Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bedeviling Tom Nook in Animal Crossing

I decided to take a break from Rune Factory 2, although I had reached an exciting point in the game, simply because tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Animal Crossing runs on real time. If the famous Turkey is to appear, it will be tomorrow I daresay. I missed him sorely in Wild World as well as other holiday characters like Jingles. I have heard they have been reinstated and there are even new holiday character additions in City Folk.

In any case, I had the option to transfer my character from Wild world to City Folk but when I found my DS card and accessed my village, it was choked with weeds, and my character's pockets were filled with rare fish and insects... and she had all sorts of letters stuffed with rare items. I had heard that your character would be stripped of any special clothing, items in the rucksack and any income as well if he/she were to be transferred to City Folk, so in the end, I began a totally new game.

So here I am, where I never intended to find myself again, working for that shifty raccoon part-time! Having played a rather amusing trick on him in Wild World, I determined to try it again.

When he gave me my 'work outfit' and ordered me to change, I prompty took the clothing outside and dropped it on the ground, then returned to my temporary master.

How outraged he was! He couldn't imagine what I had done with the outfit, but told me he would give me another, 'but now I must insist you change!'

I repeated the performance, dropping the 2nd offensive outfit on the ground. (It looks like prisoner garb to me.)

Tom Nook: You haven't changed yet! And what did you do with your work clothes, hm?!
Once again: 'Hmmmph... I'll give you another one, but now I must insist you change!'

I admit it is rather silly but it had me in stitches once again, and after all, shouldn't one try to trick the Trickster once in a while?

N.B. The screenshot shows 4 of the despicable discarded 'work uniforms' on the ground and my character still was determined to defy Tom Nook further, but you can't beat Tom Nook in Animal Crossing... and I ultimately don't have time for this!!!


Anonymous said...

How funny. I always did that in my GCN and DS Animal Crossing files, simply to watch him get angry at me. Although a part of me wants to be a 'good neighbor' in Animal Crossing, I also think causing a little mischief here and there is amusing.

~ Leirin

Mars Frog said...

Yup... ol Nook is still a hardcore fashion sourpuss. I tried stealing the flowers and saplings by depositing them in my shack (it's not a house Nook...), but it didn't work this time - Nintendo finally caught on to that.

btw, when you get it - show me your code. :) Wifi works pretty well most of the time - still disconnects every now and then but it's a much smoother experience.

Oh, and I found out something about Gulliver today... he works differently now too... I'll mail you about it tomorrow.