Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happily Ever After with Prince Cesar in Princess Debut

As promised, I made a video of Cesar's events from the 26th Day yesterday. Unfortunately, it was the longest video I ever made and was rejected for that reason. I was so exhausted by then I almost resigned myself to failure. Instead, I summarily separated it into two videos. One contains all the events up to the Day of the Ball. The other consists of both endings.

Despite an earlier post where I referred to Cesar as a womaniser (and he would be the first to agree with that assessment), his Events in Princess Debut are quite romantic and his behaviour can be extremely thoughtful.

One of the more impressive aspects of his behaviour is the way he creates a perfect event at the Concert in the Forest. Although I only included a single 'path' in the video, if your character tells him that her thoughts about the forest are of 'hunger' rather than the 'power' or 'beauty' of Nature, she will continue by mentioning berries, nuts and fresh fish. When Cesar announces he has prepared a picnic, the dishes that are set on the table include items made from berries, nuts and fresh fish!

It is a very long video as it stands. I chose to include the 'beauty of Nature' response as it is the one that elicits agreement from Cesar. Both the 'beauty of Nature' and 'power of Nature' responses elicit a wonderful little historical anecdote that it important because it epitomises the marvelous philosophy of Nature that pervades all Harvest Moon games as well as Princess Debut.

Here are 'Part I' and 'Part II' of Romance with Cesar from the 26th Day in Princess Debut:

Incidentally, I intended to include the earlier event at Samba Square where Cesar's scar is discovered... but the piece became too long even without this Event. I explored EVERY response from the Events that occurred from the 26th day until the end of the game, hoping to discover more details about Cesar's secret. There is one path that leads to a situation at the Amusement Park where it is obvious that the roller coaster causes excruciating pain... but Cesar divulges nothing and your character does not speak of the scar that she saw previously. It is included in the 'Part I' video.

Actually, having begun a second game in order to document Kiefer's Events and see what any other options may be with respect to Luciano, I believe I have solved the mystery of Cesar's scar.

It is an earlier event rather than a later one that is the key. When you go with him on a date to Viennese Lake, he will speak of his sister who taught him to dance and who is the 'prettiest' person he ever knew. He speaks of her in the past tense and when you ask where she is, he points to his heart and declares that she remains here.

One would take this for nothing more than a common sentimental expression of love except for the scar that you see later at the Shop... and then, Cesar's own admission before the roller coaster ride that he only fears he may die of 'terror'.
He actually suffers palpitations or some sort of severe physical pain during the ride. A heart transplant patient might be more careful than others of the extreme stress caused by a ride like that.

I have come to the conclusion that Cesar's secret is that he had a weak heart and his sister's heart after she died saved his own life perhaps.

There may be a sequel to Princess Debut. Perhaps if gamers embrace the first with enough enthusiasm, a sequel will be produced???


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Alice said...

After reading your comment about the scar that Cesar has, I now have sympathy for him. I had him as my partner already, and was really curious to know what was the deal about the scar of his. I also thought it was just something randomly thrown in to add some backstory.

(I made be mistaken, since I wasn't sure what you meant.) So Cesar's sister saved his life by giving her heart to him when she died? Wow... So touching...

I was a bit sketchy going for Ceasar in my 5th or 6th gameplay. But I grown to like him. Sure, he flirts, and I don't really like that. He is also very full of himself, which is another flaw. But during the amusement park and the ending, I got close to him. THe forest concert was actually pretty sweet. It's funny how I thought we were going to drink wine. lol

I find that Cesar is a funny character in a way. I loved his events, and they surprised me all the time. Like in the founding festival, he didn't show up until the last minute because the hero needs to make a heroic appearence. After the dance, my character lectured him. lol When Klaus came and wanted to cut in, I picked the 2nd option of not sure if I should dance with him. But secretly, I want to pay back for all the time he hitted on other girls. lol It was funny to see his reaction. If you reject him in anything, his reactions are hilarious. XD I think he is the funniest bachelor of the guys I've been with. Everyone, except Vince.

At the amusement park, holding his hand after he fainted was a good option. :D My character was happy that he did something for her that he hated so much. And on the ferris wheel, it was funny how he was embarrassed/shy when my character sat close to him. I would think that he has never been in an intimate relationship. XD

His endings were also surprising. He was shocked and speechless after I wore the rose accessory. Even declining his offer in going to his kingdom, he never gives up. I love both endings of Cesar. The symbol of the 100 roses is great, since when you go back to your won world, Carlos hits on you again. When my character said she will think about it after he gives her 100 roses, I laughed really hard. XD

I had fun being Cesar's partner, even though he's not my type. Who knows? Maybe he is and I will find a person like him. Haha. Cesar is a good guy, with a good heart, but it takes some time to get to know him. :D I hope Vince is like that, too. But reading all the hate towards Vince, I'm feeling afraid.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for your thoughtful discovery of Cesar's secret! :) The undisclosed story of his scar has been nagging the back of my mind ever since the game ended, and it never occurred to me to tie the scar to what he said about his sister living on in his heart. Good detective work, Freyashawk!

...Now I might just have warmed up to Cesar a bit more!