Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sunshine Islands Characters Video Guide

I spent almost three days compiling the following video which gives all the Characters in Sunshine Islands, their Birthdays, Most Favourite Gift and an Easy Gift for each. My laptop kept rebelling, making the process much more frustrating than it ought to have been. Added to that, I insisted on doing the research to find the 'Most Favourite Gifts' of some of the new Characters. As you can give only a single gift each day, this involved ENDLESS travel via Teleport Stone,as well as cooking various expensive dishes without ever saving the results as my character has not reached a point where she can spend gold like water yet... All I can say is 'Thank God for the Teleport Stone!' Otherwise, the research would have been far more time-consuming than it was.

Some 'Most Favourites' should have been obvious, but I experimented with a few non-starters before I realised that, as a self-confessed 'treasure hunter', Lily NATURALLY would love Pirate Treasure more than any other item. The joy I experienced when my theory proved to be correct made it all worthwhile. Even so, I could have lived through another season perhaps in Sunshine Islands in the amount of time I spent on this project. I only hope it will prove useful to players.

I do have some misgivings about a few of the 'official' Most Favs from Island of Happiness with respect to Characters in Sunshine Island, and will continue to try new items on these individuals. It always has been my understanding that the true 'Most Favourite Gift' elicits a response that is unique to that item. Cheese is given as Mirabelle's Most Fav. and Yogurt is given for Julia, yet almost any Ranch Product will elicit the same Response from each of these Characters. This leads me to believe that these items are worth +500 Points rather than +800 Points.

Later: I discovered that my misgivings with respect to Julia were well-founded. It is not plain Yogurt but Superb Yogurt that is her Most Favourite.

Julia for Superb Yogurt: Superb yogurt! This really is as good as they say. Thanks!

Is a difference of +300 Points truly significant in the general scheme of things? Not at all. In fact, the only vital aspect of ANY Gift in Sunshine Islands is that it produce a Response that is accompanied 'with music'. A gift that is worth only +300 Points will be received 'with music' and you actually can raise any Character to maximum Heart Level without giving many Gifts at all, provided you 'Meet and Greet' the individual daily.

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