Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shooting Star Festival and Last Test Marriage

I experienced the Shooting Star Festival with each of the Eligible Girls and performed a 'test marriage' with the last of the Eligible Girls in the person of Julia. It is interesting to discover the little 'perks' of marrying different girls. If you marry Alicia, you will obtain free fortune-telling services whenever you speak to her. If you marry Julia, she will not preside at the bathhouse but she will have told you previously that you are allowed to use the baths once each day!
I do not consider either a fortune costing at most 100G (for weather change) or a bath that costs the same amount sufficient incentive to determine your choice of life partner, but it is very interesting to know all the different effects of marriage.

Anyone who has played many Harvest Moon games will be familiar with the occasional 'Crazy Face' that an Eligible Girl or Bachelor displays from time to time. Ann had it in FoMT and MFoMT. Marlin had one in HM Cute DS. There are a few other characters who have a 'Crazy Face' that is made only under exceptional circumstances. In Rune Factory 2, the character who has the 'Crazy Face' is Julia. You'll see it in her Shooting Star Event. It appears to denote extreme stress for her. A 'Crazy Face' always is a characteristic that makes me hesitate when I consider marriage but for some players, it is something positive and hilarious.
In any case, you'll see Julia's 'Crazy Face' here for a moment at the end.


KalypsoCry said...

Is Rune Factory 2 out yet? I have been so caught up with my exams that I hardly even have time to play now. But still, I will get Rune Factory 2 eventually...

Freyashawk said...

KalypsoCry, good to hear from you. Yes, Rune Factory 2 has been released and it is fabulous.