Saturday, November 29, 2008

As players have asked about Cooking, Forging and Expansions in general in the 2nd Generation of Rune Factory 2 and no updates can be made to my actual Guides until Monday, I decided to make a little visual guide for players. Here it is:

Although the Cookbooks and Cooking Classes in any Harvest Moon game are very enjoyable, the Classes at the School in the 2nd Generation of Rune Factory 2 are incredible! The amount of text and effort that went into the creation of each 'recipe' amazes me. I initially was going to write a Cookbook/Recipe Guide that simply gave the ingredients for each cooked dish, weapon, accessory and pharmaceutical potion. The text though, is too good to ignore. The Guide will include the actual text of the Recipes as time permits.

Here are a few examples of early Lessons that allow you to upgrade your Rusty Tools:

Today, let’s start by making a TIN WATERPOT. It’ll make farming a breeze. I’m gonna tell you everything you need. First, an OLD WATERPOT. After that, it’s a cinch. Use a BRONZE. Then another BRONZE. Finally some BRONZE for the gilding and you’re done.

Next is a STURDY HOE. It’ll make plowing a little bit easier. First get a RUSTY HOE ready. Then you’ll need some BRONZE, but don’t overdo it. You gotta sharpen the tip a little, so use an IRON. Then add an IRON and you’re done.

Let’s learn about making a BEGINNER’s POLE next. The first thing you’ll be needing is an OLD POLE. Next you’ll need WOOD. Wood is actually the most basic component of a BEGINNER’S POLE. Use a BRONZE to make the joint. Then another BRONZE to make sure it won’t bend.


Anonymous said...

Hi, i was wondering in your guides, you didn't mention about picking oranges from the plant at Blessia Island. Maybe you'll like to include that? And your guides are great by the way (;

Freyashawk said...

Anon, you gave me a moment's uneasiness, as I could not imagine that I had failed to include the Oranges but when I looked at the General Guide, Oranges indeed WERE mentioned in the description of Blessia Island in the 1st Generation as follows:

'Here you will find Oranges on a tree, Red Grass, Amethyst, Fire Crystal, Scrap Iron, Bronze, Ruby'

Please understand, however, that my Guides for Rune Factory 2 have not been completed by any means, the Oranges notwithstanding. I am working on the sections that deal with the 2nd Generation: new expansions, new Monsters, new items, new characters, Bosses and so on...

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have a question about RF 2. Will the money I made in the first generation transfer to the second generation? Thank you much in advanve =].

Freyashawk said...

The only thing that isn't transferred is the Heart Levels of villagers, although Monster Heart Levels ARE transferred. So the asnwer is 'Yes,' and not only gold but all items stored, your Monsters' Heart Levels...
And although you inherit your father's tools, they will have rusted and no longer will take a charge.