Monday, November 24, 2008

Odd opportunity for marital disloyalty in Rune Factory 2

I know that marriage in the 1st Generation before you have the chance to move forward to the 2nd does not last long in Rune Factory 2 unless you delay the construction of the school. Even so, I experienced a very peculiar anomaly in the game when the Shooting Star Festival occurred.

Although Dorothy (my test wife) had announced her pregnancy only a day prior to the Festival, I was able to ask ANY of the formerly eligible girls for a date. The offer was accepted as well. When I went to the crossroads with Cecilia, I half hoped that my wife would arrive to claim her rightful position but that did not occur. Instead, Cecilia wished that she and I would become even closer!

there is so much going on at any point in this game that it really is not surprising that special dialogue was not programmed for this situation, which only occurred in the brief interval between marriage and the birth of my child. It did make me feel like a real cad, though, chatting up Ceci while my pregnant wife waited at home. The only consolation was that it wasn't a real marriage. I didn't save the marriage, and returned to an honest single state...

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Mars Frog said...

Have they no shame? ... Wow... :P They really let you bend the marriage rules in this one eh... The girls in 64 wouldn't have let you get away with that... You could get divorced in that game!