Saturday, November 22, 2008

9 Tomatoes for 100 Rare Roses: Special Proposal Item for Rosalind

Rosalind's Requests tend to be more complicated than those issued by the other Eligible Girls in Rune Factory 2. An early Request to catch a cold for her requires that you go without sleep for 2 nights effectively, causing your character to lose farming hours as each sleepless night results in a loss of 4 hours in the morning. (Your character will not begin the day until 10.00 a.m.)

When you experience her Request at 9 Hearts, she will suggest that you speak to Max when he is in his room. Max always will be found in his bedroom after 9.00 p.m. if not earlier but speaking to him before Rosalind attains 10 hearts will not lead to any progress in your Courtship of her.

It is when Rosalind reaches 10 Hearts that a new dialogue will occur in Max's bedchamber that will bring you closer to obtaining the special Proposal Item needed if you wish to marry Rosalind.

Max will tell you that Rosalind always dreamed of a fairytale courtship similar to one in her favourite childhood tale. You will need 100 rare roses if you wish to propose to her.

As always, Max, as the enterprising young scion of the influential De Sainte-Coquille family, would be able to supply these roses to you without any trouble, but he wisely asks that you 'pay' a price in return in order to give them greater value in the currency of romance.

Max longs for 9 ripe Tomatoes. That is his price... If like me, you are a packrat who stores all possible items for a 'rainy day' or a possible future Request, you may HAVE 9 Tomatoes stored in your Fridge. If not, you can grow them in your own field in the Summer season or grow them on Blessia Island at any point in time.

Give Max 9 Tomatoes and he will give you the bouquet of 100 fabled rare Geschule Roses. Each Geschule Rose may have a market value of 68,000G according to Max, but all he wants is 9 ordinary Tomatoes...

(If only my character were a girl and could court Max!!!)

Here are the Events that lead from Max' initial request to the Wedding to Rosalind:

If you cheat by taking 9 Tomatoes in your Rucksack when you first visit Max, you can experience all three Events in immediate succession, finding yourself married to Rosalind without any delay. As I do not intend to marry Rosalind in this game, I did not save the results, but I have to confess that the proposal is one of the most romantic so far! I was sorely tempted on the basis of the proposal alone, and the idea of being able to consider Max as family.

I have all the Proposal Events and Weddings for all the Eligible Girls in the 1st Generation now. It's simply a matter of finding the time to organise them for viewing. The full text of each should be included in the Courtship and Marriage Guide on Monday when the next version is uploaded.

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Melvil~ said...

Hehe! I married Rosalind so when I get the real game I can marry Mana~ But it's funny, for 10 days she will tell you different things.
One, that she couldn't sleep, then Kyle suggests that then that night they'd sleep holding hands, and that'd make it better, in another one, Kyle teases Rosalind about him being an Earthmate, on another Rosalind tells Kyle how his house was absolutely dirty and that she cleaned it up. She even finds a picture in the bookshelf of a girl! Because of the color she thinks it's Mana, and accuses Kyle of cheating on her, but Kyle explains Max gave him the picture for "When his crops dried up and felt depressed, or couldn't remember his past and felt alone, frustrated and discouraged..." and how Rosalind's smile in the picture gave him courage and strength to carry on...
I think you should spend 10 days after marriage with the girls(without saving) and talk to them to see what they say. Of course it's just a suggestion, It might take your time away and I know you're busy, though you already have the items haha~