Harvest Moon and Sunshine Islands

When I first played FoMT and made the four Suns in my Kitchen, I wondered about their purpose. In Friends of Mineral Town, they had no real practical purpose... Then came HM DS and Cute DS, where the four Suns could be obtained in the Mine. In these games, they had a vital task to perform. They acted as surrogate 'Suns' in your Basements.

On to Island of Happiness, where the four Suns were put to similar use in your Greenhouse. Now we reach Sunshine Islands, where the four Suns can be purchased from Chen once you have your Greenhouse.

There are no Recipes for Suns in Sunshine Islands, but there are Recipes for OTHER rare items that delight me.

Any veteran player of Harvest Moon will have followed the rare Red Magic Flower, sometimes given other names such as Blue Red Magic Flower. In FoMT and MFoMT, a bag of Blue Magic Flower Seeds when planted had a chance of producing a Red Magic Flower.
In Island of Happiness, you could find them growing wild near the Mine on occasion. In Sunshine Islands, although they do grow wild (but are as uncommon as they were in IoH), you can MAKE them in your Kitchen! Admittedly, the Recipe requires another rare item in the form of Alexandrite but the idea that one can create a Red Magic Flower is enchanting.

Another rare item familiar to veteran players is Gold Lumber. The most expensive building material that exists (apart from Mythic Stone, useful in 'building' a Refrigerator and Cabinet where items stay fresh forever), it is available in almost every Harvest Moon game at the local Carpenter's workshop for a rather high price.
In Sunshine Islands, you can buy Gold Lumber from Gannon, but you can MAKE it as well in your Kitchen, using a piece of Gold. Were the piece of Gold Ore the only ingredient, we'd all be rich... The catch here is that you need a Million Gold Ticket as well... (The Recipe calls for Copper and Silver Ore, but that is easily obtained, even by a pauper.) I recall that there were inventive players in HM DS and Cute DS who attempted to make Golden Lumber from Gold Ore... but in vain, of course. Now they can do it in Sunshine Islands!

All those players who never truly understood the purpose of the Tickets in other Harvest Moon games now have a very practical use for them. In fact, the Million Gold Ticket is one of Lily's Favourite Gifts, rather unsurprisingly. although not as well-received as the Pirate Treasure. (After all, she is an avowed Treasure Hunter!)
The tickets always had a practical use for millionaires and billionaires in any Harvest Moon game, by the way, if not so much for ordinary folk. There is a limit to the amount of money that 'fits' into your Earnings total. If you exceeded that amount, all of your labours would be as nought in terms of shipping. By purchasing a Ticket and stashing it in your Cabinet, you could continue to add to your earnings.
Tickets always are items that need to be shipped once to complete the Shipping List as well.

All of these various permutations in rare items in Harvest Moon are so typical of the creators of these games. The creativity of these artists is boundless. Here you have a very well-defined Universe. Characters may appear in more than one game and when they do, they always are consistent with the earlier appearances in terms of their histories, likes and dislikes. Nonetheless, each game usually adds depth to existing characters as well as introducing new ones. Most items tend to be the same from game to game but there are new methods of obtaining them or new uses for them. What this does in a way, is to provide players with a sense of security, that they 'live' in a stable world and yet, it always reminds them that this Harvest Moon world is magical. Every item can surprise you. New potential lurks like an unsprouted seed within every Crop.

I wish I could eavesdrop on the initial creation of a new Harvest Moon game, to witness the brainstorming that must occur. 'What if...?' 'What if the player could MAKE Gold Lumber in his/her Kitchen?' 'Red Magic Flowers are used in so many Recipes... but we don't want to make them too common in the Wilds. What if the player could MAKE them in his/her Kitchen?' 'Yes, but you can't make that too easy either. Let's add a valuable item to the Recipe.' 'What about Pink Diamond?' 'Good, but not rare enough. Let's make it Alexandrite.' It is possible that all of these dialogues would be internal, in the mind of a single artist... but I imagine that all the artists who work on new Harvest Moon games have some input. It is the sort of world that captures the heart of any one who comes close to it in any way.

It makes me sad to think of all the people who never even heard of 'Harvest Moon' and who never played a single game... Perhaps this will change gradually and they will become as famous as any Classic in literature. They certainly deserve to be.

N.B. Only a few examples were given for each of the rare items. They do appear in other Harvest Moon games as well...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wedding to Shea in Sunshine Islands

I took a break from typing lists and 'hard facts' into my Sunshine Islands Guides in order to record the Proposal Event with Shea and subsequent Wedding a week later:

Once again, Freya reloaded afterwards and remained single. I have recorded Denny's Events as well now.

