Sunday, November 1, 2009

Will and Arthur, Will's Green Heart Event in Sunshine Islands

Although I have confessed my own weakness for Will, the new Bachelor in Sunshine Islands, I am not going to neglect ANY of the characters in the game. It was only because I have received quite a few requests for more videos about Will that I have created this one now. All Heart Events for Eligible Bachelors and Girls will be included in my Courtship and Marriage Guide. So far, I have made far more progress in the 'Girl's version' than the 'Boy's version' but I intend to play both exhaustively when time permits.

Here is Will's Green Heart Event in Sunshine Islands:

I think I had best continue work on my Guides now for awhile rather than making more videos this weekend! It is time-consuming to make videos, even if they are obviously very amateur in quality. I use the basic Windows programme and it is very unsatisfactory. It is slow, rebellious and often becomes so unyielding that I am forced to restart my computer...

In any case, videos of Heart Events for OTHER bachelors should be next on my list. Popper, Denny's Blackbird, was given dialogue first in Frantic Farming. In Sunshine Islands, you will hear from Popper again.

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