Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Unlocking New Options in Animal Parade


My Walkthroughs tend to be very detailed. In fact, some players may consider them TOO detailed, because I enjoy the text of character Dialogues and Events and therefore often include them in my Guides.

If you read my Animal Parade Walkthrough, it still is not quite as detailed as I would like it to be, but I do update it daily. It will include all necessary Events and Dialogues and at present, includes the entire Animal Whistle Quest, the Red Bell Quest and the starting Events and Dialogues for all the other Bell Quests apart from Edge's Bell.

If you do not read my Walkthrough, there is a general rule that you can follow that will allow you to unlock every new option that does not depend on obtaining actual Items:


This is the key to most Harvest Moon and even Rune Factory Events and the key to unlocking new options in both series. If you do not experience a key Dialogue, often you cannot unlock a new Character or option. Coversation is important in any Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game for other reasons as well. It provides vital information about a Character's likes and dislikes. It usually raises Heart Levels, although not as much as an actual desired Gift would.

In Tree of Tranquility and Animal Parade, enter every Shop or building that is open to speak to every Character inside. Go behind the counter to speak to any individual who is working. If you see some one wandering about outside anywhere on the Map, speak to him or her. Follow EVERY path on the map. Use the 'Check' option when it appears.

Note that you must enter specific screens in order to trigger Events. You will encounter Chase for the first time when you enter the Church Grounds, but you have to walk in the right direction to do so. If you cannot trigger the Event, leave the screen and re-enter. You simply have to walk towards the right area in the Church Grounds.

Meeting Mira for the first time in Tree of Tranquility required a similar movement. In my first game, I triggered the Event immediately. In my second game, I forgot to walk towards the right path and failed to trigger the Event until I remembered to do so.

An excellent, but too often ignored resource both in Tree of Tranquility and Animal Parade is the Map that you carry everywhere you go. In Animal Parade, simply press the '1' button to open your Map. (In fact, this proved awkward for me initially, as the '1' Button had a quite different function in the last game I played on the Wii, so I initially would press it, thinking I would open my Rucksack and open the Map instead...)

The Map not only shows you where places of interest are located. If you use the 'Zoom' function by pressing the 'Z' Button, then press 'A' at any designated location, you will see the hours of operation of any business, as well as the day on which the business is shut. Referring to your Map therefore can prevent you from wasting considerable time in the early stages of the game when you are likely to slog off to a shop only to discover that it is shut...

Much time is spent in both games in walking to and from different Districts. Do not waste any of that time. When you visit a District, take Gifts for every one. Speak to every one and visit every Shop, not only in order to buy items that you need, but to trigger new Events. If you fail to find a Character who should have been unlocked at the start of the game, it is because you did not experience the necessary dialogue or event...

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