Monday, November 24, 2008

'Heart Events' with Magical Girls in HM Cute DS

(Screenshot from Leia's 4th Heart Event)

Most players understand that, once your character marries, 'Heart Events' no longer will trigger in any Harvest Moon game. What players of Cute sometimes fail to recognise, however, is that the original Heart Events for the Magical Girls, although they cannot lead to marriage in the English version of HM Cute DS, still operate as classical Heart Events. Two of these Events are critical where progress is concerned:

Leia's 4th Heart Event or 'Yellow heart Event': This is the Event that is triggered when you catch a Bottled Message and enter Daryl's house with it. In order to catch a Bottled Message, you must have Leia at Yellow Heart Level at least, use a Mystrile Fishing Rod (or higher) at Mystrile level and fish at the beach in Spring. In Cute, you will not have to reduce the 'charge' of any Higher Level Fishing Rod but in the original HM DS, you will not catch the Bottled Message if you charge a Rod to Blessed or Mythic level.

Keira's 1st Heart Event or Black Heart Event: To experience this Event, you must enter the 255th floor of the 3rd Mine after defeating all 'dark creatures' on the floor without cheating. When the last Dark Creature is defeated, the barrier will crumble. Enter the little bedchamber to experience the Event. Experincing this Event is a rerequisite for unlocking the 4th Mine.


What this means is that you will not be able to catch a Bottled Message nor will you be able to unlock the 4th Mine. It is yet another example of the old adage: Marry in haste, repent at leisure.

The 4the Mine is not essential nor is the Bottled Message but it is a pity if you cannot experience all possible Events nor explore all locations on the Map.

I always advise players to experience ALL possible Heart Events before they propose to some one and marry in Harvest Moon. With hundreds of years to live in the Valley, why rush? (I know Skye is irresistable but he will wait for you!)

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