Monday, November 17, 2008

Alicia's Request Event

I am not moving fast enough in Rune Factory 2. The game is scheduled for release tomorrow and although I have been working steadily on my guides, I have not covered the 2nd Generation yet. Nonetheless, I feel it is better to do it properly than neglect the first half of the game.

If it is a few more days before I am able to write substantially about the next generation, so be it.

Meanwhile, I finally was able to experience Alicia's Request Event. In earlier Requests, Alicia will insist that your character take other girls on dates in order to 'prove' her predictions of love. Now finally, she will ask you to take her on a date... to a rather dangerous location.

The Event had an amusing unintended result the first time I experienced it. The result was so amusing that I decided to share it separately. For now, though, here is the Event in its 'classical' Romantic form:

When Alicia asks you to meet her for a date at the Crossroads of the Pavova Mountains, you must destroy both generators before the Event will commence. When you have destroyed the second and move towards the entrance again, the Event will start, even if another Monster, spawned before the generator's destruction, remains on the screen. When you pass a specific point on the screen, any Monsters will be frozen until the Event is completed.

Here is the result of my character's failure to take action against the Monster who remained on the screen. (To be honest, it was deliberate on my part as it appears as though my character has been blinded by love temporarily.) It is not intended as a substitute for the 'proper' event!


Melvil~ said...

Are you unable to move if you don't defeat the monster? Since it doesn't even appear the damage he does when he ... axes? you your way out of the cave.

Freyashawk said...

No, what happens is almost like a glitch, and I allowed it to happen to my character to make the little film. When you move south a few steps, you obtain the next prompt for your character, where he states that it is safe now, and that prompt will occur even if you left a Monster on the screen as long as the second Generator has been destroyed. When the prompt appears, the Event begins and any Monsters will be frozen until Alicia leaves the area. I allowed my character to stand there to see if the Monster would take a whack at him. My levels are quite high so the damage any Monster inflicts is minimal.