Thursday, November 6, 2008

Courtship in Rune Factory 2, 1st Generation

Courtship in Rune Factory 2 is fairly straightforward. As always, speaking to an individual on a daily basis will increase Friendship levels rapidly and characters will impart important details about themselves at specific levels.

Girls eligible for marriage have both Love and Friendship Levels as they did in the original Rune Factory. Some actions will raise both. Others will act only on Friendship levels.

At the very start of the game, Mana will instruct you on how to earn Friendship and Love.

Mana: If you want to make frie4nds with some one, try to talk to them every day. You can also give them presents. Taking part in the festivals will help, too.

The following shows some of the dialogue of each of the Eligible girls when you invite them to gaze at the cherry blossoms with you. Some of the opinions of other residents on the Flower Festival are included as an introduction.

It is interesting to discover that speaking to every one on the day of a Festival is more important perhaps than actually asking a girl to watch with you. Speaking to each of the Eligible Girls on the day of any Festival increases both Love and Friendship levels.

Courtship events can be linked to another individual, even a Rival in some cases. One of Alicia's Requests involves a 'date' with Mana, for example. One of Yue's Requests involves Julia. It appears that both Love and Friendship points can be earned with respect to all the participants in a Request event.

One point that needs to be notes with respect to items that are part of a Request Event. You cannnot keep the item for yourself iinstead of returning it to the rightful owner or dlivering it to the designated recipient. Whether the item is a jar of Honey or an Accessory, it will disappear from your inventory if you seek to keep it yourself. Yue's Request Event at 8 hearts involves an Accessory that she made for you but lost on Blessia Island. When you find it, you must return it to her so that she can give it to you directly.

I know I wrote about the Flower Festival previously, but I thought I would share the video I made of the Event.

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