Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lighthouse in Animal Parade


I was not surprised to find that the Lighthouse was the location of the Melody Recreation Apparatus Map. Nor was I surprised to discover that I could catch specific Fish at the Lighthouse that I did not find elsewhere.

What did surprise me a little was the extraordinary detail that was given to this game... but marvelous attention to detail in Harvest Moon and Rune Factory NEVER should come as a surprise really.

I went out to fish in the 'wee hours of the morning' at the Lighthouse primarily in order to catch a small Goby or Sardine for the White Cat I currently am courting as a potential pet. At 3 Hearts, you will obtain the option to 'Pet' or 'Carry' a Wild Animal. It is at 6 Hearts, provided your House is large enough, that you will be able to choose to keep the Animal as a domestic Pet.

In any case, I decided to do a little serious fishing first as it was only 2.30 a.m. and I have a few hours before dawn... I charged my Rod and went to work, only to be distracted by regular bright flashes of white light. At first, I thought it was some kind of graphics glitch, or some problem with my Wii... Then I thought it might be one of those distant flying saucer appearances that DO occur in some Harvest Moon games. I suddenly realised that I should have thought of the obvious: the Lighthouse! It was the Lighthouse beacon, flashing and turning in the night to help sailors find their way to the docks of Harmonica Town.

I have fished at night at the Lighthouse on previous occasions without ever experiencing these flashes, which is why I was confused initially. The fact of the matter is that you must stand in a specific spot beneath the Lighthouse to see the flashes of white light. Stand a few paces to one side or the other and you will see nothing unusual. Furthermore, the flashes occur only WHILE you are fishing. If you simply stand there, you will be able to see the shadows change on the ground as the Light in the Lighthouse turns and flashes but you will see nothing dramatic.

I made a video clip of this, but the two stills I have included here will show how dramatic the light flashes are.


Anonymous said...

Hello. I am playing the harvest moon islands of happiness, and your guide is a great help =D. But I have a question about the fruit tree. Every time I try to plant tree in winter season, These words pop up "You'll waste them if you sow over there! Stand in the middle of the tilled area." I did stand in the middle of the spot, but I still can't plant the tree. Do you know how to solve this problem? Thank you very much in advance =).

Freyashawk said...
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Freyashawk said...

Sorry, your comment was published beneath an Animal Parade post but I see you are playing IoH. No, you cannot plant Trees in Winter unless you wish to plant them in your Greenhouse where they will thrive beneath the appropriate Suns... but you have to change Suns. My Farming Guide gives instructions how to grow them in the Greenhouse.

Freyashawk said...

I don't think you can plant trees in Winter. The ground would be too frozen... in real life, you usually can't plant trees in a climate with a low temperature and snow. If I am wrong, no doubt some one will correct me, but I expect you'll need to wait until Spring to plant new trees.

Some Crops can be grown in Winter because a Crop only requires a few inches of tilling and there are Crops that thrive on cold weather. A Fruit tree requires deeper digging as well as the ability to take water from the soil. Deciduous trees would DIE if you planted them in Winter. They need to be able to hibernate essentially rather than grow. All the Tree types are Fruit Trees and therefore Deciduous.

Anonymous said...

I kind have a feeling that I can't plan the tree because of winter. But I wasn't sure so I wanted to ask you. Thank you for answering my question about growing tree in Harvest Moon IOH.

Freyashawk said...

Note that in Animal Parade, you CAN plant trees in Winter.