Friday, November 21, 2008

Julia's 8-9 Hearts Request

Julia was the last Eligible Girl to reach 8 Hearts in my game. Her Request Event at this level is interesting because the special item that is used to propose to her must be acquired from another Eligible Girl after the completion of Julia's Event.
It is Yue, in fact, who suggests that a special romantic item be made from the rare ore that you obtain in Julia's Request Event. That almost broke my heart as Yue is at 10 Hearts and there is no doubt whatsoever that she is in love with me herself. As there are no Rivals for Yue's affections, she will be doomed to a solitary future if I marry Julia. Julia, on the other hand, has the very delectable Max to sweep her into his arms if I decide not to marry her.

Poor Yue. To her eternal credit, she exhibits no jealousy or resentment whatsoever and indeed wishes you luck in your courtship of Julia, despite her profound love for you. As I always fancied Yue, she may be my choice of spouse in this first game, although Alicia and Mana are the other possibilities here.

Here are both Julia's Request Event and the Event with Yue that follows it. Note that my loyal Wolf companion was the one who displayed all the heroics on the field of battle. I didn't even have time to tuck the rare Messhlight Ore into my Rucksack before he had leapt into the fray to defeat the Monster!

I am rather ashamed to say that my character took credit for the Monster's defeat in this Event... Obviously, one really is not supposed to go on this particular Quest with a Tame Monster!

Initially, I intended to replay the Event in a more traditional fashion, but I am too pressed for time now and it is rather amusing to watch my dear Silver Wolf usurp my designated role as Julia's saviour.

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Anonymous said...

But Yue is kind of special she's different from the other non-rival girls if you decided to marry a girl with a rival she'll replace that girl as the rival's wife in second generation