Monday, November 24, 2008

A Brief Explanation about my Rune Factory 2 Guides

Players of Rune Factory 2 may have noticed the different Guides I have written from the General Guide to the 'mini-guides' for Courtship and Marriage, Requests, Characters and so on. None of them are complete at this point in time. ALL are works in progress. I'm afraid that is the way I work, and as I am my own mistress in this matter, I will apologise for any incovenience but continue to work this way nonetheless. Publishing the Guides while they remain 'works in progress' allows me to give players some help with the game initially, while allowing me to improve upon them daily.

I am a guide writer who likes to include as much of the actual game text in my guides as possible when they deal with Harvest Moon as I love Harvest Moon dialogues and characters. I feel that the Events, even when they do not have much significance in terms of the plot, are central to enjoyment of the games. Players who have neglected a character or who courted only one eligible girl/bachelor can look at one of my guides and see what they missed. They then may be inspired to begin a new game.

Anyway, the General Guide for RF2 will contain as many details about every aspect of the game as I can cram into it. The Courtship and Marriage Guide will focus on the business of courting a future spouse and raising her heart levels. Thus, Requests by Eligible Girls will be included in the Courtship and Marriage Guide, as well as all Romantic Festivals.

The Request Guide, on the other hand, will include Requests by ALL characters, including Eligible Girls. This may duplicate some information, of course, but the entire purpose of the Request Guide is different. It is directed more towards the order of Requests and the Rewards gained from each. I thought of adding the Requests to the Characters Guide, but I feel it is better to have two separate guides. The Characters Guide contains the biographical material about each individual in the game.

All Guides are easily accessible from this page. It's not as though you have to search hard to find them. If this were a printed guide, the 'mini-guides' would be Chapters in an enormous Comprehensive Guide, but as it floats on the ether, I think it is convenient to be able to 'pull' up the Characters Guide side by side with the Requests Guide, if you choose to do so. If they were contained in the same document, it would not be as convenient to do so.

The primary reason for this post, however, is to assure readers and users of my guides that the Rune Factory 2 Guides are not finished and that I am working on them constantly at this point. Making the videos did slow me down somewhat, but I hope they will be helpful to players as well!


Anonymous said...

how do you beat the dungons, kill the boss, and unlock the (I can't reach that) areas?

Freyashawk said...

Well, obviously that will be covered in the guide in the 2nd Generation sections which I am beginning now. Rune Factory 2 really is TWO games, and as I explored the 1st Generation, I realised it was good enough to deserve a thorough study.