Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rosalind's Request for an Official Date

As usual, some characters have their own peculiar rituals sometimes in Harvest Moon. Herman, an inveterate Gourmet, demands that you provide him with a 'Royal Curry' if you wish to have his approval for the courtship of his daughter. That is another event entirely but once you have obtained the 'seal of approval', Rosalind will ask you for an official date at 9 Hearts.

The actual date takes place on Blessia Island at the Port Area. Ironically, although Rosalind speaks of it as the perfect location where you will find no one else, Yue will be found there on a regular basis. In fact, when I met Rosalind there near the save point, Yue was standing quietly on the right side of the screen. I felt rather guilty about courting another girl right under her nose as it were!

Rosalind tends to wax quite poetic at times. I rather like some of the images she creates with words. I was surprised to find her the most 'forward' of the girls in terms of making a physical connection in the course of this date.

Actually, upon recollection, that's not entirely true. Yue gave me a kiss on the cheek once. Oh, the days of wine and roses! Now to marry and give up on this 'player lifestyle'...

By the way, preliminary guides should be published on IGN now. I have spent too much time on these little videos lately and need to return to the written word.


Nathan O'Riley said...

Aww, that was so romantic! It's cute to see Player being a little nervous during the date.

Huzzah for the game being released today!

Melvil~ said...

So no more videos? Awww... I'll miss them then,I'm waiting so much for tomorrow so I can go buy the game! It was kind of sure they wouldn't have the game on stores today, so I'll wait for tomorrow hehe.

Freyashawk said...

I'm glad you guys enjoyed the videos. I still have the material and will try to post all the romantic ones but I need to concentrate more on the actual guides as the game has been released now.

I will post little videos of the rest of the romantic Request Events... as well as the marriage proposals. After all, not every one can afford to buy the game the first day it is released. The text of all the events will be included in my Courtship and Marriage Guide, which I hope to send to IGN tomorrow.