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Animal Parade First Day Walkthrough


A little Walkthrough for the first week in Spring has been added to my General Guide but I do not know if it will be uploaded before Monday afternoon. I therefore thought it might be useful if I copied the information here.

First Day Walkthrough

If you follow this Walkthrough religiously, you will have a full set of tools by Wednesday and in fact, will have every basic tool apart from the Hammer on the first day of gameplay.

Begin your Day at 10.00 a.m. on 2 Spring by walking northwest towards the Garmon Mine District to find Bo at the broken bridge. Here you will obtain an Axe as well as a Quest to recover his Toolbox from Mayor Hamilton so that he can fix the bridge. The Bridge is the only connection at present between Harmonica Town and the Garmon Mine District. Until it is repaired, you will not be able to visit the Blacksmith, Carpenter, General Store OR the Garmon Mine and Harvest Goddess Spring. If you waste no time and spend your money judiciously, you can induce Bo to fix the Bridge by Wednesday morning on the 4th Day of Spring.

To do this, your next step is to visit Harmonica Town. Go to the Town Hall to speak to Mayor Hamilton. He will ask you to meet every one in Harmonica Town.

Harmonica Town is built in tiers and is extremely picturesque. In fact, as you explore the narrow walkways that lead upward from shop to shop, you will find access to rooftops and tiny elevated gardens.

Within this shopping area are the following:
Simon's Photos
Sonata Tailoring
Chorale Clinic
Brass Bar
Ocarina Inn
Wizard’s House

The School will be untenanted at this point and the Wizard’s house will be locked. You can enter all the other businesses, however, to experience little Events in each.

At the Sonata Tailoring, you will meet Shelly and her granddaughter, Candace. Luna, sister of Candace, is absent, and the business is in a terrible state.

As you walk towards the Brass Bar, you will experience your introduction to Kathy. She will take you into the Bar, shut usually during the day, in order to serve you a cup of tea. There you will meet her father, Hayden.

When you enter the Ocarina Inn, you will experience an Event with Yolanda and Maya, her granddaughter. Maya will give you a Cookie and suggest that you eat it ‘when you are tired’. This is a clue as to the potency of Sweets against Fatigue.

Before you go to any other shops, walk west towards the end of the Pier to experience an introduction to Jake and Colleen, owners of the Ocarina Inn and Maya’s parents. Now, when you return to the Inn, they will be inside working as well.

At the Chorale Clinic, Irene will inform you that the Doctor, Jin, is absent, and urge you to stay healthy as her abilities are limited.

At the Fishery, you will meet only Ozzie, but he will mention Toby and Paolo and tell you that you may be able to find them in Flute Fields. He will give you 3 Char.

Throughout the map, you should be alert for wild animals. In Harmonica Town on the first day, you should be able to find an Orange Tabby and a White Tabby Cat as well as a Collie. Pet them all to earn a little affection with them.

You must leave the shopping area and walk north into the Church Grounds in order to meet the other Characters. Enter the Church first to experience an Event with Mira and Perry. Afterwards, go west into the Church Grounds to experience an Event that introduces you to Chase.

In the Church Grounds area, you can meet two more dogs, a Beagle and Pyrenees as well as a Black Cat.

When you have met all possible Characters in this area, Finn will announce the fact and suggest that you return to speak to Hamilton. Now, when you confront the Mayor again, he will give you Bo’s Toolbox and ask you to deliver it to him.

If you wish to explore the Lighthouse in this first visit to Harmonica Town, you will find a puzzle there in picture form... one clue is missing, however.

You should be able to complete all of these Events by 3.30 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. Now you must go to the other end of the Map, to Flute Fields in the northeast, in order to make the most of your first day.

You may wish to save your game at your Ranch on the way to Flute Fields in case something goes wrong. You probably should organise the contents of your Rucksack as well. With so many gifts, you will have no empty slots if you do not store some items either in your Tool Box or in the shipping container temporarily.

The Shipping Containers throughout the Map can be used for temporary storage as long as you empty out the items you wish to keep BEFORE you go to bed at night. Items are shipped after you go to sleep.

