Monday, November 24, 2008

Rosalind and Romance in Rune Factory 2

Before I moved permanently into the wedded state, I wished to experience the 'Shooting Star Festival' with each of the Eligible Girls. As with respect to the dialogues of the girls after you marry them, Rosalind's Event on the night of the Shooting Star Festival was the best in terms of romantic action, although Yue's Event was quite amusing. I will not marry Rosalind in this game but it is very tempting! She has such wonderful Events.

It appears to me now that Rosalind has the guts to do what ALL the girls want to do where romance is concerned. Every girl goes to the rendezvous hoping for romance, but only Rosalind dares to act upon her desires. There are hints, though, that your character is more inclined to act romantically where Rosalind is concerned as well. In the course of the event, he decides that he will try to kiss her after a series of uncomfortable silences heavy with hidden desires.

Here is the Shooting Star Event with both Rosalind and Yue. As you will see, they are very different interpretations of the same event.

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