Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Interesting Choices in Cecilia's Request at 6 Hearts

It is at 6 Hearts in Rune Factory 2 that a girl apparently begins to like you in a romantic sense. When a girl reaches 6 Hearts, she will appear on Alicia's romantic 'radar'.

At 6 Hearts, you will have the opportunity to expeirence an interesting request event with Cecilia. She will ask you to meet her in the Dining Hall of the De Sainte-Coquille Manor. Unlike some other requests of this nature that require you to wait until the next day to complete the request, you can simply leave the Manor and return immediately to find Ceci in the kitchen area of the Dining Hall behind the great staircase.

Here is the text of the Event with your three choices of response:

Ceci: Thanks for coming, Freyr.
Me: No problem. So what did you want to see me about?
Ceci: Umm, I was wondering if you like APPLE PIE?

Your choices now are:
Not really.
I like you, Cecilia.

Without knowing the result of each response, which would you guess to be the BEST option to choose?

Here is the result in each case:

If you choose: Yeah.
Me: Yeah, I love it!
Ceci: Really?! That’s great. I was worried that maybe you didn’t like it, and then what I’d do if you didn’t… Because I baked this for you. Will you accept it?
Me: Hey, an APPLE PIE! It looks delicious.
Ceci: I… I hope you like it…
Me: Well thank you very much. I’m sure I will.
Ceci: I think you will too. I’ll be sure and bake you another sometime! Thanks. I’ll look forward to it.
After: I’d like to make something else for you sometime, Freyr. I think it’d be fun to bake for you every day!

If you choose: I like you, Cecilia.
Me: I like you, Cecilia.
Ceci (with many tears): Umm, wow, well… that isn’t exactly the answer I was expecting to hear…
(Blushing) But that doesn’t mean I’m not happy to hear it… Hey, don’t you hate these awkward moments? Well… thanks, Freyr.
Me; (I was actually kinda joking around, but I can’t really tell her that now, can I?)
After: Actually, I… Freyr, I… I… no, it’s nothing. Thanks for coming all the way over here today.

Finally, if you choose: Not really.
Me: Actually, I’m not a big fan.
Ceci: Oh, I see…
Me: So what did you need me for?
Ceci: Umm, I’m sorry, it’s … it’s nothing. I can take care of it myself.
Me: Oh, okay.

Completing the 6 Heart Event with a girl triggers a new dialogue whenever you see her afterwards. In the new interchange, the girl will ask you a question and you will be required to choose between two possible responses.

In Cecilia's case:

Ceci: Say, have you… have you noticed anything different about me lately?
My choices:
Nothing at all.
You gained a little weight?

If you choose:
Nothing at all.
Ceci: Really? That’s good to hear.

If you tell her she gained weight:
Ceci: Y-you mean you’ve noticed?! Nooo!

As you cannot see the precise number of Love points earned at any point in time, I could not judge by points between the first two choices during the event. It is my opinion that a laconic 'Yeah' is the best response as the reason Cecilia called you to the Dining Hall was precisely in order to give you a piece of Apple Pie. Furthermore, Apple Pie can be shipped for 1510G if you do not wish to eat it, keep it or 'regift it'.


Anonymous said...

hi! i just wanted to tell you in your ds harvest moon cute characters guide, you wrote show muffy your dog/cat for 1FP but she dislikes dogs... 0_o

Anonymous said...

YES! This is exactly what I always missed in the other HM games. I hated being the only one to do the wooing. The girls meeting with you and giving you gifts is just fantastic.

Thanks again for the updates!!!