Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dorothy and Fern in Rune Factory 2

Dorothy appears to be one of the most popular characters in Rune Factory 2 with players of both genders. Her relationship with her doll 'Fern' is the subject of many amusing dialogues.

In fact, one of Dorothy's first Requests involves Fern.

Dorothy: I think Fern… has got a fever… So… I need a WOOLY FURBALL from a Wooly…
Me: Fern? That doll of yours, Dorothy?
Dorothy: Y-Yes… She’s got… a fever… So…
Me: Ah! Maybe… the cotton inside the doll is rubbing together, creating friction and heat…?
Dorothy: …
Me: (with many tears) I’m sorry, you didn’t want to hear that sort of analysis, did you? So I just have to defeat a Wooly and get the WOOLY FURBALL it drops?
Dorothy: Th-That’s right… Thank you. Ah, the Wooly Monsters appear in Trieste Forest at night, so I hear… I… do hate to ask, but… Please, get me a Wooly FURBALL… Thank you….

When you give her the Wooly Furball:
Dorothy: Thank you. Now Fern can get better. I-Isn’t that good news, Fern? Th-Thank Freyr too, okay?
Fern says… thank you too. This is… j-just a little something. You got: GREENIFIER!
Dorothy: I hope it helps you out in the fields… I’ve … I’ve got some wood here, too… Please, i-if you can use it…
You got 100 pieces of wood!

In another Request, Dorothy declares she wishes to talk to you but when you speak to her, she will ask you to discuss matters with Fern instead.

Dorothy: Fern… wants to… talk to you, Freyr…
Freyr: T-Talk to me…? Um, okay. Uhh… how exactly do I talk to her?
Dorothy: Ah… I’ll tell you what she says… So please… talk to her… Fern is saying… h-hello…
Me: Hello, Fern. Hello to you too, Dorothy.
Dorothy: Ah… Fern wants to talk to you… Or rather, ask a question… Would you … answer her…?
Me: Yeah, no problem.
Dorothy: … Tell me, Freyr, what do you think is the principle that guides your actions? That’s her question.
Me: So, uhh… what’s the principle I live by…? (Is she testing my values…?)

My choices now:
To help every one as much as I can.
To take care of myself first.

I chose the first of course.

Dorothy: (…) I see… That’s a good way to live! Please stay friends with Dorothy! That’s her reply.

She gave me another reward of TOYHERB SEEDS.

As her affection increases, she will request that you take a walk with her.

Dorothy: Would you please… T-T-Tackle a w-weak with me…?
Me: Tackle a … what…?
Dorothy: Ah…! That came out… all wrong…! Oh… oh…oh…
Me: ???
Dorhty: Okay… okay… Fern… Please… tell him.
Dorothy (…) Dorothy wants to take a walk with you.
Me: Take… a walk?
Dorothy: That’s right. She’ll be waiting in front of the church tomorrow.
Me: Okay… I understand.
Dorothy: Good. Make sure you show up tomorrow. I’ll give you back to Dorothy now.
Dorothy: (…) That’s… what I wanted to say… so, can we take a walk?
Me: Okay. I’ll look forward to it, Dorothy.
Dorothy: Okay… thanks…

In fact, when some one makes a date to meet you at a specific time on the following day, you usually will be able to find them hours earlier at the designated rendezvous and experience the event immediately.

Me: Hi, Dorothy!
Dorothy: !!! H-Hello, Freyr… Just wait a moment, please…
Dorothy: (…) Hello, Freyr. It’s me, Fern.
Me: Hello, Fern…
Dorothy: I need to talk to you about Dorothy. Please, will you listen?
Me: Yes, of course. (What’s going on…? I thought I was here to spend time with Dorothy…)
Dorothy: Dorothy trains hard every day to be a nurse, but, as I’m sure you’re aware, she’s also very shy.
Me: Well, I think it’s great that she’s trying.
Dorothy: it’s not easy for her. She studies very hard, and she’s very passionate about medicine. But, no matter what she does, she can’t seem to communicate effectively with other people. But that’s a vital part of being a nurse. I believe that the key to solving this, the one thing keeping her form being a great nurse… Lies with you.
Me: With… me?
Dorothy: That’s right. Could you help her to finally open her heart?
Me: If it will help Dorothy, then I’ll do whatever I can.
Dorothy: Thank you. I knew you were the right person to ask. So please… take care of Dorothy.
Dorothy: (…) Ah… so…
Me: Don’t over-think this. Just relax and take your time to decide.
Dorothy: Okay. .. Thank you… I’m sorry about today… for taking up your time. Well… goodbye.
She races away.
Me: So… the only way Dorothy can express her true feelings is through her doll… From what the doll just told me, though…
… it sounds like Dorothy really wants to get better at talking to people. To help her, I’ll need to get her to start talking without that doll. Well, it looks like I’ll have to take that walk with her sometime in the future.