Later: For all the players who have had trouble with Marriage in Sunshine Islands, there ARE requirements apart from the usual Harvest Moon general requirements in terms of Heart Level (deepest red), experiencing all Heart Events (the last of which is the 'date' in SI), having raised Mystic Islands, met the Harvest Goddess as well as Nathan and Alisa, buying the Spouse Bed and having a Blue Feather to make your Proposal.

In every case, you must have received ALL the Sun Stones that the individual has to offer. In other words, you must have obtained the Eligible Girl's/Bachelor's Personal Sun Stone and his/her Owner Sun Stone (if he/she IS head of household or owner of a home). In Shea's case, there is an added requirement in that you need to have obtained Wada's Sun Stone as well.

The reason for this is logical, actually. After marriage, your Spouse will live with YOU. This means that he/she no longer will live at the old address and you therefore cannot hope to trigger the Event that yields the owner Sun Stone any longer. In Lily's case, although she simply has a guest room at the Inn, she does have her own 'Owner' Sun Stone as well as her Personal Sun Stone. Will has one for his Ship... individuals who do not possess them include Natalie and Elliot as it is Taro who holds the Head of Household Sun Stone in THAT family.

Incidentally, if you are using cheats to obtain your Sun Stones, God help you, because I certainly can't. I strongly advise against the use of Cheats in any Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game. These games have too many variables to allow for cheats to be effective. Inevitably, something will not work... and it could be your chance to marry!

Mining In Sunshine Islands


Mining in Sunshine Islands requires three Farm Tools: a Hammer, Hoe and Watering Can. The Watering Can is used to melt Lava in order to clear spaces AND obtain a rather popular gift item in the form of Gelatin. This is a new option in Sunshine Islands.

As in Island of Happiness and some of the other Harvest Moon games, you can descend to lower floors either via stairs or a Pitfall.

A different Gem may be found on each floor on the first 9 Floors. Note that oddly, you may find a different correspondence on your first visit to the Mine but after that, it should be as follows:
Floors B1 through B9:
B1: Amethyst
B2: Agate
B3: Fluorite
B4: Peridot
B5 Topaz
B6: Ruby
B7: Emerald
B8: Sand Rose
B9: Moonstone
When you reach the 10th Floor:
Dum=Da-Da-DAA! You’ve reached the 10th floor of the mine for the first time! Hm? Who am I? Can’t tell you yet. See ya!
(If you have raised Mystic Islands and met the Harvest Goddess by throwing an acceptable offering into the Pool there, the Harvest Goddess will show herself and make an announcement of similar sort in the Mine whenever you reach a new ‘goal’ in terms of reaching a lower floor of the mine.)
Note that Stone Tablets can be found first on the 50th Floor using a Hoe, and on every 25th Floor after that. Only one Stone Tablet can be found on any allocated Floor. After shipping the first Stone Tablet to complete the entry in your Shipping List, stash them in your Rucksack to gain Mining Points daily from each.
Floor B10: Adamantite
11th through 24th Floors: All Gems apart from Diamond, Pink Diamond and Alexandrite
25th Floor: Orichalcum
26th through 49th Floors: Copper, Silver, Gold
Floor B50t: Mythic Stone and, using your Hoe, Stone Tablet
51st through 74th Floors: All Gems (including Diamonds) and All Ores apart from Mythic Stone, including Mystrile, Adamantite and Orichalcum
Floor B75th: Stone Tablet in floor (using Hoe), but nothing in Rocks
Note that you will find neither stairs nor pitfalls on the 75th Floor unless you have raised your Mining Degree at least to Level 5.
76th to 99th Floors: Copper, Silver, Gold, Mystrile
Floor B100: Nothing apart from Stone Tablet , obtained by using a Hoe
101st through 124th Floors: All Gems apart from Pink Diamond and Alexandrite
Floor B125: Alexandrite and by using a Hoe, a Stone Tablet
B126 through B149 Floors: All Gems apart from Pink Diamond and Alexandrite
Floor B150: Diamond and Pink Diamond
B151 through B174 Floors: All Gems apart from Pink Diamond and Alexandrite
B175: Nothing apart from the Stone Tablet you can find with your Hoe
B176 through B199 Floors: All Gems apart from Pink Diamond and Alexandrite
Floor B200: Nothing apart from the Stone Tablet your can find with your Hoe
B201 through B224: All Gems apart from Pink Diamond and Alexandrite
Floor B225: Adamantite and Orichalcum and, with a Hoe, a Stone Tablet
B226 through B249: All Gems apart from Pink Diamond and Alexandrite
B250: All Gems and All Ores and, by using a Hoe, a Stone Tablet
B251 through B254 Floors: All Gems and All Ores
B255: Wonderful from the Harvest Goddess and, by using your Hoe, 1-2 Stone Tablets

