Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another Beguiling Silver-Haired Bachelor in Animal Parade

As soon as I caught sight of him, my heart was set on winning the Harvest King in Animal Parade... or so I thought, until I met the Wizard. I had suspicions from the start that I would be susceptible to the Wizard as well... after all, he has long silver hair and he works magic... and although he is aloof, he is not quite a god, making him easier to court. What really sealed my fate, however, was the way I felt about his relationship with the Witch Princess. Although she is not an official Rival, the thought of another woman being close to him made me JEALOUS. Not an emotion I encourage in myself even in real life, but it made me aware of the necessity of marrying him at least in one file. So I probably shall split my game after courting all the Bachelors, then marry the Wizard in one file and save the other for the Harvest King. For those players who never played ToT, I would recommend one of the original Bachelors, at least in your first game. Having played Tree of Tranquility rather extensively at one point, I went through the Courtship and Marriage Events with every Bachelor before I chose one as the father of my child.
It makes perfect sense, therefore, for me to choose other new characters in Animal Parade... As usual, though, I shall court ALL bachelors and even propose to them all if I can before I settle down with any one.


Mars Frog said...

If you do marry the Wizard, you'll learn his real name... same deal with the witch. IMO the Wizard is pretty cool, definitely one of the cooler characters in AP.

Freyashawk said...

What a tease you are! You mean Gale, don't you? Thank God it's spelled THAT way. Otherwise it would be a girl's name! As it is, 'Gale' is very close in meaning to the name of the old Teutonic god 'Wotan' as in old Germanic tongue, 'Wo' signified 'breath' or 'wind'. Yeah, he's very cool, isn't he! I love that little side braid of his. I used to do my hair that way with a raven or hawk feather in it... but then I had pretensions of being a bit of a 'Witch Princess' myself!

Massie James said...

freyashawk rocks! ive read ALL ur guides on IGN!!! even animal crossing, too! this site rocks!!! Luv u! WIZARD LOVE!!