Saturday, December 26, 2009

A real Petting Glove...

My Harvest Moon friend and comrade, Mars-Frog sent a wonderful Christmas box containing a number of treats for the kittens as well as a lovely box of fudge. Among the gifts for the kittens is a real Petting Glove! I did not know that these existed except in Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, yet here one is! It is too large to be used on the kittens at this point, but both Beauty and Ashleigh love it. Thank you, Mars, from all the felines and from me.

Meanwhile, many thanks to my Harvest Moon/Rune Factory comrade and friend, ILuvHM and Nate for sending a box of gorgeous homemade sweets and warm gloves and socks. With an early, rather devastating snowstorm, the gloves and socks will allow me to continue to use the laptop even on the coldest days.

All proof that the worlds of Harvest Moon and Rune Factory are not the only universes where people are thoughtful and care about others.


Anonymous said...

aw your kits r soo cute you wrought about them along time ago there still just as cute. i havent commented in a long time(not that u care no afence, but im still your #1 fan) i lost all my harvest moon games(just one day after i bought the SI game) and it was hard to come and read all about the games, but good news is i just got the SI game! marry chrismas! or happy holidays! i love harvest moon. ur #1 fan

Freyashawk said...

Thank you, Anon. Actually, you are wrong: I do care! When people tell me that they love my guides or my site, it motivates me to keep working on them. Sometimes the work is a little overwhelming but fans like you give me a little extra energy to carry on.

The kittens are a real handful now but I'm so glad that Beauty had a chance to experience motherhood in a joyful way. Her first experience was so tragic both for her and for me. It still makes me sad sometimes. Nature can be cruel, but there usually is a good reason for it.