Mining Strategies

Your worst enemy in the Mine does not consist of Pitfalls but your own Energy limits. By carrying as many Provisions as possible and ALWAYS using a Recovery Item before your Stamina decreases below the halfway point, you will avoid passing out.
Lava is an impediment that can conceal a stairway but you can find Gelatin in any piece of Lava after using Water on it three times. Gelatin is an item that is quite well-regarded as a Gift by more than one Eligible Girl.
If you study the Mining List above, you will see that the best Floors to explore extensively in the early stages of mining are:
Floor 10: Find as much Adamantite as possible to use in creating Makers
Floor 25: Find as much Orichalcum as possible to use in creating Accessories
Floor 50: Find as many Mythic Stones as possible to ship for income
Floors 51 through 74: These are the earliest Floors that hold most of the Gems as well as most of the Ores. The only Gems you cannot find here are the very rare Pink Diamond and Alexandrite. The only Ore you will be unable to find is Mythic Stone.
My own strategy usually is to save whenever I reach a new Floor, then use a Pitfall to fall lower until I am within one or two floors of Floor 25 and Floor 50. I make certain to reach Floor 25 to collect Orichalcum, always needed, and then to reach Floor 50 to collect Mythic Stone, certainly needed for income in the first couple of years. You can find from 5 to 7 pieces of each of these special items on their designated Floors. I never have found more than 7, however.
From Floors 51 through 74, you will find your greatest number of items, both in the form of Ores and Gems. There usually is at least one piece of Orichalcum as well as one piece of Adamantite on EACH of these Floors. It therefore makes no sense to allow yourself to fall through a Pitfall unless the Pitfall takes you only one floor lower, as you then will run the risk of skipping some of these Floors.
As previously stated, it is best to save your game as soon as you arrive on any new Floor, unless you have arrived via Pitfall and lost too much Energy in the process. The amount of Energy you lose when you fall is based on the number of Floors that you travel in your fall. One or two floors therefore is to be preferred, even if it is less tedious to fall through all the Floors that hold little of benefit.
An important consideration in Mining in Sunshine Islands is increasing your skill and Mining Points through experience. Collecting even Junk Ore will add to your Mining Degree Points. You will find that the lowest Floor to which you are able to descend in the Mine is determined by your Mining Degree Level. It therefore makes little sense to push your way to the 75th Floor when your Mining experience is too low to permit you to descend any further. Whenever your Mining experience is too low, NEITHER STAIRS NOR PITFALLS WILL APPEAR NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU RELOAD!
Spending a lot of time exploring each of the Floors between Level 50 and Level 75 probably is the best way to increasing your Mining Degree total and obtain the largest amount of income. Further benefits are Orichalcum and Adamantite totals, which will allow you to order vital Accessories and the Makers that are used to process Ranch Products and Grains.

Using Wonderfuls in the Mine

Some of the Wonderfuls will have no power in the Mine but Green, Orange and Purple Wonderfuls in your Hoe and Hammer can prove very helpful. Knowing Charlie’s schedule can allow you to trade Wonderfuls from tool to tool, setting Yellow, Green and Purple in the Hamer and Hoe for the duration of any Mining expedition, then taking them back to Charlie for dispersal and use in different Tools.

Inside the Mine, an Orange Wonderful set into your Hammer will allow you to find more Gems and Ores in the Rocks you smash and, when set in your Hoe, will allow you to find more Black Herbs and Coins in the ground. The number of potential Stone Tablets found on any allocated floor will not change. In fact, as the Watering Can is used to find Gelatin in Lava, setting an Orange Wonderful in it will increase the amount of Gelatin you can find.
The Orange Wonderfuls, however, are less vital than a Green Wonderful in this context. Green Wonderfuls decrease the amount of Stamina required for each use of the Tool into which they are set. Stamina always is a valuable commodity inside the Mine. When you are farming, the best place for your Green Wonderfuls to be set probably is your Watering Can but whenever you plan an expedition to the Mine, you may wish to load your Hammer and Hoe with them as well.
The Purple Wonderfuls are the least important as they simply add 2G to the value of items that are obtained using the Tool in which they are set. This is of minor significance compared to the other Wonderfuls.

