Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Links for Sunshine Islands Guides by Freyashawk

You now will find links to my various Guides for Sunshine Islands on the right side of this page, under the heading of Sunshine Islands.

As usual, ALL of these Guides are 'works in progress'. With hundreds and hundreds of pages in my game journal, there still is a great deal of information that needs to be added to each of the Guides, as well as a little 'Initial Walkthrough' section for the General Guide.

Even so, the General Guide should contain the information you need to make a decent start in the game. The Courtship and Marriage Guide contains the schedule of every Heart Event both in the 'boy version' and the 'girl version'. For each of the Bachelors, I have included the actual text of most of the Heart Events and will continue to add to that.

My Calendar Guide will contain the text of every Festival Event and information for each of the Animal Contest Festivals. At present, the Calendar itself is fairly complete with all Crops that can be grown in each season, Wild Items that can be collected, all Birthdays with at least one suggested Gift and all existing Festivals as well as those that can be unlocked.

The Characters Guide deals with every Character in Sunshine Islands, including the Harvest Sprites. I still need to add many of the Friendship Events to it, but it does contain all the vital information in terms of Gifts and Birthdays.

I had hoped to complete the Cookbook Recipes Guide before the game was released today, but it involves so much typing and numbers (Stamina/Fullness) that it simply could not be completed if I wished to put together the other Guides as well. It does contain the majority of Recipes, including Optional Ingredients. The General Guide actually has some Cooking sections that give some easy early Recipes with alterations that are easy to obtain and will improve them.

To answer a question that has been posed to me many times today, yes, I will be writing Guides for Animal Parade as well but as I had no access to this game prior to its release (unlike Sunshine Islands), it will take longer for me to be able to produce them.

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SZUSZU said...

I just wanted to say that i love your walkthroughs and they have been a great help to me, especially with the Island of Happiness and Sunshine Islands.

I just recieved the Sunshine Islands game and wanted to share with you my variation on the 'simple' recipe stamina recoveries (though doubtless you have figured it out already). Instead of using 'steamed egg custard' (36 STA, 16 FUL) and requires an egg and a mushroom, I separate the ingredients and make foiled or grilled mushrooms (22 STA, 16 FUL) and boiled or spa-boiled eggs (22 STA, 16 FUL) which require only one ingredient each. Combined, they give me 44 STA and 32 FUL.
If depth is more important than money, I sometimes cook 'fried egg', which requires the purchase of oil, but gives me an added 6 STA and 10 FUL (Total: 28 STA, 26 FUL).
Admittedly, this takes up an extra space in my rucksack, but I find it's worth it for the extra points. I caught 150 fish at the latest festival before I decided to quit while I was ahead and not risk losing my game to an accidental faint or DS shutdown.

Happy gaming!