In Flute Fields, your first destinations will be Marimba Farm, Horn Ranch and the Watermill. When you go to Marimba Farm, you will meet Craig, Ruth and Taylor. Players of Tree of Tranquility will remember how Taylor had left the area before they ever moved to the Islands. In Animal Parade, you have the opportunity to witness the historical argument between Taylor and his father. In fact, when you meet Taylor alone outside, he will go off on his journey to find Seeds strengthened with your support. In return, he will give you 9 Cabbage Seeds.

Pop into Chase's house and search his kitchen for a Recipe for Tomato Risotto before you leave.

Your primary goal at this point is to persuade Bo to repair the bridge. If you wish to rush back to the Garmon Mine Bridge to give Bo the two items tonight, you can do so before the first day ends. You can do this in a single visit tomorrow as well if you take ALL the items he requests with you. After you give him the Toolbox, he will ask for a Strawberry and some Milk as he is far too famished to work properly. You can purchase the Strawberry from Ruth at Marimba Farm and the Milk from Hanna at Horn Ranch. You will begin the game with 1000G. Buying the two items is a good investment as it will give you access to the General Store on the 2nd or 3rd day of the game, on 3 or 4 Spring. The reason you need the earliest possible access to the General Store is to purchase Matches. With Matches, you will be able to grill fish!

Go now to Horn Ranch and enter the main building to meet Hanna and obtain a Sickle, then go into the Barn to find Cain. He will offer you a Calf! Choose the colour you prefer and he will give you both the Calf and a Brush.

Make one last stop at the main building today to purchase some Fodder for your new animal. Remember that Horn Ranch is shut on Wednesday and plan accordingly. Do not forget to purchase Millk from Hanna as well.

On your way home, take the little detour to the Watermill and you will experience an Event with Toby. After introducing himself to you, he will give you his old Fishing Rod. Now you can fish!

When you go home, you will find that you have many chores to do. First, you must make certain that you feed your new Calf and brush her. Then you must water existing crops and plant new ones. Tilling the soil may yield some added income randomly as gold coins often are found in the earth.

On the 1st day of gameplay on 2 Spring, I found no wild items anywhere, but on the morning of 3 Spring, you should be able to find Common Mushrooms, various Coloured Herbs, Raspberries, Sea Urchins and Seashells in the fields and on the beaches.
Remember that shipping is calculated after you go to bed. If you have been able to catch any fish, you may wish to ship them.

On your first day, you will find three ripe Turnips in your ‘starter’ field. You can ship all three or ship two and keep one... you need to have more than 400G to purchase the Matches on Wednesday at the General Store.

On the morning of 3 Spring, after feeding your Calf, brushing her and using the large Bell to send her out in the Field, provided the weather is fine, go immediately to the broken Bridge, making certain that the Toolbox, the Strawberry and the Milk are in your Rucksack. You will find Bo there even at 6.00 a.m. Give him the Toolbox and he will speak of his hunger, requesting a Strawberry and some Milk. Give each item to him and he will pronounce himself ready to tackle the project of repairing the Bridge. He will tell you that he will visit you when the repair has been completed.

It takes one full day for Bo to repair the Bridge. You begin the game on Monday, 2 Spring. If you give Bo the three items on Monday, 2 Spring, you will be able to visit the Garmon Mine District on Tuesday, 3 Spring. If you give him the items on Tuesday, you will be able to visit Garmon Mines District on Wednesday, 4 Spring. This schedule is important because all the businesses in the Garmon Mines District are shut on Thursday. If you do not give Bo all three items on Tuesday, you will not be able to buy Matches at the General Store on Wednesday. If you complete the sequence one day later and unlock the Garmon Mines District on Thursday, you will be required to wait until Friday to shop.

Although there are no time limits for completing Quests and Tasks, making an effort to complete all the above in the first day will make your entire life easier. Energy is a priority always at the start of any Harvest Moon games. The items you find in the wilds do not recover much Stamina, but a Grilled Fish will!

