Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jake's Proposal and Cecilia's Request at 7 Hearts

Cecilia's Request at 7 Hearts represented one of the more complex situations in terms of Romance so far. She asks to meet your character at the entrance to Trieste Forest. When you arrive, she announces that Jake has proposed marriage!

You now are confronted with three choices. Which should you choose? What are the results of each? Here is the Event:

The outcome may be surprising to some.

Here is the dialogue in full:

I took Cecilia’s Request next.
She stood at the entrance to Trieste Forest.
Ceci: I’ve been waiting for you, Freyr.
Me: So what did you want to talk about?
Ceci: Jake… Jake has asked for my hand in marriage.
Me: What?! Seriously?

My Choices now:

What’s there to think about?
Don’t do it!
Marry me instead!

If I choose:
What’s there to think about?
She would say:

Ceci: How… How could you say something like that, Freyr?! Knowing how I feel!
Me: Cecilia…
Cecilia: I know you know how I feel about you, Freyr…
Me: About… me?
Ceci: I’ll be waiting for you, Freyr. For the day when you see me the way I see you.

If I choose:
Don’t do it!

Ceci: So does that mean you’ll marry me, Freyr?
Me: Umm, well, I… I’m not entirely su…
Ceci: I’m so happy! I’ll be waiting, Freyr. Waiting for the day when we start our new lives together.

If I choose:
Marry me instead.

Ceci: Really?!
Me: Umm, well, some day soon… I want to propose to you the right way, though.
Ceci: I’m so happy! I’ll be waiting, Freyr. Waiting for the day you propose to me.


As you can see, Cecilia's determination to control the outcome outweighs any considerations that you may deem vital, including the feelings of your friend Jake!
You will have other chances in the future, however, to choose whether or not you wish to marry Cecilia yourself or stand aside in favour of your Rival.


Nami said...

That's cute! Cecilia has always been one of my favorite characters.

Anonymous said...

Cecilia was the one I was going to go for since I was familar with her from RF1. Unfortunately I can't see the vid. Could you post the dialog somewhere? Thanks.


Freyashawk said...

Dagon, go back to the post now and you will find the full text of the Event with all three results. As I wrote in another comment, I intend to include the full text of every Event in my Rune Factory 2 Courtship and Marriage Guide, so whatever I do not post here on the site will be found in my Guides after the game is released. Nonetheless, as you have particular interest in Ceci, I was happy to add the text of the Event to the original post.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Now I'm going to feel terrible if I choose one of the last two options and then end up marrying someone else.

This is really hurting me inside. All of these girls are lovable. You need to do the events for all of them to get items. Yet some will be dumpped. Some of those dumped will go on to marry rivals, but others will end up as Old Maids ... and it's all MY FAULT! Oh the Drama!


Freyashawk said...

Yes, it is excruciating. These characters are so real... so trusting, so sweet, so devoted!
Part of the reason I am inclined to choose a girl who hasn't a rival is because rejection of the others will not hurt them as much as some one is 'waiting in the wings' to marry them if I don't!

Natalie said...

Hi Freya!
I think this event is so cute, Ceci is definately one of my favorite characters in the game. Thank you for posting it, Freya, it makes me happy knowing more about Ceci and her events!

Freyashawk said...

My pleasure, Natalie. I like all the girls in Rune Factory 2, although my least favourite probably is Julia. So far, she has spent more time shouting at my character than being gracious about any help he has given, not to mention the time she allowed my guy to pass out in the bath. She is a bit of a hazard, actually. Natalie had a near death experience in the bathhouse as well because of Julia. To think that my beloved Max will marry that girl if I don't! (I am exaggerating now. Julia has her charms, but she will be the easiest for me personally to resist.)

Kittylyoko said...

In my game I`m married Cecillia... but the first gen opening is abit of a guilt-trip if you don`t marry Mana.

I think I had the most trouble with picking who I married in this game, their all so loveable. Julia scares me though.. With the "pass out in the bath" event
Kyle: n-no i`m not ready for that..
Julia: what? we`re not bathing together, get your head out of the gutter
Kyle: so what are you going to do?
Julia: watch you bath :D

Still, I would have loved to be able to marry Tanya... XD