At 6 Hearts, Dorothy will confess that Fern is a very jealous creature.

Dorothy: If Fern sees me with other dolls, she gets really jealous…
Me: I’ve never seen you carrying any doll other than Fern, Dorothy.
Dorothy: Fern would get angry… But, it’s okay because I love Fern, too.

In another dialogue relating to this personality trait:

Dorothy: Ah, Freyr, g-good… morning. If Fern sees me with another doll, she gets really jealous…
Me: Fern really loves you, doesn’t she, Dorothy.
Dorothy: So, I really can’t talk to other dolls…
Me: You have a lot to worry about…


Mars Frog said...

Wow ... Dorothy really reminds me of Salad Fingers in a way... I like unique characters like that.

Nathan O'Riley said...

Eheh, I adore Dorothy~ Unfortunately, I love her too much with Barrett to want to take her from him. Agh...

The part about cotton and friction, that made me giggle. Hehe.

...And "tackle a weak" She's so cute~

Thanks for all these updates. They make me anticipate the release of the game even more.

HarvestMoonGoddess said...

I'm going for Dorothy, she is my favorite! ^^

Freyashawk said...

The characters in this game have so much depth and although every Harvest Moon game demonstrates wit and humour, Rune Factory 2 has so many more social interactions between characters.

I'm glad you guys are enjoying these little previews. One question though: are posts with screenshots better than the little videos? They are so much work to make. I rather enjoy putting them together but if they don't add anything more than a simple post would, there isn't much point in continuing to make them.

Nathan O'Riley said...

I can read the text in the screenshots pretty well. I really didn't need those captions you put in your videos honestly.

Freyashawk said...

Thanks, Nathan, but I added the captions after some other viewers told me they COULDN'T read the text and that it flew by too quickly... I suspect older viewers may have more trouble. I receive emails from quite a few older players who tell me they cannot see the text on the DS screen as well as they would like. One thing that makes Harvest Moon games extremely interesting is the way it appeals to ALL ages. There are players who are 5 years old and others who are 75. (The players who are 5 need more help than those who are 75, but usually it's a parent who reads the guides...)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting read. I must say my excitement over this game increases with every update you do. Thanks again for sharing this with us all.


Anonymous said...

where could I get another greenifier..
im so sick of it
I want to be RICH

Anonymous said...

Yes, I see what u meen.The money situations is very difficult in this game.I'd suggest doing lots of requests from the family wiht Max in it.Post from earlier i thin k ur right, dorothy is a very interesting character.I'd love to actually meet someone like that.Alot of people now a days are very open to things.....a bit to, open.Well lunhc bell just rang so cya guys.ill try to post tommorow.


KeriaHoshigaki said...

Dorothy is the best!
but, then again, i always liked Ceci...
i actually wished she was an adult in Rune Factory, and now she is!
But now i prefer Dorothy...
Fern is so KAWAII!

wonder_poo said...

Yes i agree, Dorothy is the best.

HAze ZoaN said...

It's cecilia in here is the same cecilia at rune factory 1 she is grown up ^^

Freyashawk said...

Of course it is. I'm not certain if you are asking a question or making a statement, but in many of the Events in RF2, Ceci makes reference to her childhood in the original Rune Factory. In fact, Rune Factory Frontier is connected as well. All three games share the same universe and many of the same characters.

Ch3rry said...

I just started playing rune factory 2 and Im already interested to get dorothy as my wife. However, its so difficult to find her. XD Btw, how do we get pets?

pus2meong said...

I also play this game. Mana, Ceci, Dorothy, and Yue already on level 10 love relationship on first year of fall season.

Who should I get married with? :D