My Walkthrough enables you to begin the Red Bell Quest on Friday, 6 Spring as you can complete the Animal Whistle Quest without any trouble on Thursday, 5 Spring, even when the Shops in the Garmon Mine District are shut, provided you follow all the Steps of speaking to all the Characters in the Garmon Mines Shops on Wednesday after attempting to follow the path to the Harvest Goddess Spring.

When you meet the Harvest Goddess, the 'main' Story begins as she sets you the Quest to ring all the Bells in order to restore the Goddess Tree. The 'Bells Quests' in Animal Parade are the equivalent of the Rainbow Quests in Tree of Tranquility and each Bell is allocated to one of the Harvest Sprites that you met in ToT. Meeting the Harvest Goddess will result in the gift of your first Power Berry, increasing your Maximum Stamina.

Although you can 'take your time' in completing any goal and indeed various Characters will recommend this, completion of the Red Bell Quest offers so many benefits in the form of FIRE POWER that it is a goal you may wish to exert yourself to complete as quickly as possible.

Animal Whistle Quest


Cherub said...

Hi, I'm wondering since I live in Australia, is Animal Parade separated into NTCS (the american system) and PAL systems. If that is the case then it looks like a long time for me to play.

Kind Regards

Anonymous said...

I realize that when you meet Chase or any of the houses in Flute Fields it should be easy but my game always says that the doors are locked and I don't know how to unlock the doors to meet them and buy items

Anonymous said...

I talked to Ramsey about the bell. He said that Chloe was playing with something cool. I read online that its the bell and that the event should happen as soon as I walk out of the door but it didn't its been 2 days in the game. Is the reason why its not working because i'm only on the 9 day of spring in the 1st year???

Please help so confused!!!

Freyashawk said...

I'm afraid I don't know enough about the Wii to answer the technical question, but I believe it is universal. You may wish to go to the Nintendo site, however, for a real answer on that one.

Anon, you don't meet Chase in Flute Fields for the first time. You have to meet him in the Church Grounds and only then will you be able to enter his house. This is the case with any private house. Until you experience the character's introduction event, you won't be able to enter. You can't enter too early in the morning or too late at night either.

Anon, with respect to the Red Bell Event with Bo and Chloe, you need to walk towards the Carpenter's Shop to trigger it. It triggered before 9 Spring in my first game, so there is no time restriction as long as you have performed all the steps. My Guide gives the Events in detail now.

dr. c said...

Hey! Just thought I'd let you know that I started a new game file, and was able to complete all the initial events (getting my cow, meeting every villager, planting all my seeds, etc) on the first day - as well as give Bo the toolbox and strawberry/milk he required. He came to visit me on the second day, Spring 3, to let me know he'd finished the bridge. While I haven't crossed over to Garmon yet, it is worth noting that it is possible to gain access to the area a full day earlier. Very exciting!

Freyashawk said...

Yes, Dr. C. A number of players have opted to do that, and in fact, I was able to do it myself in my second file. I suppose I should mention this, although I feel it is an awful rush for a new player to be forced to march that quickly from district to district. Furthermore, we all did it in our SECOND game, when we knew the map... right?

Freyashawk said...

Actually, when I referred to my General Guide, I see that I did mention that it could be done a day sooner. I still think that players beginning Animal Parade for the first time may be hard-pressed to perform all of these actions on the first day, but my actual Walkthrough does mention that option. I never updated this post though... This site is only an extra resource. My written strategy guides are far more intensive and extensive. But yes, it's always exciting to see how many goals you can reach as quickly as possible, especially the second time round.

Anonymous said...

How do we get one of your written strategy guides? I'm just ordering HM - AP and would like to get a guide also. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yea...I tried ringing the third bell. I have all required items: Iron, Gold, Silver, and Copper ores. Yet Ramsey will still not give me the red bell, nor does the scene even trigger. Wth? Does anyone know the issue?

dr. c said...

IIRC, it has to be sunny for the event to trigger. Not raining, or even cloudy. I remember having the same problem as you once, and I think weather may have been the issue.

J Frost said...

Sorry to be late on this lol but you need to hand Ramsey each ore, not just have them.