Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Harvest Goddess Festival in Sunshine Islands

One of the most beautiful traditions in Harvest Moon is the Harvest Goddess Dance, usually performed by all the Girls for the Bachelors of the village. In Sunshine Islands, it is performed at the Meadow on the occasion of the Harvest Goddess Festival on 8 Spring to mark the Birthday of the Harvest Goddess. Shea is the only Bachelor who does not attend, although you will have the option to invite only a Bachelor at Green Heart or higher. The other Bachelors will be paired with your 'Rivals' for the Dance.

Rather coincidentally, Shea reached Green Heart on the day before the Harvest Goddess Festival. I therefore experienced his Green Heart Event as I prepared to ask the Bachelor of my dreams to accompany me to the Dance. His Green Heart Event actually includes a little dance. I therefore combined the Harvest Goddess Festival with Shea's Green Heart Event in this video:


Anonymous said...

When you end the Goddess festival, do you wake up the next morning, or go back to your farmhouse at 6 or 8? I am wondering because my birthday is Spring 8th, and I want to know if my husband will celebrate with me.

Freyashawk said...

From my Courtship and Marriage Guide:
'With your escort, you will be transported magically to Meadow Island where you will join the other Eligible Girls in a Dance in honour of the Harvest Goddess. Alisa will preside over the proceedings.
If you have an escort, you will dance for him in a pairing that features the girl as dancer and the boy as a partner who simply stands across from her. If you have no partner, all of the Rival Couples will be paired for the Dance.
After the Dance, your Escort will bid farewell to you and the Event will end at 6.00 p.m.

END of Quote
8 Spring is the Harvest Goddess' Birthday, you know. I'd be interested to know if your husband celebrates your birthday with you...