Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Vampyre in Sunshine Islands!

With the release date of Sunshine Islands approaching quickly, I had decided not to make any more videos until my Strategy Guides were completed. I experienced an Event, however, that I could not resist sharing.

It is a Friendship Event that requires your Character to have a Friendship Level above 6 Hearts with Felicia and Mirabelle. In this Event, the identity of a possible Vampire is disclosed:

In Sunshine Islands, as I have explained in my Guides, the Heart Levels that you can access on the Characters or Relations Page of your Farm Menu as well as the icons that appear with the portraits of Characters who are eligible for marriage do not represent the precise point totals upon which all Events and new options are based. They are nothing more than general indications of your Affection or Friendship Levels with any individual or animal. It is the point total that is the true requirement in each case. With respect to all Friendship Events, the point total requirement is BETWEEN 6 and 7 Hearts. You therefore need to continue to raise Heart Levels after you reach 6 Hearts with any Character before you can experience the special Friendship Events.

In Friendship Events, the Friendship Level requirement usually pertains to more than one individual, unlike the Heart Events that are a part of Courtship. In the case of 'Rumours', you must have raised both Felicia's and Mirabelle's Friendship Levels above 6 Hearts. In the case of 'Natalie's Father', another Event that occurs at Taro's house, giving details about Felicia's husband, the father of Elliot and Natalie, you must raise the Friendship Levels of the entire family.

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