Sunday, November 23, 2008

Quickest Path to Second Generation with Dorothy

Having decided to experience the dialogues of the various blushing brides after marriage before I permanently wedded any girl, I began with Rosalind, then moved on to Dorothy immediately afterewards. As another player remarked, Rosalind's dialogue are extremely diverting. I felt I had made a wrothwhile detour... Dorothy, however, was less forthcoming after marriage. Nonetheless, I decided to move forward a little further in her case to see if anything would change. I therefore did something that I never would do in a REAL game: I slept through the days!

I am opposed to the habit of players to sleep through their games in order to skip the real business of life. In this situation, however, I simply was trawling for dialogue. I only mention this because something rather bizarre occurred.

dorothy duly announced her morning sickness as Rosalind had before her. She then declared she was pregnant, quite without any need for medical confirmation. The Rune Factory girls appear to be far more savvy where the 'birds and the bees' are concerned than the regular Harvest Moon girls and their husbands. In most other Harvest Moon games, husband and wife both would fear some grave illness until told otherwise by the local physician. I rather like that charming ignorance, so much a Harvest Moon tradition at this point.

In any case, I diverge. I went to my Calendar to see when the baby's birth could be expected to occur only to discover that his birthday was listed on a date that had passed two days previously! Surely Dorothy's pregnancy would not take more than an entire year... why did she speak of the baby being born soon if the gestation period exceeded 4 seasons?! My own understanding of the game had been a quick pregnancy and birth. Something was amiss...

Well, of course, any one who has been through this would know the mistake I made. By sleeping through the days, I failed to leave the house. There is no birth event per se. You go out and when you return, your wife will announce the birth of your child, asking you to name him/her. The baby will be in your wife's arms. I have to say that in Dorothy's case, our baby looked suspiciously like Fern!

So poor Dorothy continued to speak of the baby being born soon for almost a week after his actual birth because her husband was too lazy to leave the house...

I made a little video that shows the 'Quickest Timeline' for the game if you wish to have all Eligible Girls at 10 Hearts, Experience all Request Events, yet still be able to move on to the next Generation as early as possible. It is not really what
I recommend in terms of playing this game as I feel that the players who wish to experienc all the Rival Weddings in the 1st Generation have the right idea. Nonetheless, even by waiting until I had experienced all the Eligible Girls' Events and obtained all Special Proposal items, having every girl at maximum 10 Hearts before I proposed to any one, I could be playing as my child at the star of the 2nd Year.

Although I really would love to stay in the 1st Generation until the last of the Rival Marriages occurs, I have to admit that the prospect of being able to buy new weapons and fight new Monsters is very attractive.

I have documented both Dorothy's and Mana's dialogues after marriage. Neither are as interesting as Rosalind's as hers are reall little events and theirs are no more than a single line per day usually.

When I went through the quick marriage with Alicia, I discovered that If you marry her, she will tell your fortune from the privacy of your own home each morning but I experienced only a single day before reloading.

Well, here is the little video...

On now to the other girls... I want to get to the 2nd Generation as soon as possible.
I will say one thing in conclusion though. With the speed in which the game takes you from Marriage through Pregnancy and then the departure of your original character, I really would suggest that players take their time in the 1st Generation game. It is a complete game in itself and so much will be missed if you rush through it.


Melvil~ said...

Hehe, I told you Rosalind's dialogues were quite fun. Anyways, I had a son... and Kyle and Rosalind were telling "She has her daddy's hair!", "She has her mommy's pouty lips!" And I was... It's a HE not a SHE! So, have you decided if you're playing as a girl or a boy in second Gen? Or random?

Freyashawk said...

I am going to choose the option to have a daughter in my first test game and I am going to marry permanently as soon as I go through the 10 days with every one... unless I become impatient and leave it for the next game. I can't even keep this data so it is rather pointless to make it a 'perfect game'.

Castform said...

Hi, its my first time reading your blog, its nice to see some of your entries about rf2, maybe you know why I can't make my second animal barn! or is there a way to get help from more than 2 watering guys ._. the third refuse to work xD,ok. cya soon.