Friday, November 13, 2009

Animal Parade Marches Joyously into my Heart

This is nothing more than an announcement that my own copy of Animal Parade has arrived, complete with darling Duck and Sunshine Island's Pink Pig! I will begin my General Guide for Animal Parade now and hope that I can race against the clock to send at least a preliminary version to IGN before their deadline of 4.00 p.m. (PST) on a Friday afternoon... the Friday in question being Friday the 13th! This is a day that actually was NOT considered unlucky in many pagan traditions... it obviously has been lucky for me personally today.

The music at the portal of your new Adventure in Animal Parade could not have been calculated better to rouse my own excitement. It is traditional 'carousel' music, a stirring march that transports me instantly to one of my favourite memories from chilchood. I love the carousel. I still love it. When I mount one of those brightly-caparisoned wooden steeds and feel the wind in my hair as I ride the magical circle of enchantment of chilchood, my cares gradually are stripped from me and all the burdens of adulthood can be pushed to the back of my soul for a few golden moments. Animal Parade very fittingly has the same sort of music as the player spiritually mounts the 'ride' to adventure... (The Wii instruction to: 'Put on and tighten your wrist strap' only strengthens the illusion of riding a carousel actually, remembering the leather straps to be worn as a child to prevent an untimely tumble from the horse.)

If you watch the opening film in Animal Parade carefully, you won't need a Game Guide from me.... Although that statement isn't entirely accurate, it is a marvelous, enchanting film and it DOES give hints as to most of the vital elements and options in Animal Parade.

Another heartfelt thanks to Natsume!

N.B. No, I am NOT finished with Sunshine Islands by any means, but I would like to make a start on Animal Parade.


Shaye said...

Does animal parade play faster than T of T, such as in milking, and screen changes from area to area?

Freyashawk said...

Shaye, I've only had my copy of the game for a few hours, and I am not a magician, so I haven't been able to milk a cow yet... but the screen changes appear to be faster than ToT. There ALWAYS is a delay when you go from one screen to another in any Wii game that I ever played, including Rune Factory Frontier, Sims2 Castaway and Animal Crossing City Folk.