Alexandrite and Red Magic Flowers

Alexandrite is a valuable item in its own right but it becomes doubly so when used in a Recipe to create the rare Red Magic Flower. Although you can find Red Magic Flower on Sprout Island randomly during the Autumn Season, you can make it in your Kitchen using the rather more common Blue Magic Flower and Alexandrite. To obtain any Recipe, you must give an ingredient to a specific Chef. In this case, you must give Blue Magic Flower to Haila at the Café.

Mining Degree Points

Although you cannot see the total number of points that you have earned in any Degree Category, it is useful to know how many can be earned by any given action or achievement.
The values are as follows:
Use your Hoe, Hammer or Watering Can: 1 point
Descend to another Floor using stairs or Pitfall: 1 point
Obtain any Gem or Ore: 2 points
Ship any Gem or Ore: 2 points
Obtain a new variety of Gem or Ore: 15 points
Participate in the Mining Contest: 100 points
Win 1st Place in the Mining Contest: 1000 points (and a Wonderful as 1st Prize)
Win 2nd Place in the Mining Contest: 700 points (and 3 Wonderful Pieces)
Win 3rd Place in the Mining Contest: 500 points (and 2 Wonderful Pieces)
As you can see, every piece of Junk Ore that you obtain is worth as much as any rare Gem or Ore in terms of your Mining Points. Shipping Junk Ore will give you the same number of points as shipping any rare and expensive item, even if it will not yield as much income!
As previously indicated, the lowest Floor that you can access at any given time in the Mine is determined by your Mining Degree point total. The correspondences are:
For 0 through 500 Points: Floor B10
For 501 through 2000 Points: Floor B25
For 2001 through 5000 Points: Floor B50
For 5001 through 10000 Points: Floor B75
For 10001 through 15000 Points: Floor B100
For 15001 through 20000 Points: Floor B150
For 20001 through 25000 Points: Floor B200
For 25001 through 30000 Points: Floor B250
With 30001 Points, the Mine is yours to command.

This information is included in my Sunshine Islands General Guide but for those who prefer to access this site, this post should be fairly helpful in terms of exploring the Mine on Volcano Island. Note that, in many respects, the correspondences between Floors in IoH and Sunshine Islands are identical.

Links for Sunshine Islands Guides by Freyashawk

You now will find links to my various Guides for Sunshine Islands on the right side of this page, under the heading of Sunshine Islands.

As usual, ALL of these Guides are 'works in progress'. With hundreds and hundreds of pages in my game journal, there still is a great deal of information that needs to be added to each of the Guides, as well as a little 'Initial Walkthrough' section for the General Guide.

Even so, the General Guide should contain the information you need to make a decent start in the game. The Courtship and Marriage Guide contains the schedule of every Heart Event both in the 'boy version' and the 'girl version'. For each of the Bachelors, I have included the actual text of most of the Heart Events and will continue to add to that.

My Calendar Guide will contain the text of every Festival Event and information for each of the Animal Contest Festivals. At present, the Calendar itself is fairly complete with all Crops that can be grown in each season, Wild Items that can be collected, all Birthdays with at least one suggested Gift and all existing Festivals as well as those that can be unlocked.

The Characters Guide deals with every Character in Sunshine Islands, including the Harvest Sprites. I still need to add many of the Friendship Events to it, but it does contain all the vital information in terms of Gifts and Birthdays.

I had hoped to complete the Cookbook Recipes Guide before the game was released today, but it involves so much typing and numbers (Stamina/Fullness) that it simply could not be completed if I wished to put together the other Guides as well. It does contain the majority of Recipes, including Optional Ingredients. The General Guide actually has some Cooking sections that give some easy early Recipes with alterations that are easy to obtain and will improve them.

To answer a question that has been posed to me many times today, yes, I will be writing Guides for Animal Parade as well but as I had no access to this game prior to its release (unlike Sunshine Islands), it will take longer for me to be able to produce them.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Proposal and Marriage to Will

Here is a video that shows the Proposal and Wedding Events for Will in Sunshine Islands. It includes details of basic marriage requirements. The video begins with stills, but then is followed by videos of the Wedding Event and finally, the actual Proposal Event in video form. The text is far clearer in the screenshots, but I felt viewers would appreciate the actual Event as well.

And no, Freya is not happily married to Will as she still must continue the single life for awhile in order to experience ALL Proposal Events and Weddings with ALL Bachelors before she can settle down to a permanent life... It almost broke her heart to be forced to reload back to a point where she lived alone in her farmhouse, Blue Feather still safely stashed in the Cabinet, awaiting future use.