Monday, November 17, 2008

'Princess Debut' DS Game by Natsume

For Harvest Moon fans who are addicted to Courtship rituals as well as any DS player who loves dancing and stylus manipulation, a new game has been released by Natsume that is based on the old fairytale fantasy of the Princess finding her true love at the Ball. Unfortunately, I do not have this game so any review I write is based on secondhand information. By all accounts, it is not difficult to master, but is filled with humour and unpredictable interactions between characters.

The storyline is simple in essence: your character is a Princess who has a full season to court one of 6 Princes and master dance steps to prepare for her official Debut at the Court Ball.

There are four different modes of gameplay: Story, Ballroom, Practice and Movie.
The actual Dances are taken from motion-captured video of professional dancers, so any one who wishes to learn how to dance in real life can practice the steps if he/she likes in person. (I doubt many could work the stylus AND execute real ballroom dancing steps simultaneously but that would be another challenge...)

The game has 14 different possible endings and 18 different kinds of dance styles and music as well as 20 outfits to find/unlock.

It was designed in a way to make it easy for young players to succeed in finding true love's dream, but players of all ages have been enchanted by it, not only for its visual charm but for the humour and the many different outcomes that one can experience.

It may not be as complex as Harvest Moon but it sounds rather delightful. As an inveterate Romantic at heart, I very much would welcome a chance to play it!


Melvil~ said...

I feel guilty ... On my last trip to the USA (Since I'm Mexican) I had no money, My mother bought me Tree of Tranquility for me to calm down until RF2's release ... She saw I couldn't stop staring at Princess Debut game, that she offered me to buy it for me too... I thought 80 dollars would already be too much so I denied it... Now I want it very badly... The guys seem pretty interesting, and 30 days... I find that a challenge... In Rune Factory 1 it took me a year to get a girl, in Rune Factory 2, it took me till Summer 12... My fastest has been 42... so 30? It better be easier xD

Synth said...

I checked a video on YouTube. On first glance the gameplay reminds of Elite Beat Agents (sliding the stylus on lines).
The upper-screen videos during dancing seem well made, but unfortunately I found it hard ti use the stylus and at the same time watch the story (in EBA).

Freyashawk said...

From what I have learned now about Princess Debut, it is not a difficult game but is rich in text and romantic interactions. If a player particularly likes the Courtship aspects of Harvest Moon games, he/she probably will enjoy 'Princess Debut'.

For my part, I know I would like to play it, but it definitely will have to wait! If it were a choice between a game like Rune Factory 2 and 'Princess Debut', I definitely would opt for Rune Factory 2. If and when I have some free time, though, I'd like to take a look at 'Princess Debut'. It sounds rather charming.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS GAME its humorous and charming (although it led to a lot of girly dreams) THis isnt my usual type of game but its really fun.